Whoa, Dude, It’s Just Lunch

Buddy’s problem at speed dating events was that he was always a bit too speedy.

Belated thanks to sender-inner Jessica!



  1. I thought I would never hear or see a parakeet make smoochy sounds.

    “Hey, whatcha’ doing….?”
    “oh teehee, teehee. teeehee..” *blushes*

  2. JenDeyan says:

    I’m just a bit disturbed that someone took the time to sit around saying that over and over until the parakeet picked it up. Either that or the owner took the parakeet on a lot of dates. Either way, disturbing…

  3. sounds like Marnie!

  4. OMG, the bird makes a perfect Smooch sound at 0:32. So cute. And what gorgeous birds they are!

  5. 260Oakley says:

    “That’s right, lad. Keep your pecker up!”

  6. he just can’t get enough of her! 🙂

  7. Get a room!

  8. Cute! A Quaker parrot being courted by an Indian Ringneck Parakeet. He’s pretty excited about her too, his pupils are really constricted.

  9. pinkmariposa says:

    ah spring is here! that lil guy was adorable!

  10. Like most of of my first dates….its all talk talk talk…..heh!

  11. Those are about the cutest sounds I’ve ever heard! ^^

  12. “gimme a kiss?” Uh, dude, NO! Denied! STOP!

    -just because you bought lunch,…

  13. Well, Buddy is also an Indian Ringneck!

  14. Aww, she’s giving him the Heisman! Reeee-jected!

  15. Linda H. says:

    * kissy kissy *

  16. Sexual harassment Parakeet needs some game.

  17. omg I do that to my cat!

  18. ha! good one

  19. fluffernugget says:

    That is one randy ringneck.

  20. Mamabear says:

    That is toe-curling cute!

  21. Mamabear says:

    If you close your eyes, if sounds like an arcade from the 80’s, complete with the randy, tipsy guy tryin’ to hit on you.

  22. Indian Ringnecks are adorbs. Yeah, he’s kind of like . . .

  23. Michelle says:

    That doesn’t surprise me that that parot can talk like that, I have a buddgie who wolf whistles and does kissing sounds and talks a lot. They are soooooo adorable.

  24. Let’s be honest here.

    She just not that into you

  25. bwahahahahaha

    (I must say, I wondered if her rocking back and forth was a sign of a mental break from him driving her CRAZY.)

  26. CathyDee says:

    Bee-youuuuuuu-tee-ful boids!

  27. HEE HEE! My mom taught a budgie to say “sock it to me!”

  28. Yes, for critters without lips, they’re very good the smoochy sounds. 😛

  29. Now I see (or hear) why they keep them outside…

  30. Damn, my cats are CRAZY now, they are both searching who is talking with the high pitched voice since ‘IT’S NOT MOM WHAT IS HAPPENING?!!”

  31. Susan Mann says:

    This reminds me of a guy in my 8th grade home room…

  32. A little birdie nose candy going around the party

  33. Alice Shortcake says:

    I half expected Unresponsive Lady Parrot to turn round and deal Buddy a wing-slap!

  34. Buddy actually looks a little unsure at the end. All this kissing and… what…?//

  35. AuroraInk says:


  36. Isn’t that funny about cats! Once I was practicing French, and our cayt Moonpie walked up onto my chest to sniff my mouth. “Is this mom? It LOOKS like her, but what are these weird sounds coming out of her mouth?!”

  37. I found Buddy to be most mesmerizing. I’m thinking we need to sign him up for a record deal!

  38. LOL

  39. astropunkin says:

    I think whoever owns this cutie also owned a kitty. Haha.

  40. Yeay! I sent this one in!

  41. This is just what I needed this morning! So adorable…”whatcha doin?” HAHA!! I say that to my kitty all the time. Don’t think I could handle having a bird, but I love the videos

  42. Texas2Step says:

    I think every woman has had a date “that guy” at least once.

  43. LadyGuenhwyvar says:

    it could very well have been that the owner had another animal like a dog or cat. i always said “gimme kisses!” to my puppy!

  44. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    Birdy porn.

  45. 🙂 I think birdeh is going to go to some HR mandated training!

  46. Chris B. says:

    This is why i never taught my birds to talk. I got a cockatiel from another person that did teach him. He would wait until you bent over to wolf whistle at you.

  47. flutterbye says:

    OMG sooooo cute!

  48. if the bird has an interest, it only takes once. trust me! lol and i ask my birdies for kissies all the time.

  49. weddingawry says:

    I thought of Marnie, too!!

  50. doomchild says:

    Those two so are not real! They can’t be!
    Anyway.. whatca doing? Gimme a kiss!

  51. Nice to know that everyone says the same things to their birds!!! Gimme a kiss, complete with smoochy sounds, and in the 2nd video – whatcha doing? In the morning when I uncover my cockatiel, we have a similar conversations. I ask her what she’s doing and she asks me the same. Then, after a bit, I tell her I’m going to work and we “kiss” goodbye.

  52. Oh man, that’s so adorable!!!!! Also Buddy does sound like Marnie, not just because they are the same type of bird, but they pratically have the same catchphrases! All Buddy is missing is a “weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” and of course the post kiss “thank you” 🙂

  53. Jiffknee says:

    Enter Sexual Harassment Panda…

  54. And she’s just so not interested.

  55. You think a Ringneck talking is cute? How about TWO Ringnecks having a conversation:

  56. victoreia says:


  57. Fird Birfle says:

    “That HADDA hurt …”

  58. I didn’t think about the owner being lovey dovey (ha!) with the birdie. It makes more sense that way. Pets just have a way of tugging at your heart strings.

  59. The Original Jane says:

    Hmmm..I’m pretty sure the quaker parrot is UNDERAGED!

    We had a quaker once and they are more dull colored as babies, then get their brighter colors as they mature. BUT what gives it away is the shaking the quaker is doing. It is the behavior of babies – apparently it makes the parents feel like protecting and feeding them. When they grow up and don’t need mom/dad the behavior stops.

    Ringneck is robbing the cradle…

  60. The Original Jane says:

    Or is it “Ringneck is robbin the nest”?

  61. The Original Jane says:

    (I meant robbing)

  62. We need a new cute-agory; SURREAL CUTE. Cause that was just …. surreal. 😀

  63. She actually wants him to “hurl” up some lunch.

  64. sunnylessmum says:

    OMG this made my day! I’m flabbergasted by the cute! The words, the sounds, the body language… I could watch this over and over and over 🙂 Yay Buddy!

  65. Buddy is actually the Quaker and JoJo is the Indian Ringneck. These are our birds. They were both rescues. We got 2 Quakers and the Ringneck. The Quaker wanted only to be with the Ringneck and not the other Quaker. They came from a very loving family.

  66. Thank you! They are a source of great joy for us. Visit us on Facebook to see more of our beautiful babies. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Birds-I-View/127161137326571?ref=tn_tnmn and on You Tube (Birds-I-View)

  67. I assure you – JoJo and Buddy are very real and quite a joy to have in our lives. Visit our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Birds-I-View/127161137326571?ref=tn_tnmn to see more videos of some of our birds.

  68. Thanks so much for the kind words! It always makes us feel good to know people get a chuckle from them like we do. These are our babies. Birds-I-View visit us on Facebook to see more https://www.facebook.com/pages/Birds-I-View/127161137326571?ref=tn_tnmn

  69. So Buddy is the one getting the moves put on him/her? We have colonies of feral Quakers in my nabe, and they are great fun to watch. And Indian Ringnecks are such charming birds.

  70. Awesome.

  71. Nope, it’s a Quaker (Monk Parakeet) thing to move rapidly. It is generally thought to be one of the possible reasons for the moniker “quaker”. My monk, Mikey did that a lot when he was very young. He grew out of it, but still pretends when you ask him “Mikey, are you a Quaker?”. But that is pretty funny.

  72. At the very end, it sounds like he says, “that was fun”. 🙂

  73. Now I’ve seen/heard everything: a parakeet that looks like a penguin, giving wolf whistles!

  74. Fird Birfle says:

    YAY indeedy!!!

  75. No, it is still disturbing. But it is funny and cute, nonetheless.

  76. Fird Birfle says:


  77. we have a quaker (aka monk) that says those things too- they pick up the most random phrases and not the ones that you would expect (as in the ones that you repeat to them every day)… so it is not really disturbing at all if you understand quaker 101. They also repeat phrases in order to practice them. They mostly speak in context too. I thought it was cute that they were communicating using language.

  78. The green bird on the right looks totally fake.

  79. I was talking about the video that had the bird kissing the one on the left.