Come on! That guy is trying to give an educational talk about you. Seriously, get a room!


They have no modesty, do they Brinke G.?



  1. Fird Birfle says:


  2. I love how the person listening to the educational commentary is so clearly not listening–the “hmms” are code for “Excuse me, that’s really fascinating about their acid/alkaline digestion, but seriously. Hello?!? Do you NOT see what is going on here?! Talk about that.”

  3. I want sloth kisses! *commences chucking a hissy fit*

  4. I like the way the sloth on stage right looks like he has a cheesy guilty grin on his face as he starts to kinda wipe away the slobber. “Busted!”

  5. Before the video starts, the sloths look like enslaved Podlings in ‘The Dark Crystal’: ew! Fortunately they look much better in slow [hah!] motion.
    ‘The kiss originated when the first male reptile licked the first female reptile, implying in a subtle, complimentary way that she was as succulent as the small reptile he had for dinner the night before.’ F. Scott Fitzgerald.

  6. kibblenibble says:


    Seriously, the keesing akshons were pretty speedy, for sloths. 😛

  7. warrior rabbit says:

    Too true. My reaction as well. Mm hmm. Yes. Uh huh. I see. Hmm.

  8. Heeheehee

    What I like is how when they stop and look at the camera, it’s a rather gentle “Yeeee-eeesss?” expression. As opposed to when you interrupt a cat-licking session, they usually look at you like What?!!” 😛

  9. victoreia says:

    I can totally see that.

  10. Still more chemistry than the last five Julia Roberts movies.

  11. they’re quick when it’s important 😉
    walking, eating, climbing… ehhhh
    smoochingks?! YES.

  12. I’ve never seen a more touchy-feely species. Sloth pda rox.

  13. Sloths are so lovey dovey that If sloth were as fertile as bunnies we would be knee deep in baby sloths. 😆

  14. Maybe they have seen it all. Ho hum, sloths making out again.

  15. HAW

  16. bob drummond says:

    U gotta B joking ! What was Scottie Fitz drinking before he said that ? Or snortin” !