Happy Caturday, Citizen

The cat you see before you is real. It is the happiest cat you have ever seen. You watch the video many times. Soon, it becomes hard to move. You feel a happy melting sensation in your brain. Speech becomes difficult.

Remain calm. Doctors are coming for you. They will take you to a nice room with other happy people. You will share your opinions about soft drinks and political candidates. You will rate movie trailers. The doctors will write down what you say.

When you awaken, you will be at your desk. You will remember nothing. Thank you.



  1. oooh the grey fur. the tongueie. the big eyezes.

  2. So I’m watching the video and thinking ‘oh, hmm that kitteh is cute and his folded ears are prosh’ and THEN 0:22 and now I am thinking ‘smile….grlghhgblphhhh….cuuuute’ as my brain melts from the qte.

  3. As cute as people may think that is, I hope they get the cat checked out by a vet. I had a cat that panted like that and it was because he had a heart condition and had to take medication twice daily.

  4. As cute as people may think that is, I hope they get the cat checked out by a vet. I had a cat that panted like that and it was because he had a heart condition and had to take medication twice daily.

  5. I agree, the cat is very cute, however panting in a cat is never a good sign. Usually a sign of extreme stress or illness. Hope it’s OK.

  6. Ditto on the panting comments. Panting is a sign of stress in cats.

  7. my cat will pant when he’s hot (like on one of those +90 degree days) and playing too hard, but he’s kinda a dumb kittenish cat that has yet to grow into some sense.

  8. Yeah, they do need to get little kitty checked out, and I’m sure they probably did. But OMYGOSH that smiley face is still so cute!!! My kitty spazzed out during a vet visit once and started panting, and it was definitely not cute. But she was fine 🙂

  9. Co-sign on the panting comments. Can we hunt down owner contact info????

  10. polishedcopy says:

    Or it could be that (s)he’s really overheated… A vet visit is in order.

  11. SlaveToCat says:

    My kitty did that one day and we took her to the Dr. At 19 years old she was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. She ended up on the same heart medication as my mom.

  12. I’ve seen similar faces before… kitteh could be high as a kite. 🙂

  13. And this is the happiest you’ll ever see out of a British Shorthair, if the kitty is so with a mix of Scottish Fold.

    I remember when I still had one of my first cats along with his brother who I caught panting a bit after having tons of fun with this plush hockey puck; batting it around, running, grabbing, chasing it, tore the little thing apart :P.

  14. I don’t think there is anything to worry about, it looks like a kitteh that’s has been playing to hard, mine did that as babies. He looks very young and they do get over exited at that age.

  15. Jackie Rose says:

    My cat also pants whenever he’s stressed or excited, and he also was diagnosed with a heart condition and has to take medicine once a day. Thanks to modern chemistry, though, he’s 17 now and still going strong.

  16. jlamusings says:

    I hear you. I know it is often a bad heart (had one with that too), but I also have a crazy cat who would pant as kitten when he got overheated/excited and didn’t have the sense to calm down. I used to lock him alone in a room to get him to relax. I even had him checked- no heart condition but the vet called him “special”. ha! Hopefully this cute little guy is just nutty and overheated.

  17. Jackie Rose says:

    Mine also panted as a kitten after strenuous play. At first the vet dismissed it, but everything I had ever read informed me that panting was a sign of distress in cats. Finaly another vet at the same office took me seriously and did some tests. He was diagnosed with a heart murmur and later by another vet with an enlarged heart. He takes a pill daily and he’s now 17 years and four months old – the equivalent of an 85 year old man. (Pretty fiesty for an old man, though. I never had to haul grandpa out from under the bed just to take him to the doctor …)

  18. panting also happens when kittehs have athsma! asha takes athsma meds every day and very rarely as problems breathing any more, thank god. 🙂

    PS had a great laugh just now when autocorrect almost had me posting about asha the “atheistic” kitty!

  19. Poor NTMTOM, surrounded by nuh ffurs, `a la The Walking Ded! I has a sad.

  20. “never had to haul grandpa out from under the bed” LOL! Jackie, your comment made my day! Thank you.

  21. “Why…yes…Five-Year Engagement…looks…like…a delightful and engaging….romantic comedy….”

    *shakes head*

    What the hell just happened? Oh well, back to work…

  22. twinkiesmom says:

    awww… totally has to have come from outbreeds to british shorthairs in its lineage. Such a smile!

  23. Kelley O says:

    I had a cat who panted like that and I took her to the vet and she passed away from congestive heart failure. Previously undiagnosed. It’s NOT normal for a cat to pant like that, get the kitty to a vet pronto!

  24. Kelley O says:

    Not really nuffing, just expressing concern for a kitty exhibiting an unusual and sometimes medically concerning behavior. Especially mine, based on my own past experience.

  25. metsakins says:

    NTMTOM, pretty much sounds like most of my days.

  26. Fird Birfle says:

    don’ fergit them folded earses …. 🙂

  27. Martha in Washington says:

    Can I go to the “Happy Place” instead of to work today? Please?!

    Of course, now I’m also worried about the panting kitty.

  28. 😆 I want to see a video of that, Jackie Rose 😆

  29. Yeah, or smelled something that got him/her excited.

  30. redvelvetrose says:

    Given that kitteh looks like a half-grown kitten, I wouldn’t worry too much about the panting. He’s excited and likely been playing like a maniac for a while. While cats don’t pant with as much frequency as dogs do, they will pant simply to cool themselves down on a hot day or to calm down. Since he is otherwise bright eyed and happy and his tongue and gums are a nice pink, I think he’s fine. 🙂 And incredibly cute as well.

  31. Rachel of Cyberia says:

    And the big footies.

  32. I watched the video twice; and for the life of me, I couldn’t hear any panting; he did have his mouth open. Maybe he had some abnormal breathing, but I could not hear it. He looks quite young, excited, and maybe a little bashful…… And also, except for the folded ears, looks like “Happy Cat”, of happy memory…….. 🙂

  33. I had a kitten who panted like that. She had a tumor in her chest that turned out to be lymphoma. I hope this kitty is healthy and happy!

  34. I say better safe than sorry. My kitten was only six months old when she started panting like that. I though it was cute at first. It took a couple months before I got concerned and took her to the vet. She had lymphoma and a huge tumor in her chest. She passed away two weeks befor her first birthday.

  35. Beautiful kitty, but I’m with the nuffers on this one. If the panting is happening a lot, get kitty to the vet.

  36. Jackie Rose says:

    Such a video might not be suitable for children. Marco the Magnificat gets a mite grumpy when he has to go to the vet for his monthly allergy shots. (He’s usually one pussed-off pissy cat.) In addition to the heart condition, he’s allergic to dust, feathers, fish, rabbit, milk, yeast, beets, and a host of pollens and grasses. On top of all that, he lost one of his back legs after falling off a six-foot tall shelf and tearing the ACL isn his right knee. But he still tries to take every step that I do. 🙂

  37. Jackie Rose says:

    Just cat lovers who recognize that what seems to be an amusing antic on the surface might point to serious underlying distress. We can’t help expressing our concern and good wishes for the welfare of this little Russian feline.

  38. once you learn something about animal behaviour, it’s hard to unlearn it. that’s a wonderful trait among COverloaders–animals in distress usually put us in distress, too!

  39. Stressfactor says:

    *Le Sigh* If the nuffers would kindly click on the link at the end of the video which takes you to *another* video of the delightful cat you will see him/her fully grown and NOT PANTING. Kitty if fine.

    In fact, in the second video kitty is looking out the window and making that ‘chittering’ sound that cats make when they want to get prey. So kitty appears happy, healthy, and wanting to go get something… likely a bird.

  40. Thanks for clearing that up. 🙂
    And… it´s a terribly cute cat!

  41. The way kitty is bouncing around combined with the future happy/healthy videos and adding my own cats experiences I’m calling CATNIP as the cause for the panting, kitty is wasted and having a freaking blast 🙂

    Also what type of cat is that?

  42. Miss Tara says:

    A stoned one. (-:

  43. So apparently I’m the only person in the universe who looked at that cat’s face and thought “this is the cat of Heath Leger’s Joker…”

  44. AW 😥 I am so sorry, joyce 😥 (I am sending you A BIG CYBER HUG)

  45. When my British Shorthair mix was a baby he used to pant just like this. I had him checked out, but he got a clean bill of health. He’s 14 now and doing great! I wonder if this is a British Shorthair thing.

  46. Looks like a Russian blue/Scottish fold mix!

  47. If I am not mistaken, that kitty is this kitty:

  48. If I am not mistaken, that kitty is this kitty:

  49. joools in PDX says:

    That is my FAVORITE. VIDEO. EVER. Makes me laugh until I cry every dang time.

  50. Ditto on the veterinary consult! Kitty looks totally stressed and possibly having breathing issues.

  51. Leslie Sims says:

    I would like to find a kitty that looks just like this one. can someone help?

  52. wannadance says:

    rescue remedy works too for excitable kitties…

  53. FunSizeP9B says:

    i am a cat luver and veterinarian, and as one, i have never seen a cat like this. it is so cute!

  54. FunSizeP9B says:

    i would kill to find a cat like this, but it is probably one of a kind . . .

  55. FunSizeP9B says:

    all equals cuteness!!!!

  56. kitty should not be panting.

  57. snurfles says:

    My cat, Gremlin, used to pant like that when he was nervous or on catnip (he lived to be 25 years old). I say the kitten above is probably enjoying some “weed”. I’m sure the kitty’s people are responsible enough to have it checked out if it happens too often. That being said, I’m in happy land! 🙂

  58. Based on the context, it seemed kitteh was caught on camera in the midst of a series of antics, so my guess is that the panting is from strenuous play. Young cats especially can get so engrossed they forget to breathe. I remember once playing with a certain cat at a shelter. He was so desperate for stimulation, he chased the featherwhip like a whirling dervish, to the point of what sounded like a full on asthma attack. When I stopped to calm him down, he still wanted nothing more than to keep going.

  59. I’m betting catnip on this one, too. While panting can mean health problems in cats, that’s only if it’s a habitual thing. My cat panted a grand total of once, on a really hot day on the way back from my parents’ house with the AC in my car on the fritz.

  60. cellarmouse says:

    looks just like a guy fawkes mask…

  61. cellarmouse says:

    yes,but panting aside, the picture on the co homepage looks just like a guy fawkes mask…like from the movie “V”…or all the occupy movements…right?…