Cuteness — Innnnn Threeeeee Deeeeee!

Oh sure, you could drive all the way to your local cinema to see a younger, less puffy Leonardo DiCaprio in 3-D, but we’ve got 3-D puppy cuteness right here.

The first set are crossview images, and you have to cross your eyes to see the effect. It takes practice, but gets easier after the first few tries. Click an image below to view it full sized, then cross your eyes until the images overlap.

If you happen to have a pair of 3-D glasses, click these images instead:

From Flickr user ☯ 忠実空狐 ~ Fidelis ❂



  1. Guinea Peeg Lover says:

    Yay! 3D goggies at long last! I can’t make the first two work right, but the last couple pictures work great. If only I could hug a 3D image……

  2. Okay that is seriously cool. I don’t have 3D Doggles here so I used the “cross your eyes” method. That was neat! I didn’t know you could create 3D w/o the fetching eyewear…

    And how ridiculously adorable is that puppy?!? Cute AND high tech! WIN!

    *runs off to research up cross view photography so I too can dazzle my friends…*

  3. 3D gives me a headache, the only thing that will make it stop is hugging a teenee goggie so hand over the Chihuahua. It’s doctor’s orders,

  4. The pictures are in the wrong order. Left and right has to be exchanged to work properly

  5. Oh ma gawd! Now ALL of the posts on CO have to be in 3D! Its the only way to make this site better! 🙂

  6. Regina Ray says:

    LOOOOOOOOONG time cuteoverload lover – first time commenter. The eye-crossing 3D effect rocked. Puppies on the internet – fabulous. 3D puppies – fabulouser!!!!!!!

  7. the secret smell-o-vision really does the trick!

  8. now don’t forget to bring enough for all the other kids!

  9. I DO happen to have a pair of 3D glasses and that was the cutest frickin’ thing I’ve ever seen! So fun!

  10. why yes, i do happen to have a pair of 3-d goggles within arm’s reach

    no seriously

    and yes, those are puppehs

    psychedelic puppehs (cue strawberry alarm clock)

  11. The pictures are not in the wrong order, terf. You must be focusing your eyes BEYOND the images instead of in front of them (very difficult to do–I’m impressed you can do that–I can’t unless I back up far, far away from the monitor!)

    The coolest thing about these is that if you move your head from side to side after you’ve focused on the 3D image, you can actually see BEHIND the doggies!

  12. ^^ I 2nd the first time commenter post. Had to for this one!!

    Hahaha, it has to be 3D to realize how incredibly cute that little tail sticking out in the corner is.

    Btw – so crazy that this is a 3D image!!!!!! Never ever seen that before!!!

  13. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    By the way, since these pictures are in 3D, we’re charging you 1.5 times the normal price to look at them. Enjoy the show! 😉

  14. yolanda says:

    I keep a pair of anaglyph glasses around (the red blue 3d glasses) but the crossed eyes method was nice and quick and easy. I used to do it as a kid when I was just playing with the headliner fabric in my mom’s VW. It had a regular pattern of dots and if I crossed my eyes just right, the dots floated off the surface!

  15. OW !!!!!
    I hit my finger tips on the screen reaching out to scritch the 3-D puppehs heads !

  16. Theresa says:

    Hmm, that was SCARY, kids! Almost as scary as Dr Tongue’s Evil House of Pancakes!

  17. skippymom says:

    Yes! I remember this!

  18. skippymom says:

    Thank goodness no one saw me just now sitting in my office, a book about the Titanic open on the desk in front of me, me with the 3D glasses that are attached to the book by a string, holding them up in front of my reading glasses, peering at the monitor to see the doggie.
    No, really, I AM a grown-up professional, I swear!

  19. doomchild says:

    I can’t believe the stuff CO makes me do…

  20. OMG, Sharpy, if we had smell-o vision the kitty huffing epidemic would skyrocket! 😀

  21. The power of The Cute is strong young Padawan…

  22. I must be broken. It’s not working.

  23. I agree, they’re in the wrong order. I flipped them in Photoshop and it works much better. Unfortunately I’m not tech savvy enough to post the flipped photo.
    How cool would it be if ALL the cute on Cute Overload was in 3D?

  24. victoreia says:

    So hurry up with the Smell-O-Vision, already! I can’t do 3-D; I’ve only got one eye!! (plus it gives my headaches anyway.)

  25. victoreia says:


  26. wannadance says:

    aiiiiiyeeeeee, i forgot how to cross my eyes. or they forgot how to cross themselves.

    weird. maybe i was afraid, on some level, i might fall in…to the puppies.

  27. Meriweather says:

    To view the cross-eyed 3d, it can help to hold your finger up between you and the monitor and focus on your fingertip. Move your fingertip towards your nose, until there are three images in the background instead of two. Then you can try to focus on the middle image.

    On to proshness!