I’ll Hippity-Hoppity You, Lady

Since no Easter would be complete without a visit from the Easter Porcupine, here again is Teddy Bear, filmed by his ever-present nemesis, Velma Snackgrabber, wishing someone would get these stupid ears off me everyone a happy Easter.



  1. Velma Snackgrabber…

    BWAHAHAHA :mrgreen:

  2. No holiday would be complete without a message from Teddy Bear. So nice to hear from you in your lovely headdress. Waiting for the translation….can’t wait!! Happy E.

  3. gail pierson (bunny) says:

    Be still my prickly heart! 🙂

  4. Rebecca says:

    I’m still waiting for the video where Teddy goes on a quill-filled rampage at the perky-voiced lady for getting into his face while he’s trying to eat his delicious treat.

  5. Hi Friend!!!! LoL, gotta love teddy bear (=

  6. dgerish says:

    Words cannot express how much I love Teddy Bear. He’s such a doll.

  7. Once A Fish says:

    I kinda think Teddy is reciting David Sedaris’s “Jesus Shaves” monologue…

  8. You all took the words right out of my mouth: I NEVER GET TIRED OF TEDDY BEAR! He is so adorable looking. Plus his Cousin Itt dialog – fantastic. *contented sigh*

  9. Theresa says:

    Another auditioner for Cadbury Bunny.

  10. I think Teddy is illustrating a Rule of Qte here, with the one ear flopped over. And when Velma (great moniker for perky-voice, BTW) asked if he wanted to wish the viewers Happy Easter, I think he said, “Fine, fine, FINE!!” Also, who knew Greenies were a healthy choice for porcupines! Maybe bunnies, too? Enquiring minds want to know.

  11. Crazy Pants says:

    After repeated listenings I heard the following things:
    :51 I will cut you
    1:02 Oh nut buggy
    1:27 Bok bok bok

  12. HAHAHHA….I will cut you 🙂 ohhh CP 🙂 this is why I love you.

    Personally all I kept hearing was mine mine mine…

    Happy Easter Teddy! Love the ears 🙂

  13. BTW that above post was from me…Emmylee…damn this wordpress sign in jumping the gun business!

  14. Who knew a porcupine could be such a bundle of joy.

    Happy Easter, Teddy Bunny! *mwah*

  15. At about 1:02 if you believe he says he is ‘Not bunny’

  16. Fird Birfle says:

    when I saw that name and the crossed-out text, I knew
    it was (probably) a NTM Easter Special!!!

  17. Charity says:

    I can never get enough of Teddy Bear! Happy Easter Teddy! (Love the ears!!!)

  18. Jackie Rose says:

    Teddy Bear videos never cease to amaze me. I never knew porcupines were so vocal.

  19. Haha!! Where you heard “I will cut you” I totally heard “Who cut one?”

  20. I want a Teddy Bear Translator.

  21. I totally heard “not bunny.”

  22. Teddy looks like a rabbit having a seriously bad hair day.

  23. Teddy Bear and chocolate the two best things about Easter.
    Oh and the days off work of course!!

  24. So will someone please ‘splain how she gets the ears on and off without getting covered in prickles???

  25. Someone needs to dub over Ms. Snackgrabber’s voice with the “wonk woooonk wooonk woonk” sound from the adults in Peanuts, and this would be perfect!

  26. Lerrinus says:

    I’m gonna guess: “Very carefully”! 😉

  27. moonface says:

    …or a bad hare day? 😉

  28. I was about to say, what kind of armor-plated, up-to-the-elbow gloves must be needed in order to put bunny ears on and take bunny ears off of a porcupine without becoming completely punctured?

    Am I the only one who did not know a porcupine’s main gnawing teeth were that very peculiar color until we met Teddy?

    I had to look up Greenie; had never heard of them before. Until someone referred to them by name in a comment, I assumed Teddy was gnawing on some sort of plant stem, and Velma merely was referring to it by its color. Yeah, who knew dog and cat treats are good for porcupines?

  29. Yes… Please?

  30. Martha in Washington says:

    Bunnies are NOT healthy snack choices for porcupines. 😈

  31. HA!
    oh, you’re quick.

  32. Me too! i wanna pet his cute little munchin’ face but I feel like those orange teeth could take a few digits off in a second. and all teddy would say is “nam nami”

  33. we learn so much from teddy.

  34. doomchild says:

    Horrible woman! Stay away from Teddy’s snacks! Go get your own!

  35. labmouse says:

    This poor guy….will he ever eat in peace?

  36. bob drummond says:

    Yeah,DG , a rather prickly doll !! HA HA !!! Just don’t hug him too tightly !! : – )

  37. I hear ya on that Rebecca…~!!!

  38. January says:

    Cutest video I have seen lately. Sound track was precious. As was the headine. By the way, Happy Easter peeps!

  39. Annie's Mom says:

    NOOOOOO! If she leaves him alone, he’ll never talk to us! If he were really seriously ticked, he’d do more than swear at her, he’d bite her or turn his back. I think he knows he’s loved.

  40. yolanda says:

    It must have been you or maybe your grampa that did the voice for Cousin It on Addams Family, Teddy, because you sound exactly like him.

  41. skippymom says:

    I want to marry him. Those ears are super-sexy.

  42. Yep, a lot of rodents, especially the bigger ones, have fancy orange gnawing teeth.

    And no one has wondered aloud how porkies mate, besides “very carefully”…? I’m not going to look it up, because the image is too charming to spoil, but I’ve heard they do it standing up belly to belly, so he doesn’t get all stabbed in the abdomen from her rear end. Could be wrong but I like it anyway. Porky bellies are soft and not prickly, as are newborns.

  43. Can we get this with subtitles?

  44. Rachael says:

    I heard the same thing! Teddy rocks my world.

  45. Fird Birfle says:

    “Is there an App, for that???” 😉

    Innocent Facial Expression

  46. bookstalker says:

    I love it that he speaks in Ewok.

  47. No!

  48. I have loved Teddy from his first presentaish. I cannot get enough. I am even guilty of quoting from his movies in my everyday speech. Whenever I hand food to my kids they get a “Don’t drop it.” in Velma Snackgrabber voice. I think I need help.

  49. Orlando mom says:

    I enjoy the comments on this site as much as the photos and videos! CO readers are a really clever bunch!