Achievement Unlocked: Proshness

You wanna take me on, bro? I’m an ace at all the best games: Call of Cutie, Grand Theft Wheel, Sonic the Hedgehog (he’s my cousin, ya really! Yuh-huh!)…

Level up, Katherine McAdoo!


  1. ::poit:: head asploded

    there is something about piggies’ noses and moufs that just keels me!

  2. I concur, ceejoe! I think it’s because they nearly always look so surprised…

    This piggie probably knows how to use the game control better than I do.

  3. lds7yrs says:

    I would never win against this gamer. My brain would be to moishy, fingers wont’s goes whwere deys sposed tol…. you get my poingt?!

    Unfair advantage!!!!!!!!11!1

  4. Serious gamer….fer sure…

  5. Rachael says:

    It’s the mouf that turns me into a giant puddle of goo!

  6. g-peegs invented the squee.

  7. Mamabear says:

    I would have to agree.

    Also, I WANT this PIG!

  8. How cute is this? This peeg knows how to keep its poses :P

  9. So dignified!!

  10. I’m glad he’s stealing the wheel instead of running on it. That’s very bad for piggies!

  11. The caption isn’t the Konami code, but I think it might be the Kawaii code.

  12. cellarmouse says:

    i had no idea g-peegs had such amazing paw – eye coordination…

  13. Peeg seems to be thinking, Wait, do I have opposable thumbs?

  14. Starfish says:

    See, this is the sort of thing I was talking about a while ago. I want a cute critter to play vidya gaems with! *pouts*


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