Do You Cutedoku?

Hey CO Peeps, a Sudoku just for you! Every 2×2 block must have one kitten, bunny, pup and hedgie. Same for every row and column.   Solve it in the comments! How hard can it be?

Buckles the kitten by Kate P., Chopstick the hedgehog by Sara H., Boston terrier by Jessica L., and Bunny by Ant!


  1. Theresa says:

    Whoa, Boston, lemme get you a chiropracter!

  2. Fird Birfle says:


  3. mindadale says:

    Oh…I actually tried to solve it then realized that there is already a 2×2 square that has two doggies in it so, yeah…never mind. ;)

  4. mindadale says:

    Although, assuming only the outside 2×2’s matter and the interior ones do not:
    kitten, hedgie, bunny, puppy
    bunny, puppy, kitten, hedgie
    puppy, bunny, hedgie, kitten
    hedgie, kitten, puppy, bunny

  5. They must be referred to by their hovertexts! *nods sagely*

  6. The squares aren’t in the middle they are in the top and bottom corners.

  7. mindadale says:

    Which I assumed in my next post that is still in moderation. What did I do wrong? Is “hedgie” an unacceptable form of hedgehog? Geez.

  8. for some reason, p*ppy is a Mod word…

  9. mindadale says:

    That is weird. Such a useful, nice word, too!

  10. Just some guy who does too much cutedoku says:

    cat, hedge, bun, dog
    bun, dog, cat, hedge
    dog, bun, hedge, cat
    hedge, cat, dog, bun

  11. cellarmouse says:

    niiiice…some guy…

  12. mindadale says:

    Do’h! Moderation when I tried to post the “answer”. Bah.

  13. Sue Doku says:

    Kitten | Hedgie || Bunny | Puppy
    Bunny | Puppy || Kitten | Hedgie
    Puppy | Bunny || Hedgie | Kitten
    Hedgie | Kitten || Puppy |Bunny

  14. top row = cat-hedge-rabbit-dog
    2nd row= rabbit-dog-cat-hedge
    3rd row=dog-rabbit-hedge-cat
    bottom row= hedge-cat-dog-rabbit

  15. i’m going to do this in abbreviations cause it is easier to do in a grid.
    k – kitten b – bunny p – puppy h – hedgie

    k h b p
    b p k h
    p b h k
    h k p b

  16. for C=cat, H=hedgehog, B=bunny, and D=dog

  17. I can haz solved it and YAY This was the funnest Sudocute I ever solved! Okay it was the only one I ever solved but that is beside the point.
    Dives into squares to snorgle all the baby animals.

  18. Kittyadventures’ very first Sudoku! How special! applause-applause. Now I am thinking I should make it more difficult …next time!

  19. NoNo not my first Sudoku my first Sudocute or Cutedoku LOL… I must say it is way more fun with cutie pies for the squares instead of numbers.

  20. lds7yrs says:

    leaves my brain feeling refreshed instead of pained, the way regular soduko do with all those numbers.

  21. Fird Birfle says:


    NUMBERS???? EEEeeeeeeeeeeeekkkk!!!!


  22. Row 1: Kitty, Hedgie, Bun, Puppeh
    Row 2: Bun, Puppeh, Kitty, Hedgie
    Row 3: Puppeh, Bun, Hedgiie, Kitty
    Row 4: Hedgie, Kitty, Puppeh, Bun

  23. Soduku is a puzzle and do you know what the French is for puzzzle??
    It’s casse-tête, litterally translated it means head breaker and I don’t want to break my head so I’ll just paly with those cute little babies instead.

  24. i’m with you Gigi. I don’t get the allure of sudoku or words with friends, for example. if i have any free time, i choose to read…

  25. victoreia says:


    (Okay, I’ll admit to playing Bejeweled Diamond Mine on my iGadget sometimes. But I can quit any time I want!) :p

  26. Fird Birfle says:

    so that means that you’re NOT addicted, then?


    De Nial

  27. Fird Birfle says:

    *just keep buying extra batteries to keep at the house, v. *

    Or — alternatively —
    (for the more-standard cylinder batteries/ remote control changers, etc)
    Do you keep one of those (recyclable) battery rechargers on hand,
    at your home ? That type of battery is more $$ initially but they are SO
    much less hassle than making a trip to Wgreens every three days …..

  28. victoreia says:

    Just because I play until the battery runs out does NOT mean I’m addicted! :D

  29. KHBP

    Too lazy to spell out even cute animal words.

  30. The bunny is just SO FANCY with that bow on her head! I just may have to try this with Pallina and Pixie on Easter Sunday…

  31. 6rabbits says:

    Solve the puzzle?? How? Every synapse in my brain was overloaded with CUTE-LEETLE-BUNNY-WITH-A-BOW!!!!!

  32. Fird Birfle says:

    I also found charm in le/ la lapin avec les polka dots.

  33. Soooo, does the bunny have a hare bow?

  34. Fird Birfle says:


  35. victoreia says:


  36. Starfish says:

    I’m gonna want a whole book of these for my next plane trip. Or an iSomething app. Either one works.

  37. Row 1: cute, cute, cute cute
    Row 2: cute, cute, cute cute
    Row 3: cute, cute, cute cute
    Row 4: cute, cute, cute cute


  38. Fird Birfle says:

    Concur x 16 :)

  39. hach! = aww! german = english!

  40. i say yes!

  41. I knew it! :-)))

  42. Kitteh hedge bunneh pup
    Bunneh pup kitteh hedge
    Pup bunneh hedge kitteh
    Hedge kitteh pup bunneh

  43. Blanche says:

    You can’t make me think no, you can’t make me!

  44. Fird Birfle says:

    *Leslie sticks fingers into ears*

    “La la la la; I can’t HEAR YOU…..”

  45. Susan Iz says:

    I’ve got:
    Cat, Hog, Bun, Dog
    Bun, Dog, Cat, Hog
    Dog, Bun, Hog, Cat
    Hog, Cat, Dog, Bun

    OhMyGosh! Did I win something?!

  46. That was fun! Moar plz!

  47. paular27 says:

    I never solved a cutedoku puzzle till today. Pats self on back.

  48. Fird Birfle says:

    *gives paular27 a back massage to soothe shoulder muscles*

  49. kitty-hedgie-bunny-pup


    Now my cutedoku
    fun is done

    Can we do it again?
    Huh, Please, can we?

  50. Ahem, you know there is a tabletop Sudoku game available? …follow my reasoning here???

    One tabletop Cutedoku over here, please. With four barooing pupsters, four ehn-ing hedgies, four teeny kittens and four bow headed bun-buns. Or well, I’m sure i could tackle the 9*9 version as well, I’m an expert at sudoku…

  51. All right, Cute Overload. I sense a Cutedoku book in your future (and therefore mine as well). :D

  52. Kirsten D. says:

    Ohhh, this was fun! I think there should totally be a Cutedoku book. I’d buy it. Maybe several.

    Kitty | Hedgie | Bunbun | Rhett
    Bunbun | Rhett | Kitty | Hedgie
    Rhett | Bunbun | Hedgie | Kitty
    Hedgie | Kitty | Rhett | Bunbun

    Using Rhett for the Boston Terrier because hey, I’m a BU student! Boston Terriers have a special place in my heart. <3

  53. I would be too busy snorgling Buckles the kitten by Kate P. to play :D

  54. Michelle says:

    such a cute idea!


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