Figaro Checks His E-mail

This is so typical! Management moved the presentation up a week, and of course they waited until the last minute to tell me. Guess I’d better hop to it!

I’m going to need you to go ahead and come in on Bunday, Toms Bauģis. More Figaro



  1. gail pierson (bunny) says:

    Adorable! Is that a foot on the tellie phone? 🙂

  2. Agent99 says:

    Bunny Love!!!!

  3. machstem says:

    Wow, I feel for the rabbit. That keyboard, phone and both those monitors look so dated. Upgrade your equipment, please!!!

  4. hmstracylee says:

    Feegaro! Feegaroh! Figarofigarofigaro Figaaaarooww!

    (can someone find the Rabbit of Seville video??)

  5. No wonder Bunout syndrome is on the rise

  6. There is a Rabbit of Seville video???

  7. Dear Mr. Bunny,

    I’m writing to request your help in transferring 10,000 carrots from my home country to the US. As the son of the deposed King, …

    Yours truly

    Said Bun-Allie

  8. hmstracylee says:

    Bugs Bunny cartoon…!
    (I’d scrounge it up but I don’t go on you tube at work)

  9. 😆 and also I have a bridge to sell…

  10. I’m sad to say there are no office rabbit where I work.
    A lot of office sheep and a couple of weazel, none of them the cute furry kind.

  11. Just wait ’til Figaro takes that printer to an empty lot…

  12. Its good to be a gangstah

  13. I feel for you, Gigi. I was just thinking the same thing, no bunnies in my office, just snakes, rats, weasels, sheep and lemmings. But none of them are the cute kind.

    I’m going to ask HR if they can hire a bunny or two.

  14. Reading email and dialing the phone at the same time!

  15. Nicely done!

  16. Or should I say, “Nicely bun.”

  17. Looks like the pictures were taken in 2006. Probably pretty advanced equipment then!

  18. Also, nice Office Space reference, NTMTOM!

  19. Theresa says:

  20. I am with Mrs X two flatscreens running concurrently and a ergonomic keyboard. looks resonably current to me. perhaps you were deceived by the color.

  21. Hmm let me try it this way

    And this way

  22. and some pills to Embiggen you too by the way so all the ladies will like you better.

  23. besides which, how could you focus on the computer equipment when there’s an aDORable bunneh there?? 🙂

  24. LOL I know I had to go back and purposfully look at the computer equipment LOL

  25. I think i have some dust bunnies in the corner behind my computer 🙂

  26. hmstracylee says:

    yaaayyyy this is what I was looking for (in the earlier thread)!!

    *pompoms for Th.!*

  27. “Anerable”, please.

  28. Theresa says:

    Plus, here’s the “Figaro, Figaro” aria, sung by a member of my ISEDH. 😛

  29. And here’s another very good version, by a rather different singer:

  30. Ah, the ergonomic keyboard! The better to gently cup and support the fuzzy bunny buns.

  31. *hands around petition for across the board implementation of mandatory office bun-buns*

  32. “embiggen” *snerk*

  33. machstem says:

    Why would a rabbit need an ergonomic keyboard? I’ll be honest, it took me a while to find the rabbit, what with all that ugly computer equipment in there. And 2006? Yep, that’s still 6yrs ago! The LCD monitors probably set the OP a good chunk of change. Trying to read the emails on this picture is what I had been focusing on.

  34. Figaro is thinking: “yeah, Management. They’re always ready to give you the stick, but where’s the carrot?” *grumble, mumble, gripe*

  35. Bun-butt-like typing detected…


  37. Today isn’t Bunday? Doesn’t matter, my bun doesn’t do any work any day of the week. And I have to read his emails to him.

  38. warrior rabbit says:

    My Daphne would have checked the email and then eaten the phone cord. But, she might be on to something. Then they can’t reach you…

  39. Yay!!!
    This totally made my day 🙂

  40. What a hard-working bunny!
    Bella and DiDI

  41. victoreia says:

    What’s dated is the phone!!

  42. lds7yrs says:

    Bringing to your attention, that bunbun is also typing on the keyboard. Every office needs a multi-tasking bun like this one!

  43. 6rabbits says:

    Can I sign more than once?

  44. LisaLassie says:

    Thank you for this. Extra hysterical laughter here.

  45. Aaaaaaaaaah now I remember!
    Haven’t seen that in… what? decades?

    *Pulls skirt above waistline and starts yelling at clouds*

  46. There’s also some ocean front lots still available in Phoenix if you’re interesting in flipping properties….

  47. Fird Birfle says:

    eXACTly my own strategy to avoid those pesky customer service calls. 😉

  48. Fird Birfle says:

    Depends. Do you live anywhere around Chicago???

  49. 6rabbits says:

    Does 2 1/2 hours away in a neighboring state count as “around”?

    But…color me confused (or out of touch or tired) cos I don’t get why that makes a difference? *patiently awaits edification*

  50. Vincent says:

    Oooow, Figaro uses Linux 🙂

  51. adorable picture, puts me in a good mood after I see your pictures here

  52. I’d rather have dated office equipment and an up to date, fully feature loaded bunny
    Give me an iBun4 and an old 486 and I’d be happy. . You know if I had a choice.

  53. Fird Birfle says:

    hmmmm…..My guess would be that at two hours away and over a state line,
    that you’re not officially part of the joyous populace of Chicago politics/ voting.
    I’m glad to “submit ….for your approval”, some relevant reading matter.
    Hope you find it interesting!!

    As to the whyfores:
    Exhibit A/ Recent Civics:

    “Chicago had the most public corruption convictions per capita of any federal jurisdiction in the nation over a 36-year period. (Chicago Tribune).

    That officially makes Chicago the number one corrupt city in the country.
    Chicago can retain its sobriquet as the most thoroughly corrupt city in America. ”


    Exhibit B/ Historic Chicago Civics
    See the following:

    **PS: FWIW, I am an Equal-Opportunity semi-cynic.
    I do believe that there exist non- corrupt places and people; and
    that there are other situations besides that of Chicago.
    I guess it’s the whole Al Capone bit that just puts them over the top, for me.**
    OTOH, Chi-town’s music history is pretty awesome.

  54. Hey, at least there’s no bunny ears on that monitor to pick up the wi-fi.

  55. 6rabbits says:

    Good Grief!! 😯 And, thank you–espesh for the sources! (I did think it was probably a political reference, but now I see how your response is especially amusing!)