Welcome back to everybody’s favorite game show! Last time, just over 6,000 votes and a little over 50% of you guessed correctly, a grey langur. Nice work, viewers! Let’s see how you do this week.

Tic Toc. Tic Toc. BUZZZZZZ! Time’s up.

Let’s get a hint from this week’s special guest: “I like to be awake in the night. It’s such a fun time to hunt! I like to eat meat and don’t really care about anything else. I’m an important animal to some groups of native peoples. I am a great dancer and I love to play all night.”

Have you got it? Scroll down for the answer!

If you guessed a. a ferret, then you were correct! Thank you so much for playing WHAT! IS! THAT? Let’s thank our sponsor, Kimberly T. at the US Fish and Wildlife Service, for their excellent work in increasing wild populations of black footed ferrets.



  1. Baby ferret’s yawn is contagious.

  2. This little guy needs to cuddle in the crook of my neck pronto!

  3. hmstracylee says:

    he’s totally summing up my Monday morning…

    uggghhh can I just say that it is definitely going to be a long day… when I was typing, I put “Nomday” instead of Monday. Sounds much better, no?
    Oy! Mas cafe, por favor!

  4. Aw he’s so little I bet he doesn’t even smell bad yet 😉

  5. Robin Kiesel says:

    Thank you Crazy Pants! I love this game!

  6. cellarmouse says:

    lil baby ferret…i kees you on yo noz…hey!…you bit my lip!…leggo!…

  7. katfighter says:

    Ferrets also like to steal your stuff! Cutest little thieves in the universe.

  8. Emmberrann says:

    Lookit bebeh ferret-toofies!

  9. Theresa says:

    Everyday is Nomday, just like everyday is Caturday.

  10. Theresa says:

  11. Apparently I suck at this game.. OR you are all Cheaters… Said while clutching Pearls. and looking Agahst.

  12. skippymom says:

    Believe it or not, I have never met a ferret. People are always talking about them being smelly. I am intrigued. Is it a bad bad smell or a good bad smell?

  13. Ferrets have a very distinct musky odor. I find it too much, but other people don’t.

  14. skippymom says:

    I suspect I would like it.

  15. Mary (the first) says:

    I guessed right! yay! And I agree, the little toofies are very cute although probably not as much fun as they look if inserted into one’s finger, or somewhere.

  16. i thot it was tazmanian devil. or a dog.

  17. cellarmouse says:

    love, love, love…

  18. cellarmouse says:

    like tree flowers…

  19. cellarmouse says:

    you ‘n’ me both, kitty’ventures…i’m a ferret fan…i’ve even nurtured a few…and i guessed genet…in fact the only time i ever got the right answer in this game is when i cheated…

  20. *pours tracylee a cup of joe…and then heads back off to nap*

    Theresa is right, in my household every day is nomday…for nomming soft earsies.

  21. victoreia says:

    Or toe-beans…..

    *looks around for a bean-bag or something, to curl up on*

  22. Cutest nostrils ever!

  23. kibblenibble says:

    The tongue, people, the tongue!!! 🙂

  24. Fird Birfle says:

    I suspect you might have been *a tad* mischevious, as a child …..

  25. Fird Birfle says:

    **slightly disruptive consideration**

    I thought RACCOONS were considered cuter thieves???

    *waits for commentroversy*

  26. skippymom says:

    Actually, Firdie, my brother was the naughty one. I was the most perfectly behaved little girl anyone ever knew. Part of the reason I’m a mess as a grownup.