Caturday Morning Cute-toons

Hey kids! Can’t agree on what to watch? Here’s a show that has it all! Grab your favorite sugary cereal and get ready! Presenting: The Beethoven Marmaduke Clifford Felix Nosey and the Pussycat Rolie Polie Olie Peg-Leg-Pete Are You My Mother Show!

Also known as the Abby and Little Bugger Show, brought to you by Brinke G.!



  1. ‘Marc Anthony’ tag, please!
    Evidently a St. Bernard can do some srious kitteh-huffing, and the kitteh returns the favour with some pawpit-huffing.

  2. baileysgrandmom says:

    Here’s my double entendre for the two: (dog) “Are you ready for LUNCH yet?”

  3. I wanna be a little kitten– that’d be the best playground ever!!

    It’s rare that my kitty does it, but I love when she nuzzles her nose into my armpit looking to nurse, it’s a real mommy-moment 🙂 (clearly I have no actual human children, haha)

  4. The purrinks…..the neeple searching. Poifect.

  5. Another vote for the Marc Anthony tag!

  6. my first thought EXACTLY!

  7. Wow, that dustbunny is relentless!

  8. Awwww 😉 Why the long face? Love the paw-batted scolding finger, and the final skin-fold as bundling blanie.
    Thanks, Stella! [and I didn’t know the cat was called ‘Pussy Foot’].

  9. eyeroll, ‘blankie’
    And thanks to the CO godlets for the M.A. tag.

  10. I will take one of each, please. When will my St. Bernard and kitten be ready?

  11. LOLOL well worth the wait for the end when Kitty Relentless is burrowing for Melks! Heheheheh!… Wipes tears from eyes….

  12. first, the wee noisie rundown:
    0:48 1:28 1:36 1:58 2:45 2:54 and possibly 3:06

    second, if you’re going to maximize your snorgle, that’s the snozzle to do it with. hoo-boy

  13. There was more video on them on youtube and in one of them the kitty is all grown up and he still loves his Abby but she’s more interested in napping on the couch 😆

  14. Forgot to put in the video

  15. “You’re not gonna get anything in her armpit.” 🙂

  16. Next up on Cartoon Caturday, Ninja Cats!

  17. Martha in Washington says:

    Awww! Our St. Bernanrd, Ringo, used to babysit the barn cats when Mama Cat needed a break. It was amazing to watch. St Bernards are awesome!

  18. *asplode* Clean up on my aisle please. CuteOverloaded on snorgles.

  19. kibblenibble says:

    Wow, Gigi, the growed-up grey kitty bears a remarkable resemblance to my George, down to the plumey tail. (see my avatar) He was six months when I got him, so I never got to see him in the carrot-tail stage, like this kitty was in the original video. Now I have an idea of what a baby George might have looked like! 🙂

  20. Love how kitty keep tries to play with the dog’s big tongue.

  21. The biblical term “long-suffering” came to mind.

  22. Sigh, they grow up so fast.

  23. victoreia says:

    Ezri’s bedtime ritual involves my earlobe. Definitely the highlight of *my* day; also my mommy moment.

    (I say fur-kids are better. You don’t *have* to buy clothes for them, you don’t have to worry about sending them to school, and they’re happy with paper bags, balls, and socks as toys. Way cheaper than hoomin kids!)

  24. victoreia says:

    Because it has to be said:

    “Dogs and cats living together! Mass hysteria!”

  25. I love how when the kitten emerges from beneath the pile of St Bernard Floof, the little carrot tail goes SPROINGING straight up. 😀

  26. cellarmouse says:

    thank you…i din’t even know who marc anthony was…(well, ‘cept cleo’s boyfriend)…

  27. Love how Kitty’s all, Mom! He won’t play with me!

  28. 260Oakley says:

    Yes, definitely putting the “saint” in St. Bernard.

  29. Andi from NC says:

    Oh…. I was thinking – what is the world does this have to do with Jennifer Lopez’s crypt-keeper looking ex- husband…..

  30. “Jennifer Lopez’s crypt-keeper looking ex- husband…..”

    LOL! Your description just made me snork out loud- my fiance thought I was choking to death. Thank you for that!

    This kitten and her puppy are tooo adorable!

  31. Kitten: I just wanna love that puppy!
    Abby: I will snoot that kitty.

  32. Totally! And their “talking-back” doesn’t actually ever involve mean words, you don’t have to teach them how to drive, and best of all… they’re fuzzy!!

    I did put my cat in a onesie once though, but only as an alternative to the cone after she got stitches, haha. I’ve sent CO the video, but here’s a link to it anyway, along with others of her being a little crazy

  33. So cute to see Abby’s mommy instinct when she “cleaned” the kitty. Adorable

  34. emmelemm says:

    I could watch this show for hours!!

  35. tommygirl says:

    This video made me smiles 😀

  36. Lilly Derway says:

    Thankx for posting my dogs video!! You can look up more on youtube under Abby the Saint Bernard Dog. Thankx again!!