April Fool!

The Huffington Post has steered us to many of the cute videos you’ve squeed to on C.O., and we’ve wanted to thank them in the worst way — and we think you’ll agree, that spoof page was it. Seriously, we can’t get e-nuff of April Fool’s Day, and hope you enjoyed this year’s prank. Thanks to Meg, Pyrit and Crazy Pants for adding jokes and pics, and Arianna Huffington for not suing. Until next year…




Photo credits: Cat, quatre mains; Dogs, Melody C.; Dog, joshDubya; Cat, k4dordy; Penguin, Lara Mercer Photography; Horse, katieblench

PS: If you missed the spoof, you can still see it here.





  3. Ignatius says:

    LOL! Well-done.

  4. Michelle says:

    Oh. that’s what’s going on. April fools day. Thought I went to the wrong web site. LOL

  5. supermurr says:

    Hahahaha. Good one. You guys got me!

  6. supermurr says:

    Awesome! You guys got me!

  7. purple3ivy says:

    Love it!


  9. I LOVE THIS WEBSITE!!!1111111!!!

  10. omg! I was like, where’s my cuteoverload???
    got me hahahha

  11. A MASTERPIECE, that’s what!! So fantastic. Every single detail was perfect.
    “Ehnternet”, “Meow YouDoin”, “Blayvin”. You guys ROCK! Thanks for the hilarity and hijinks. That was hilarious. 🙂

  12. That was downright brilliant. Hahahaha. Oh how I love you wacky band of CO overlords!

    Take a bow, guys. You win the internets.

  14. I love it so, so much <3.

  15. bob drummond says:

    nice gag but do not do it again . I thought I was on another website !

  16. Also, my favorite was the little piglet who was “a little worried” about her mom. AWWWW

  17. Arianna doesn’t pwn it any more.

    you’d get s00d by the n00bs at AOL now.

    but I don’t think they know enough about how the interwebs work to find c.o.

  18. You’re fool or surprises!
    Aperilliant (=ape+April+brilliant… brain damaging 🙂 )

  19. The Original Jane says:

    How much work/time did that take you guys?

    …and how do I stop the main page (’nuffington – how appropriate!) from rotating pictures before I can read through an article?

  20. The Original Jane says:

    What, the mod lounge on April Fool’s?

    Come on people it’s like Johnny Depp’s Alice in Wonderland – on acid – in here today.

  21. Christina says:

    I Loved It! So funny!

  22. Sharpy Sansaskirt says:

    omg, i just had the worst nightmare!

  23. Loved it!

  24. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    We’ve been putting this together throughout March, in our spare time. The auto-rotate thingy can’t be stopped, but each column has only two versions, so if you missed an item, it’ll be back in 30 seconds.

  25. The Original Jane says:

    “I’m sorry, were you reading that?”

    Um, yes, yes I was.

  26. The Original Jane says:

    Managed it on the second try. 😉

    Oh, and you guys have spare time?

  27. A pinch and a punch for the first of the month. Thanks for the laffs! Just 2 QTE!

  28. Ciro's Mom says:

    Well done my friends

  29. kibblenibble says:

    Awesome sauce! 😆

  30. Mary (the first) says:

    Ok, a few minutes ago I accidentally got into something someone told me was a virus. Then, I try CO for some relief.. and .. ACK! Wha’ hoppen?? It’s not 4/1 here yet so I was scared for a second! Yikes! But I recognized some of those Qties and um.. figured it out.. eventually. Good job, Meg, Mike, Crazy, Pyrit and whoever else!! Love you kids!!

  31. You got me! I was like: OMG C.O. had been hacked! Who are those eeevil hackers that would take C.O. off the net!!!”

  32. warrior rabbit says:

    Heh. Me, too.

  33. victoreia says:

    “I’m sorry, Dave, I have to update now.”


  34. Great job, soooo funny
    as always you rock :o)

  35. Heeheehee! Very cute!

  36. OH. MAH. GAH. That was AWESOMELY AWESOME. I LMAO, and now I have to go hunt down my own tocks. 😆

  37. I can hear the wallpaper!

  38. But everything in it was . . . CUTE!!!

  39. PS: I didn’t get a harrumph out of you! 😛

  40. They win ELEBENTY-JILLION internets.

  41. . . . Bathmat fleeple blatz . . . 😀

  42. I ❤ you, Cute Overload!!

  43. victoreia says:

    At least!

  44. I was kinda impressed with HuffPo there for a second, that they would COMMIT to animal goofy time like that, haha!

  45. kallisto73 says:

    Okay, at first I thought this was something horrific. And then I read on, and wondereed. And only then did I realize what day it is today.


  46. kallisto73 says:

    Oh, the wallpaper, that’s what that was. Thank the heavens you told me that Theresa. I was getting a little worried…

  47. Whew, kitten huffing still legal! Going to grab the 4 at mom’s later and get to it *sniff sniff*

  48. 260Oakley says:

    Bringing the Overload to the Cute today. Anyone else detecting a whiff of Onion as they’re Huffing deeply?

  49. ItsyBitsyTeenyWeenie says:

    Funny! I wish it was real! I would prescribe.

  50. MadVelvet says:

    Cute but how to get to go back to previous posts so I can check out the last couple of weeks I missed? It keeps taking me to the post thing

  51. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    You can do that several ways: At the bottom of this column in every post, you’ll find a link to the previous post, so you can go backwards through the posts one by one. Also, at the bottom of the left column, a drop-down lst titled “archives” will let you view a month of posts at once. You’ll also find links to recent posts higher up in the left column. Hope this helps.

  52. wuh? huh? ONOES!

    ooh. it’s the BEST april fools evah!

    i ♥ cute overload!

  53. phred's mom says:

    PURRRRRRRFECT !!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks, all. Made my day, no, made my MONTH!

  54. Wow. Just wow.
    I wait for every post and grumble when you’re not giving more NOW and then BAM. Turns out you’ve been working your butts off all this time. Great job.

  55. Lillith says:

    You hit it out of the park on this one guys. Great work! And I am shocked, shocked I say about that kitteh huffing epidemic!

  56. thelittlemyrmidon says:

    Heh – even the icon was changed to an “N” in parody of Huffington’s “H” icon. Very clever.

  57. Purrrrrfect!!

  58. Nicely done!!!

  59. It’s just as hilarious every time I go to the page. The “advertisements” are beyond ridiculous–“the 5 foods” BWAHAHA!

    I can only imagine how much fun you all had doing this. What a merry band you are.


  60. Heck. Let me try that again… 😆

  61. The schnozzberries sound like schnozzberries…

  62. bleen!

  63. Howl! We’re still laughing.
    Bella and DiDi

  64. kathryn says:

    This is amazing!!!, You seriously Fooled me!!!

  65. I am undone by the brilliance. You guys are committed to the cute and the funny. This site is consistently the BEST site on the innertubes. What a great April Fool’s post.

  66. Your April Fool’s Nuffington Post was wonderful! But NOW I know why I have no sunflowers. Curse that lone rogue chipmunk 😉

  67. hmstracylee says:

    must also applaud the attention to detail…
    majorly awesome.

    *adds item to list of why CO is best website evar*

  68. Queen of Dork says:

    Hahahahahaha! That was great! Thanks, CO! That was the best April Fools joke ever. I fell for that so hard I have bruises from where I hit the floor! 🙂 Love you guys!

  69. wannadance says:

    yep, yep. love that site, too….

  70. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    CO rocks, especially on April 1st!! Thanks for the fun.

  71. Hey– the Huffpo Favico STOLE the cute CO chick in my browser!!

  72. I didn’t have enough pearls to clutch when the screen first came up. Then… then it sank in and I reveled in the creativity. Y’all are beyond amazing.

  73. I laughed out loud before breakfast.

  74. Hahaha awesome!! It’s stuff like this that really makes me wish I work for you guys 🙂

  75. DillPig says:

    Yeah my head sploded. Brain bits everywhere. Mental blackout ensued, brought on by confusion, WTFs, and shock combined with an existential *SQUEEE!!!* When I finally recovered I couldn’t remember anything in the three days leading up to this event. Which in my case, is a Good Thing. On reflection, there are fleeting memories of a large wet dog nose thrust into my face, and many small paws patting my hand. And feeling warm, soft and fluffy. Sooo comfortabuhls….
    Please don’t take the Nuffington Post down after April 1st. I need to have it handy for when I am really depressed and need a sharp jolt of Teh Qte…..

  76. Love. It.

    Theresa: Harrumph!

  77. Bravo!!! Very well played CO!

  78. dubyah1 says:

    A Megsterpiece!
    The secret to a flatter stomach: ‘just lie there’;
    The source of all ebil [mew]; and
    The ‘ohboyohboyohboy’ dawg’s life.
    Plus an ahnerable mensh for I bet NTMTOM’s Lord Humphrey Mumphington’s harangue harumph.
    You. Guys. ROCKS!Q

  79. dubyah1 says:

    And after a refresh, please move this up to numero uno:
    ‘Nutcase sees mystery object in sky’:
    followed by ‘Escape botched by sudden nap’

  80. Blanche says:

    Oh you! you had me going, you did…yes you did. you sillies. you’re silly….
    yes you are!

  81. theirMistress says:

    Well, you’ve drawn me out of the shadows at last. [blinking]

    The wit… the attention to detail… in every square inch, look at it!… it’s a thing of beauty.

    So nice to start Sunday morning with a LOL. Several, in fact. (Theresa, I hope you found your tocks. 🙂

  82. Cherilla says:

    I KNEW what day it was and you STILL got me!

    Haha! You guys are cute, hilarious AND classy!
    Stay that way!

    ❤ Cherilla

  83. Lerrinus says:

    Had me going for a sec! Nice one, people, ya got me, and I just woke up too!
    😆 😆 😆
    Love it! 😀

  84. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    Some more April Fool’s Day fun from around the Internets (updated):

  85. Emilie Turner says:

    You made my April Fool’s Day, Cute Overload. This made me ridiculously happy.

  86. yolanda says:

    Fooled me! You had me so disturbed and dejected I couldn’t quite bring myself to act. I couldn’t even close the tab, so horrified was I. I continued to daily squee, praying it was still readable and when I returned to this page I was going to figure out how to find something about the new look and a place to complain. Oh it was horrible. I couldn’t figure out what was new or old or anything! However, I must say, it’s an impressive bit of work you folks wrought. It looked really tight and effective (if you are stupid enough to WANT that look).
    Please, don’t ever do that.

  87. Worst post ever. Hated it. Awful. Not cute. It made my puppy cry. Completely in poor taste.

    (April Fool’s!!)

  88. dgerish says:

    Absolutely, positively brilliant, CO! I’m still giggling. Everything about it was just perfect, from the Catmatch ads to the columns on the left. Bravo and brava! Encore!

  89. Made my day! Hilarious!!! /still giggling

  90. Fird Birfle says:

    *giggling at this visual*

  91. Haha, you got me! I was like wtf, and then, it turns out it’s an April Fool’s joke! 😛

  92. Fird Birfle says:

    ooooh Theresa!! LOVE that! (“hear the w’paper”) 🙂

    And I’ve never done ANY hallucinogenic drug.
    (Unless they tried one on me, in my sleep, somehow …)

  93. Fird Birfle says:

    *sends vial of smelling salts to Mary*

  94. huffnpuff says:

    well played! series, cuteoverload? i love you so much, (as much as a person can love a website at least), without you in my life these past few years, I would be a goner!

    thank you, and nice april fool’s, i wish i could think of something clever to write……(thinking)….there once was a site named ‘huff’ / where people politically puffed/ then along came CO/ with a delectable throw/ shouting: e-“nuff”! is enough is enuff!


  95. “Dislikes: Phonies” Hint, hint.

  96. LOL kudos for the hilarious prank!

  97. Delta Sierra says:

    Hilarious! Thanks, CO.

  98. Arianne is so gonna sue yo @ss !

    Brilliant Meg ! 😉

  99. Yay — wunnnerfuuuul

  100. dubyah1 says:

    For Yanks who need background about the Canadian robocall scandal, Conservatives stooped to using an automated telephone service which misdirected voters about polling stations, causing some not to vote. Harper hushed it up, but today we know what rillllly happened:

  101. XD Amazing work, you guys.

  102. warrior rabbit says:

    Like the comment counts under each fake blog entry? LOL.

  103. LOL Theresa did you see the one about spit club… I immediately thought of your dad of course!

  104. LOL I was all I don’t know how I ended up at Huffington but wow they did a whole page on cuteness. ROFL.. then I found out I really was on cute overload.. LOVE IT!

  105. Rachael says:

    You skeered me. But then I giggled my butt off. So yay!!!

  106. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    I was too!

  107. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:
  108. LOL so I had just woken up and was clickiting away on my Ipad and thought I could have sworn I clicked on my cuteoverload shortcut on my screen how did I get to Huffington post and WOW they have a whole joke page about cute animal pictures then i clicked on one of the pictures to get to the story and wham bam I wake all the way up and go HEHEHEH Oh yeah it is april 1st. Kuddos to you all. I love them all. I have been back a few times to try to read all the headlines, they are all so funny. Thank you

  109. ROFL when you click through it has print two bunnies get ten free SNERK!

  110. A masterpiece of creativity, humour and puns. I devoured all the headlines with glee! Thank you CO for the laffs and the me-moo-ries. (I cannot decide which is my fave, but the IBKC kitten huffing protest might be it)

  111. That was brilliant and gives me great hope for Kodak’s upcoming product designs.

  112. such awesome is to be rewarded. Well done Cuties!! Double chocolate cookies for all.

  113. Hmph, we don’t talk about spit club. 😛

  114. Dont miss the Large Format to come out in 2013 (Polar bears, elephants, etc.) 😆

  115. countessmara says:

    Brilliant, simply brilliant. CO strikes again.

  116. You’re right Maurice von Doom, people need to lighten up!

  117. Mary (the first) says:

    *sniff.* Hmm. Thanks but I think I’ll stick to huffing kittehs!

  118. Mary (the first) says:

    “innertubes”. LOL!

  119. “Annoying, isn’t it?”

  120. Mary (the first) says:

    Nice poem!!

  121. We’ve all gone stark raving normal!

  122. The Daily Mail has a great compilation of today’s April Fools jokes:
    – Google’s Nintendo-style 8-bit maps
    – a Hungry Hungry Hippos iPad app
    – offline version of YouTube
    – Richards Branson takes on latest mission drilling to center of the earth
    – Conan O’Brien takes over Mashable

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2123580/April-Fools-Day-2012-Google-YouTube-past-jokes.html#ixzz1qoZ4Jp3i http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2123580/April-Fools-Day-2012-Google-YouTube-past-jokes.html

  123. I liked the ad for the “WonderBrawwwwk” – “Go from Grade A to Grade DD”! TOO funny!!!

  124. I happened to notice The Nature Conservancy had a feature on saving Sasquatch and folks complaining not enough is being done to protect unicorns!

  125. Brilliant!
    “Nuff” said. 😉

  126. Woah. Ya got me! Ha ha ha!

  127. victoreia says:

    Now that you mention it……

  128. I’m in the Mod room…anyone wish to join me for some some cookies and meelks? Plenty for eberyone. 🙂

  129. victoreia says:


  130. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    Golly, all this April Fool’s Day satire sure makes me hungry! Who wants Spielburgers?

  131. victoreia says:

    The comments for the op-ed on evil: 666

    Comments on cats & dogs as friends: 50/50

    I just wish I could have that as a screen-saver!

  132. cellarmouse says:

    well, prince is short, but i can’t b’lieve what a tiny frog he is…

  133. This was the first April Fool page I found in the wee hours this morning and it really took the edge off those that came later It reminded me of the days when I worked on a college newspaper and the fun we had once a year. Creating fun and laughter is always time well spent!

  134. HAHAHA!

  135. Brilliant!

  136. huffnpuff says:

    =D thank you M(t f)! —-(—@ (<— a 'thank you' rose!)

  137. Hahaha it IS really annoying that the page refreshes every 5 seconds!

  138. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    Well, it wouldn’t be a proper April Fool’s Day prank if it weren’t annoying somehow. ;D

  139. You only had fun once a year? 😥

  140. That . . . belongs in a museum!

  141. True, partying fell under Serious.

  142. Re: the ThinkGeek page, an April Fool’s joke shouldn’t leave you thinking, “damn, I wish that was real.” Or should it?

  143. ReaderLady says:

    Paws up and a standing ovation! I’m still laughing!

  144. dubyah1 says:


  145. What gave it away was the puppeh crying. 🙂

  146. I want one!

  147. ELEBENTY-JILLION and one for sure!

    Epically funny!

  148. lds7yrs says:


  149. Fird Birfle says:

    LOV the Kodak product.

    *goes out to store to purchase kitty litter in preparation*

  150. Katrina says:

    you made my sad. i realy thought you changed it!

  151. earlybird1 says:

    “What not to wear to the office this summer” just KEELED me! Awesome! 😀

  152. That’s great but how do I get to the real CO front page?

  153. The Original Jane says:

    I fell for this one:

    “Little Mermaid Ride Damaged In Accident”


  154. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    The real home page will be restored soon. Meanwhile, you can click this link to see all posts in March, starting with this one and working backwards: http://cuteoverload.com/2012/03/

  155. Scroll down to the bottom of this page that we’re on right now, and you’ll see a link to yesterday’s “Hungry Hungry Hippos” post. Tap on that and you’re back to the regular site…

  156. Very cute and creative

  157. Fantastic!

  158. THIS JUST IN: Hilarious Google “Tap” product announcement over at the GMail blog. So well done, AND includes a most excellent star cameo appearance:


  159. Can you guys make a link to the cuteoverload april fools page after this day is over so we can still access it? I want to show it to some people!

  160. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    Yes, and indeed the link appears in the post above.

  161. Stephchin says:

    Awesome. the best!!!

  162. Check out Kodak’s new product:


  163. Starfish says:

    That’s what clinched it for me, too! This is the best April Fool’s this year!

  164. Saffron says:

    Yes, but Wahlburgers is a REAL place! 😀

    Nuffington Post is the best evah!!!! I totally fell for it and went ‘oh man, the page is redesigned and I cannot figure it out’. Hee…

  165. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    A monocle? For dogs?


  166. me too. LOL. I had to double check..and then I busted out laughing…in the middle of a coffee shop. Oooops.

  167. uh that was Emmylee 🙂

  168. Stunbunny says:

    Really something about that tortoise.

  169. Blueberries says:


  170. dubyah1 says:

    For those who can’t open the link, the robocalls were from Daleks 😉

  171. Not just acknowledged but it is the second one on the list of pranks!

  172. beyond fantaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaastickkkkkkkkkkkkkal…….. too wonderful for nwords the best best ev er….

  173. Just great! Thanks for all the smiles = )

  174. victoreia says:

    Who knew Word Press smilies were case-sensitive?

  175. me tooooo!!

  176. Whoo hoo!! So fantastic! Next stop: Pulitzer Prize. 🙂

  177. victoreia says:

    Well, unicorns *are* endangered!!!!

  178. Not me, obviously! 😳

  179. victoreia says:

    Did you see that they found the source of all evil? I think I know that kitten….

  180. mairsydoats says:

    ….aaaaaaand this is why I have this site bookmarked on evary freeking pootatator I use! (in Hades voice) Two thumbs WAAAAY up!

  181. Fantastic! I will dream about that chipmunk, though. Keep ‘me coming!

  182. 😆 Nice April Fool’s trick 😆 I still want to snorgle that little grey kitty 😀

  183. victoreia says:


  184. SelphieB says:

    Duuuuuude it’s the second here already.

  185. victoreia says:

    I haz a sad. 😦 I missed it. 😥

  186. Bravo! CO Masterpiece. Can we have April Fools every month…?

  187. Love it!! Really, the headline is my favorite, and the baby animals’ reactions!! Thanks for the LOLS!!!