Who has the silkiest ‘tocks of them all?

Me. Moi. I DO!

Faaaabuluus!!! Whomevah came up with the idea of a soft fur-like chick-kons is a genius. THIS is “Gordon” the silkeh rooster (he prolly knows how to accessorize, make a foofy cocktail and debate fabric samples too.) Excellent roostering, Shari E.



  1. 😯
    Those are some fancy pants! What a cool looking bird!

  2. hmstracylee says:


  3. Hey! It’s one of the newfangled Roost-ba. a self propelled duster!

  4. Mary (the first) says:

    Looks like he knows how to accessorize. Isn’t that a turquoise feather-shaped earring by his face?? If not, what is it???

  5. Blue Footed Booby says:

    wanna squeeze dat butt

  6. victoreia says:

    😯 😯


    That is all. 😯

  7. Fluffy rooster….. This bird challanges you to a floof off!

  8. 260Oakley says:

    Definitely butt’n-fly.

  9. That is one fluffy birdy-butt!

  10. ok, my relatives in south america have one of those and their cuteness doesn’t stop at the fluff. did you know those roosters are monogamous? So instead of yelling all day to let everyone know how bad-ass they are what with all their beeaches and all, they spend the day never more than a yard away from their honey, pecking around together and grooming each other. My last view of the him as I was leaving in the evening was him looking down worriedly from the little tree roost that my aunt made for them as his slightly aged chickenwife precariously made her way up the ladder….

  11. Bwahaha!

  12. What is the name of this breed of chicken? I’ve seen them before and I love their silly pantaloons!

  13. Guess what? Chicken butt! 🙂

  14. FanciD-what a great story about Mr. Fluff and his chickenwife. You paint a great picture of the scene.: D

  15. I must say, as nice as those fancy pantaloons would be to squeeze…this just serves to remind me how far away is my favorite month-Tockstober!

  16. That’s not a bird… that’s a ball of yarn!

  17. I love those silky roosters. They’re so silly! But cute. And, also, the hens lay delicious eggs.

  18. Shari Emling says:

    THANK YOU, MEG for re-profiling my Gordon! (By the way… Gordon is named after the rocker, Sting, because they have the same hairdo… and Gordon Sumner is Sting’s real name.) The blue on his head marks his “ear”. Silkie roosters are non-aggressive and sweet, and will immediately break up any altercations among the hens. Another odd thing – they cannot fly at all. Gordon must be an exception to the monogamous rule, though, because he is quite the ladies’ man with my 10 hens!

  19. bath pouf!

  20. Silkies are also so broody you can use them to hatch any eggs. My in-laws used to breed pheasants, and they would just plop a SIlkie hen down on the eggs. The hen wouldn’t want to leave them for ANY reason…you had to pick her up to feed her some corn mushed up in water. A Silkie will try and hatch a hat full of golfballs if you let her. They are such wonderful birds. They just want babies, some fresh grass, a safe place to roost and the odd dust-bath.

    Also, and here’s a fun fact, no one wants to eat them because their skin, bones and flesh are almost black and VERY tough.

    Going a step further, I present…the FRIZZLED Silkie:

  21. That’s the sweetest story I’ve heard in a long time. I loff Mr. and Mrs. Chicken! ♥♥♥

  22. That was fascinating. Some day I will have a bird. I am determined.

  23. hmstracylee says:

    baahhhhahaha the mental image of a chickie trying to hatch a hat full of golfballs just made my morning!
    thank you for that!

  24. cellarmouse says:

    now there’s something totally new under the sun…

  25. cellarmouse says:

    i have learned some wonderful things this morning…

  26. I can see the panty between the leg floof and the fa-louf derrière

  27. panty line, d’oh

  28. Awww…A Dr. Seuss floofy bird!

  29. Floofalicious!!

  30. Does this make my butt look big? (Hey, someone had to ask that all-important question!)

  31. skippymom says:

    My Francesco also has very floofy ‘tocks, and he is in the market for a new boyfriend. Gordon sounds like just his type. How can I get Gordon’s phone number?

  32. skippymom says:

    It’s a Swifferbird!

  33. Yay birds. Though I can’t help but wonder how messy his little home gets when that dude moults…. yikes.

  34. hmstracylee says:

    get me a beer, Gordo!

    ever seen Dana Carvey’s standup routine about Sting? Hi-larious. (TOTALLY worth you-tubing, but I’m at work so someone else will have to help me out..)

  35. Smart Silkies – more useful to humans alive than deceased!

  36. old goatlady says:

    That never gets old! 😉

  37. The elusive abominable snow-rooster!

  38. C’est un Silkie.