What Do Snow Monkeys Do To Relax?

After a grueling day – grooming, rolling snowballs for fun, getting all amorous, eating and more grooming – Japanese Macaques (aka Snow Monkeys) take a much needed rest at their local spa. Being a monkey is hard work, people.

Thanks to David M. and spDuchamp.



  1. They look soft, like bunnies. Oh, and maybe just a skosh of Bunny Disapproval.

  2. Tell me something: Are snow monkey ever NOT in the hot bath? I think EVERY pic I’ve ever seen of these minkies are in the hot springs. Why don’t the call them Hot Spring Monkeys?

  3. I think if I lived near a hot spring, I’d probably spend most of my time in there as well. Aaaaaah. But you’re right. Perhaps a search of the interwebs is in order??

  4. I just watched a documentary on Snow Monkeys the other night. It seems the present generation has developed a new behaviour. They dive underwater, holding their breath to get wheat that has been thrown in the pool and has sunk to the bottom, the older monkeys do not dive. Scientists are waiting to see if the behaviour is passed down to the next generation.

  5. I got sent to the lounge, I guess my comment was to long?
    Well it’s lunch time here anyway so whats on the menu today?

  6. Sorry folks, the real way that snow monkeys relax is by harassing Hall of Fame pitcher Nolan Ryan. (google it, and you’ll see I’m right)

  7. The one on the right is kinda creepy…. looks like a man with a furry hat!

  8. smoked salmon quiche, pasta with a wild mushroom, shallot and creamy white wine sauce… oh, and I think I saw orange popovers with butter!

  9. I think the monkey in the top picture just spotted the lil’ guys in the bottom picture piddling in the hot springs, & he is NOT pleased! 😉

  10. Looks like they’re talking serious monkey business in the Macaquuzzi

  11. Yum! Maybe I need to type a no-no just so I can join you for lunch.

  12. 260Oakley says:

    They’re trying to decide which of the monkey bars they’re going to hit once they get out of the sauna.

  13. Can anyone else see the ad about Tyson’s Pork suppliers??? It is really freaking me out!

  14. sounds like a trick. i ain’t fallin’ for it. someone else go and tell us what happened.

  15. oh wow, that’s amazing! does evolution work that quickly? because if i had kids, they’d be experts at lying around.

  16. Devolution in progress?

  17. … and in the end, they choose the one where they always hang out

  18. Another fascinating aspect of the behavior is that there are snow monkeys who are ostracized from the hot tubs. The matriarch decides who is worthy of taking a dip while the booted look on with envy.

  19. It looks like very hard work!
    Bella and DiDi

  20. i was going to mention that. they’re not just looking on with envy, they’re huddled together to keep warm as well. i want to pet the banned monkeys most.

  21. Robin Kiesel says:

    I googled, you’re right! Nolan Ryan, the Snow Monkeys’ Ambassador!

  22. fleurdamour says:

    I think these guys are why there are legends of elves and dwarves – I agree, Mr. Bottom-Right looks ENTIRELY too human.

    But I think CO has a new category – Disapproving Monkeh

  23. fleurdamour says:

    Snow monkeys have a 1% and 99%, too – let’s Occupy the hot springs!


  24. Poor banned monkeys. 😦

  25. ScoutsMom says:

    This confuses me. Do the monkeys freeze after coming out of the hot water? I picture them covered in icicles after getting out.

  26. bob drummond says:


  27. bob drummond says:

    That’s a good point ! Maybe they wear towels once they leave the place !