We’re So Happy We Wet Our Pandas!

Wait for it! Double soggy bottom panda diaper droopage!

Twin baby pandas, Kai Hin (boy) and You Hin (girl) at Shirahama Adventure World Zoo, Japan


  1. It’s the Soggy Bottom Boys!

  2. JohnnyJohnny says:


  3. Love it! Best earworm evar.
    However, the panda twins are a boy and a girl – and that’s bona fide!

  4. Fird Birfle says:

    *snicker* @ “bona fide”

    O Bro. soundtrack is in my personal Five Best Soundtrack to Great Films
    of all Time. The other four are:
    Fiddler/ Roof, The King & I, West Side Story and Sound/ Music.
    Yes, I’m a hankie-mussing sucker, for a gut-wrenching emotional historical drama.

  5. You don’t like CAMELOT?

  6. They are so cute, it’s like they’re not real.

  7. Stands up. My name is KittyAdventures and i am a panda-holic.
    I could watch them all day and not go to work to watch them. and secretly sneek on my computer after the family is asleep to watch them.
    I just can not get enough of them.
    I was three days into not watching them but there they were on Cute overload… and there I was off the wagon again.

  8. Why would anybody spend 3 days away from panda cuteness? That makes no sense to me.

  9. cellarmouse says:

    accept those things you cannot change, kittyadventures…

  10. Sasha's Mum says:

    No fair! Japan doesn’t need to import Cute, they have far more than their fair share of Cute. Send panda bebehs to MEEEEeeeeeeee!

  11. skippymom says:

    Um, is there something wrong with my brain that I was imagining this as two drunk girls in a fountain, fighting over a guy?…and then the first one has had enough and climbs up onto the roof to smoke a cigarette, then the other one wanders off because she’s bored and already forgot what the fight was about?

  12. OMG, it’s too much reality TV! Quick, administer some quality scripted entertainment!

  13. Ah yes Blackadder my hero!

  14. Sasha's Mum says:

    Tee hee, one of my 2 favourite comedic references to The Scottish Play. The other one being the theme song to season 2 of Slings and Arrows:

  15. Fird Birfle says:


  16. I see you’re getting the benefit already. :P

  17. Theresa – I have to counter with this

  18. “who’s ken branagh”
    “i’ll tell him you said that.”


  19. Alice Shortcake says:

    I think you’re on to something there, skippymom. There’s something about the unco-ordinated slapping at the beginning that screams “downmarket nightclub on a Saturday night”. All it needs is a few incoherent obscenities and jeers from the pandas’ equally drunk friends (just off camera).

  20. Mary (the first) says:

    *jeering off camera*

  21. victoreia says:


  22. hmstracylee says:

    y’all are weird…
    delightfully so, but weird nonetheless

    wouldn’t have it any other way :D

  23. skippymom says:

    Thanks for confirming, Alice. I was afraid maybe I was just a sicko to read such a thing into a video of adorable playful pandas.

  24. skippymom says:

    I just read “the pandas’ equally drunk friends” again and laughed my a** off.

  25. Alice Shortcake says:

    It’s the weirdness that keeps us going. Well, that and the cuteness.

  26. Hey! They’re not in diapeuws!!! I feel CHEATED

  27. But the water level plummetted after their super-absorbent panda behinds left the pool, *as if* they were wearing comedy diapers that s*cked it all up.

  28. AND it looked like they were wearing diapers. Like cataloons, only droopier in the tush.

  29. 260Oakley says:


  30. victoreia says:

    *golf clap*

  31. Fird Birfle says:

    “Those are NAE ORDINARY pandas ….”

    (01:07:43) TIM That’s no ordinary [panda],
    that’s the most foul, cruel and bad-tempered rodent you ever set eyes on.
    ROBIN You [term excised for those of gentle hearts].

    I soiled my [diapeuws] I was so scared!

  32. Fird Birfle says:

    (*DARN !!! Even AFTER editing out the most-controversial word, I’ve STILL been plummeted into the Mod Lounge*)

    *orders a Shirley Temple and opens a box o’ Cheez Its…

  33. Oh I so want Cheez-Its now. Good thing I’m in the Mod Lounge too! Pass em my way!

  34. I had very high expectations of the commentary on this video.
    I was not disappointed.
    (golf clap)
    Well done, peeps.

  35. Oh my word, that cocky little strut from the 2nd panda to leave the tub! For some reason I have decided that was the boy panda.

  36. Ohh… I see what I did wrong there. I used the boy-hen word. Oopsy. Mod it up!

  37. I’m so tempted to want to squeeze and ring their bottoms out. :o

  38. Scatterling says:

    Did anyone notice this video is from two years IN THE FUTURE!!!!!

  39. Fird Birfle says:

    YUP, Scatterling, I did!!!

  40. Well, then we have something to look forward to!

  41. I never realized their noses are so much brighter a white than the rest of the white parts of them. Have they been dipping their noses in bleach? Or white paint?

    As for its being two years in the future, that took me a while to puzzle out also. I’m used to the European style of DD/MM/YY (though unless the day is 13 or larger I know of no way to tell DD/MM/YY from our MM/DD/YY), but this is YY/MM/DD and that threw me off.

  42. I wet my pandas too when I saw the slide at the end! *headsplode* :D

  43. Somebody needs to grease that slide. We can’t have pandas getting splinteuws in their bums.

  44. That was my thought, Rachael!!

  45. The slide was just so darn cute! it is difficult to imagine that something so cute can be so strong and ferocius. Good thing i can only watch them on line or i would be one of those people mauled by a panda on the evening news.

  46. “Stop splashing me!”
    “You stop splashing ME!”
    “No, you stop!”
    “No, YOU stop!”
    ad infinitum . . .


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