Sleepy or Sad?

Sometimes, it seems like our furry friends are wishing they were doing something else; being petted, playing, going for a walk. I can’t decide if the following pics demonstrate animals being sleepy or sad. What do you think?

Let us recognize our sender-inners (be they sleepy or sad) in order of appearance: Michael D., Codi, Dana A., Brian D., Leila, Julie J., Shane L., Dela and Alexis.



  1. Oh we are so unanimous with the bunny pic! When I voted (37 votes in), it was a clean 100% “exhausted – shhhhhhh”. Well how could it not be – that bunbun is sleepyness personified (or bunnified).

  2. victoreia says:

    So many sad eyes!

  3. NONE of them are sad! They are ALL HAPPY! Do you hear me?!!! HAPPY!!! *stomping feet*

  4. OMG can we now bow to crazy pants and her awesome wordsmithery!

    The choices were difficult sometimes.

  5. Oh, I so want to snorgle that little kitty 😀

  6. Grammar police…woebegone and somber
    At least they told me so in skool. 🙂

    First doggie is sad because he wants me to nom on his toe beans.

  7. I think the kitten was a trick question, as kitties are ALWAYS sleepy, whether they know it or not

  8. What are you trying to say, Theresa? : )

    Beagles are so good at looking sad. I think it’s a biological advantage that helps them get lots of love and treats. “There, there, little one–have a chunk of meat.”

  9. the other jen says:

    this was fun! do it again! doitagain!

  10. Jennifer says:

    Neither. Their eyes are saying “Put down that camera and give me a treat.”

  11. loribelle says:

    Are those opalescent (toepalescent) toebeans on that beagle puppeh? I’ve never seen toebeans that color!

  12. All right, hand over the Yorkie ears and no one gets hurt!

  13. Extra points for the use of lugubrious!

  14. random dog person says:

    Love the word choice/cute animal combo. Vocab is much more fun with cuteness attached.

  15. I would say that the bunny is “deflated” 🙂

  16. To me they look sad to be sleepy. (just edging my bet there)

  17. I so agree KA. I felt like I needed my SAT/GRE dictionary out. Lugubrious…haven’t heard that in years!!!

  18. The second puppeh looks like my 3-y.o. pupster who look puppier today than when he was a puppy.

  19. warrior rabbit says:

    I think that’s a blissed out bunneh. Probably just had some red chard.

  20. smallthunder says:

    Yes! I like the way you think — I want you on *my* team!

  21. smallthunder says:

    Except I do believe we would be busy “hedging” our bets … but no matter … we will win.

  22. It’s just because they get in trouble a lot. Believe you me

  23. I say it all the time! Lugubrious!

  24. And of course, the pug is neither fatigued NOR lugubrious. He is, in fact (all together now) Looking At First, Throwing to Third!!!

  25. Fird Birfle says:

    (hides giggle)

  26. Fird Birfle says:

    I sheepishly state that in nearly every qwershtyun tuh-day, I voted with the minority.


    oh — and — just in case it might gain me extra credit points?? “Lugubrious!!”

  27. Fird Birfle says:

    oh GOOD

    so I WILL get extra points!!!

    (and TRULY I wrote my comment above, before scrolling down to read all the comments. PROMISE.)

  28. Fird Birfle says:

    *begins singing: “Take me, out to tha Baaaaaaaaaallgame…[etc]”

  29. Fird Birfle says:

    Ah — I dunno. The grass *COULD* use some trimming, so …

  30. beagles are the grand champions at Puppy Eyes

  31. they’r making me sleepy..

  32. Why hide your giggle, Firdie? Let it out, I say, LET IT OUT!

  33. It was just because you chose all the cool words. i wanted to really i did.

  34. northerntigress says:

    Do not look directly at the Beagle! I repeat, do not look directly at the Beagle!

    “But, Sarge, he needs my help. I have to go ….”

    Too late, we’ve lost another one.

  35. Smallthunder says:

    Ah, but look at those hedges — they definitely need some work. Shall I get out the topiary scissors and shape one into a kitten, another into a beagle pup …?

  36. They are neither sleepy or sad….;
    They are BORED & HUNGRY!!!
    So they want to be entertained and then fed, in that order;
    (Well, if I’m wrong, then they’ll be happy, anyway….; can’t hurt…..) 😉

  37. Charlotte says:

    Am I the only one who had to look up half the words on here?