Now a Word From Our Sponsor

Unlike traditional dog sweaters, which have to be painfully spot-welded in place by left-handed Norwegian rabbis during the light of a full moon, Snuggie for Dogs can sap your pet of his or her dignity in just seconds!

Suggested by Mischa M., who spotted this at Ross:



  1. I think I’m the most impressed by that thermostat dropping twenty degrees in two seconds…

  2. Snerk!

  3. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    I SAW THAT, TOO! And the red line appears in the picture a split-second after the shot begins. Great special effects, kids! 😉

  4. The expression and the baroo on the dog at 1:11 says it all. He’s got that “are you kidding me with this?!” look on his face. Ha.

    And if you act now, you’ll also receive a complimentary Sham Wow and Slap Chop with your order.

  5. The “baroo?” Shih Tzu could be my Madeleine, complete with the one blue eye! She actually doesn’t seem to mind her outfits (yes, that’s plural …), and I think she would shun the Snuggie Dog as too trailer park and ill-fitting. My excuse for dressing her up is that she’s a therapy dog. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

  6. At first I thought “this has to be a joke” like that other commercial

  7. Oh the power of advertising. I want to get one and I don’t even have a dog.

  8. Notice that it’s a corgi who realizes it’s a joke…

  9. Mamabear says:

    Snuggies frighten me. Enjoy this video parody of one of their commercials!

  10. The dogs can’t read the package, silly. But anyone likely to buy one of these will almost certainly be reading the package aloud to their dog and asking “would you like that? would you? huhhhhhnhhhh?”

  11. the intense punim on the pup at 0:06 is priceless

  12. Hahahahahhahahahahahah!!

  13. Fird Birfle says:

    I rather enjoy the pup from the vid who is lying down and looking as though he/ she feels he/ she never *HAD* any dignity even before the ignomy of the (pink) Snuggie for Dogs….

  14. Has no one heard of Fido Fleeces? They’ve been around for about 15 years. Do I smell lawsuit/theft of intellectual product? :-))

  15. smartyboots says:

    Mmmm hmmm. An ex-boyfriend of mine bought a Snuggie for my boxer one Valentine’s day. She was not amused.

  16. I don’t know about the reading thing. I did once have a chihuahua who could spell – I wouldn’t put reading past her.

  17. walkinge says:

    Hilarious! Though I happen to think the Forever Lazy product is even more ridiculous than the Snuggie. .. Ah, to each their own.

  18. Andi from NC says:

    I just love the word “punim.” I can’t hear or read it without smiling….

  19. Andi from NC says:

    That was absolutely hysterical – thanks for the laugh!!! Time for me to put on my leopard print Snuggie (yes, I really do have one…)

  20. I’m starting to feel sorry for the left-handed rabbi’s, though….whatever will they do?

  21. Ellen W. says:

    That dog has a great look at 1:03 as well. “Yeah, I’m in a snuggie ad. It took an afternoon and I got paid mroe than I make at my day job lap-warming in a week. Who’s giggling now?”

  22. We’re not sure this is a fashion statement we’d be willing to make.
    Bella and DiDi

  23. I like that they come in pink and blue so everyone can know the sex of your dog by teh snuggy he or she wears adn for extra fun you can switch tehm up ROFL!

  24. It’s official. The makers of the Snuggie must be stopped.

  25. While there are many breeds of dogs that can benefit from a sweater or coat (tiny dogs, hairless dogs, greyhounds/whippet types) I don’t think the Golden Retreiever much appreciates his Snuggie. He’s panting, plus it covers up his gorgeous golden coat!

    Plus, I don’t think I’d put my dog in fleece for a walk in the rain. That requires something waterproof.

  26. Lolbradoar Retreevers have two coats;
    the inner one is like they’re wearing long underwear; the outer is like an overcoat, because it’s so dense that the snow and rain don’t easily penetrate…..;
    I wouldn’t appreciate him laughing himself silly and ROFL in hysterics if I attempted to put the Snugglol Blankee on him……. 🙄

  27. I bought one for my toy poodle puppy and she took about 5 seconds to realize she was not going to wear it!!!! then she stood in one place until I took it off. hahaha

  28. oddly enough, I have a little old yorkie thing who won’t tolerate any clothing except for her hideous pink Snuggie (which I picked up at a thrift shop just for laughs, and make her wear only because my house is about 48F for most of the winter). she is most definitely senile though, so that could be why…

  29. flutterbye says:

    What no Snuggie for cats?
    “Introducing new Snuggie.. er… Shreds… for cats…”

  30. does she get crabby if you talk during her shows?

  31. I thought this commercial was not real…so I ordered some for my dogs. This is a picture of me way, way long ago with my two dogs and our matching Snuggies:
    totes snuggly!

  32. and on the couch, where snuggies belong! yay!

  33. I have been seeing that at CVS. My doxies would be out of it real quick.