Totally in their cups!

Check out these owlets (can I get a side of toast and orange juice with mine?).

Pirate Jenny brings our attention to the story and a lot more pictures over at the Daily Mail.


  1. Kari Callin says:

    Okay, for once, an owl in a bowl is NOT worth 2 in their cups! ;)

  2. I’ll take two cappowlcinos to go, please.

  3. FtW!

  4. bob drummond says:

    sounds delicious ! I’ll take two to go !!! Forgive me , OWL take 2 to go !!

  5. One Owl-appacino please… Add two sugar, stir well please.

  6. Oh don’t they look so smug!

  7. I just have to SCREECH! :D

  8. OWL!

  9. Peeps, be sure to click the link and read the whooooole article and see all the adorable pictures of these two owlet morsels!

  10. Seconded, BIG TIME. HOOT!

  11. The Original Jane says:

    Um, and the GUY people? Men of Cute Overload calendar material. Just sayin’

  12. About to say, I think we’ve got another calendar candidate. Say hello to Mr May:

  13. Is he READING TO THE OWLS? *swoon*

  14. I like how there’s one on each knee. Very symmetrical. :D

  15. kibblenibble says:

    Agreed. Between this one and the Scottish lion cub guy, I’m beginning to think I need to spend some more time hanging out at animal preserves (and not just for the Qte animals!)

  16. I’d have named them Statler and Waldorf LOL!

  17. warrior rabbit says:

    Ha! That was totally my thought, too!

  18. Mamabear says:


  19. Starfish says:

    Obligatory: YA RLY!

  20. NO WAI!

  21. 260Oakley says:

    Tea for whoo?
    Some like it hoot?

  22. owl drink to that

  23. The morning before Hungover Owls!
    For the pearl-clutchers amongst us: adult sitches, language, remorse, etc.

  24. FTW! That’s good!

  25. Owl you need is love.

  26. Owls EAT squirrels and other little babies we are known to love – owls
    Look cute but they are as predatory as a raptor. Think of how they tear apart the flesh of our favorite babies as they scream in horror – owls are evil

  27. wuyizidi says:

    This is Cute Overload, not Herbivore Overload, or Autotroph Overload :)

  28. Kevindeuxieme says:

    Whereas it’s well known that all cats are vegetarian :p

  29. And don’t forget the dogs. They’re vegan, last I checked.

  30. The Original Jane says:

    Ohhhhh…MEG or SHARPY – on the Daily Mail link, did either of you see the photo of the GUY who’s fostering these owls?! If the photo of him reading and one owl sitting on each of his knees was posted here on C.O. I guarantee there would be TONS more posts and we would all be talking about putting him on the “Men of Cute Overload” calendar! He looks like the British actor Tom Hardy who was in PBS Masterpiece “Wuthering Heights” and for American audiences, he was in “Inception”.

    Yes, a guy who loves birds can be as cute as one who snuggles with lions!

    Oh, and love the owls too! SO cute!

  31. A pair of… dare I say it… hooters?

  32. Look at my hooters.

  33. Shazaaaam!

  34. If you didn’t dare, I would.

  35. *check cups on kitchen sink*
    *Trudges away disappointedly*

  36. Right there with ya…my tea cups were empty too! :-(

  37. I am afraid and saddened by the pig in the ad. Is it going to be on the website for a long time?

  38. Ahh my friend posted this on my Facebook wall this morning!! (To know me is to know my obsession with owls)

    They’re so round! More animals need to be this round!!

  39. Careful, the beverage you’re about to enjoy may hoot.

  40. ATT Tracylee, did you see the little puffballs’ needle-nosed sighthound pal?

  41. hmstracylee says:


    (*checking Schnozzy’s bed* dang! no babeh owls!)

    (thanks for the heads-up, Th.!)

  42. ThirdShift says:

    Pirate Jenny! What a moniker! :) Love the prosh baby-sitting saluki!

  43. Pirate Jenny says:

    C’est moi :D

    The teacups picture is my new wallpaper.

  44. has nobody wondered what cup size those hooters are?

  45. Fird Birfle says:




  46. Fird Birfle says:

    ***Beeb-beep, beeb-eep*** Incoming Bulletin:

    Upon review, I THINK this pic/ post is a serious contender for Best Pic of 2012.
    No further competishe necessary.

  47. bookmonstercats says:



    Ded yet again for the qteness of the wols.

    And the Man of Cute Overload.

  48. It looks like they were meant to sit in those cups.
    Bella and DiDi

  49. Tater Tot says:

    I’ll bet you’re pretty cute, too. When can we see pictures of you?

  50. Thanks Tater Tot! We’ll get our humans on it.
    Bella and DiDi

  51. I’m going to the kitchen and turn all the mugs and cups sideways, hoping to find a owlet or two next morning.

  52. YES!!!

  53. I still cannot get over the fact that Mr. Qte Surrogate Mama Stud Muffin is taking these bebbehs to work wif him in his LUNCHBOX!!!!
    (How sweet & wunnerfull is that???) :lol:

  54. Alice Shortcake says:

    It’s so sweet and wunnerful I’m going to overlook the fact that he owns “New Moon” on DVD. I’ll just pretend that it belongs to his girlfriend.

  55. But at least he has Fawlty Towers and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.
    Let he whose bookcase and dvd tower be without sin cast the first stone [once again, drops stone and saunters back whistling to my own glass house which also has Cool Runnings]

  56. Yes, but why two copies of the movie Hitch??? Is he trying to say something ladies?

  57. could you people for once understand its nothing wrong with owls in a cup. Its just so cute and thats all. I rest my case.

  58. B. Flamingo says:

    I’ll take 2 cups of owlets to go please

  59. Tater Tot says:

    Is there a rule of cuteness about being round?

  60. Cute! I love the expression of the one on the right.

  61. Susan Glenn says:

    They’re keeping dry so they don’t become Moist Owlettes!

  62. and nothing’s worse than a wet nap.

  63. redwine42 says:

    Is it just me or do those owls have a Disapproving Look? Especially the “mug” on the right. :)


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