THIS JUST IN: Rescued Otter Pup

When residents of Port Heiden, Alaska, found an orphaned otter pup stranded on Meshik Beach, they cared for him overnight until the Alaska Sealife Center could take over. The pup, named Meshik, is now healthy and enjoying formula and clams.

Full story at The Huffington Post.



  1. Ahh, formula and clams, the elixir of the gods! 😀

  2. Fird Birfle says:


  3. This could be the deadliest day in the history of CO. It’s just too moishe for moi!

  4. If you ever go to Alaska, be sure to stop by the ASLC in Seward. It’s an amazing facility, very educational. And they have cuties like this little guy!

  5. cellarmouse says:

    i hope he found a friend to hold his hand…

  6. *otter BURP*

  7. How nice that there is a baby otter spa: soaking pool, massage, and snacks. Not exactly enough to make up for losing your mom, but big thanks to all the staff that took such tender care of this wee one. It’s so great that the pup was rescuted and will have a long life ahead of it.

  8. JenDeyan says:

    Hurray for the people of Port Heiden for the resQTE. And kudos on their epic feat of willpower by calling the Sealife Center and giving this little darling into their care and not keeping him for the snorglicious fun of it all.

  9. Aww Precious Pupp!

    Yay for Rescutes!

  10. Also Have you guys seen this yet… OMG IT made me cry so cute

    A Mamma Whale showing off her baby!

  11. Witnessing a baby otter burp has just been added to my bucket list. (You made it sound *that* appealing, Theresa.)

  12. now how to stop this horrid trend of “brave little guy hold music” soundtracks.

  13. So cute when he does the barrel roll… Kids in pools everywhere know what I am talking about!

  14. Yep. *sniff*

  15. This is my first visit to the Moderation Lounge in ages. I love what you’ve done with the place! And the hor d’oeuvres are exceptionally dee-lish. Could someone please pass me a strawberry margarita?

  16. ::D

  17. Glad the pup is safe!

  18. *Politely, but briskly ushers the ladies into a supply closet and locks the door. Takes their spot on the floor and gets all grabby hands with the pups*

    Thanks for the recent uptake of otter-related posts. I was just thinking, “they otter have more otter posts!”

  19. Everyone involved was just doin’ what they otter! 🙂

  20. Mamabear, I’m gonna tell on you unless you let me in on some of the grabby hands with otter pup action. Oh dear–was that threat too threatening sounding? How about this : may I please, please,please, please play with the baby otter, too?

  21. cellarmouse says:

    i’m pretty sure i might have squawked, too…but those poor whales must have a pretty poor opinion of humans’ singing ability…

  22. Sooooo flooofy! Love the way he kinda crawls onto the comfy quilt!

  23. Sort of an ‘ehn! must get to nap!’
    I’ve so been there.

  24. There’s a speshul plaise in Hebben for Peeps who rescue Wild Animal Bebbehs!!!
    May CC watch over them alwaiys…..!!!! 🙂

  25. Adorable little pup!!! Thanks to all the volunteers who help out animals big and small. You are awesome! 😮

  26. I live in Alaska! Thanks for the shout out!!

  27. Like burps? You’ll love sneezes!

  28. I want to feed him!! I’ll do it every four hours!!! Me! Me! Pick MEEEEE!!!!!

  29. Whirling twirling otter pup…..weeeee

  30. Ali-Baba says:

    I thought that said otter pop at first! 😉 I remember getting those from the ice cream man, complete w/the earworm to end all earworms, “Turkey in the Straw”

  31. I’m seriously surprised that squawking didn’t scare them off. “What’s that horrible dirge?”

  32. Wha… Mom! These are those Strawberry Shortcake sheets that you got at the clearance sale! What happened to my Spiderman ones?

  33. How are they not snorgling that bebeh?!! (suspecting I might not make a good wild animal rescue type…….)

  34. If you think about it it’s not worse than, say, a macaw squawking in the rainforest. But I hear ya, kinda annoying that woman (who could very well be me during such a moment). Oof.

  35. Thank you so much for sharing this! I swear half my enjoyment of CO is discovering what links I’ll find in the comment section. 😀

  36. Yeah I’m also cracking up at the baby comforter. LOL! Someone run to Tar-jay or do you keep a supply in the closet for all the beybuhs? So glad it’s thriving now. Phew.

  37. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    I agree, that was my favorite part (when he slides himself on the baby quilt)

  38. Dr Tuomi, finnish name:D

  39. Ellen W. says:

    A-hem. I believe that should be “is now healthy and enjoying formula, clams, and plans for world domination.” He’s cute enough I’d probably let him. (not to mention I bet he agrees with me regarding off-shore oil drilling!)

  40. Thank you for sharing Meshik’s story for us!

  41. monkeylover2 says:

    u cansee ice every were it gose =3

  42. monkeylover2 says:

    i agree Ellen W.