THIS JUST IN: Beach Behbeh Fur Seals

National Geographic Digital Nomad Andrew Evans adds cuteporting to his resume in the following clip for baby Antarctic fur seals in South Georgia, South Atlantic. Keep your eyes peeled for the unique blonde seal on the beach…

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  1. Awwwwwww!!!!! Ded!

  2. Robin Kiesel says:

    I could drown in those eyes!

  3. Robin Kiesel says:

    HELP!!! I’m in the Mod Lounge and there are no refreshments!

  4. *sends tea and crumpets*….*and a bottle of vino*

  5. Ok did anyone ELSE hear the bit about female seals always being pregnant??!!! Ok I think I have mad mad respect for these ladies.

    I will also like to add I laughed at :21 when the bebeh tried to act fierce.

  6. I’m glad you pointed that out. I was busily wishing I’d come back as a seal. Now I see I need to be more specific: a MALE seal! a MALE seal!

  7. Sasha's Mum says:

    Oh, so very very fierce! I’m a-feared!

  8. JohnnieCanuck says:

    Wiki says male seals live 15 years, compared to 25 for females. Also large males maintain harems of sometimes over 12 females. That leaves the majority of males out of the breeding game more or less completely.

    Perhaps that means you need to be even more specific. Do you chose to be a large male that must constantly fight and win against challengers during the breeding season or a small male that will be defeated repeatedly and may never manage to reproduce?

    Besides, the females aren’t exactly always pregnant. There’s the 4 months of lactation with a very cute pup before the next estrus.

  9. JohnnieCanuck says:

    Mod lounge for me. I must have said something naughty. Is there any tea left?

  10. I’ll tell you what, folks . . . our CO peeps are en fuego today with all of the posts of exceptional cuteness. We’re gonna have a big body count today!! Mobilize the crash carts people!! Call in the extra nurses with squeaky shoes!!!

  11. *is jealous* I’d love to surrounded by bebeh fur seals.

  12. victoreia says:


  13. Is it rude to laugh while a babeh seal practice to look fierce?

  14. Robin Kiesel says:

    Oh, thank you ever so much!

  15. Robin Kiesel says:

    Yes, let me pour you a cup! So nice of you to join me! Emmylee sent the most lovely crumpets! The wine? Whatever do you mean……..

  16. This guy sounds just like the guy on Engineers’ Guide to Cats. Now I have to go and watch those videos again. Seals are adorbs an’ all, but I gotta get me some fluffy action 😉

  17. *poke* Please CO overlords, could you be more clear when referring to places that could have multiple meanings? I had a blonde moment wondering when South Georgia, as in the US state where I live, got seals! lol I am really good with Geography, but even I wasn’t aware that besides the country of Georgia there was a South Georgia somewhere else, too!

  18. Ali-Baba says:

    Nah! I confess I laughed, but that’s because it sounded like he/she was burping & this appealed to my inner 4th grader! 🙂

  19. So fierce, he looked about as hard as a powderpuff falling on top of a marshmellow.

  20. The “fierce” growl reminded me of teeny kittens when they his.

  21. Yeah, I want his job.

  22. vocaldistraction says:

    So very adorable! I wanna go to South Georgia now!! ;O

  23. Kotick!

  24. Ah, that comparison helps. I was getting annoyed that he just sounded so dang bored!

  25. As thers have mentioned the Fierce Growl Slayed me! Oh So fierce!

  26. Fierce, my a*se. Sooooo cute! 😀

  27. South Georgia [tip of S. America] and south Georgia [one of the US states] are both named for their respective sovereigns at the time: George III and George II of England. South Georgia was named by the epic Captain Cook.
    Don’t know who the country of Georgia was named after, but fer shure predates the N&S American Georgies by centuries.