Potent & Deadleh

People, if you read this site with any degree of regularity, you know that Pomeranian puppehs possess the most deadleh potent cuteness content of all animals. The proshness levels are not even measurable by the scientists in our lab – no meter can handle it. So, it is with some trepidayshe and a lot of squealing that I reveal the following three images that you will not be able to handle:

OK, OK, it was four images, not three, but if I had told you about the grid, you might not have been able to get through it. All pup-tastic images via LuxPup.


  1. I was dizzied by the Qte. I nearly swooned.

  2. SusieQute says:

    My heart needed to smile today.

  3. Mamabear says:

    What, the what? None of those are real. I refuse to believe it!

  4. I actually gasped at the first photo what a beautiful goggie.

  5. OMG GIGI Meee Too! And I should be prepared, after all I have been owned by a pomeranian.

  6. I have been owned by one as well, you’re never quite the same after. They are very special doggies :-)

  7. I agree! I don’t know about these teenie teecup mixes which are not really pom’s but a mix…but the old fashioned ones with the foxy faces, the size of a cat, are smart, sassy and saucy. Wonderful bundles of love and energy.

  8. I’m not buying it, this is so beyond and off the cute-o-meter that I personally think these pups have has some “work done”.

  9. Fird Birfle says:


  10. SQUEEEE!!!!!

  11. I’m a cat lover but these cuties coul make me change……..

  12. Fird Birfle says:

    I know, right???

    Tha Meg Knows All.

  13. Poms– yeah, yeah, they look like little puffs of canine cotton candy, but they too hear– the call of the wild!

  14. OMG, the head tilts! They keel meeee….

    And this white pomeranian doesn’t even look real. Must be just a bunch of ‘shopped fluffy pixels.

  15. Dang mod lounge! *shakes a fluffy pomeranian*

  16. warrior rabbit says:

    You, too, eh? Let’s have the last of the Girl Scout Cookies! I’ll get the milk.

  17. hmstracylee says:

    Dang pomeranian! *shakes a fluffy mod lounge*

    (hehe! sorry)

  18. I am both enchanted and horrified by that website… but does anyone have a spare $3,800 so I can get myself one? ;) (kidding… slightly…)

  19. Fird Birfle says:

    *begins humming “Buddy, Can You Spare (a dime)?” in a bluesy minor key ….*

  20. Cutest little fluffballs I’ve ever seen!

  21. Nano's mom says:

    I was doing okay, and then I saw the grid. Now I have to go stare at my compost heap in order to bring the cute-level down to non-lethal levels.

  22. bookmonstercats says:

    There’s Qte in the compost heap, Nano’s mom. At least that’s what I tell myself when something hideous that’s been living in it (like varicoloured spotted slugs) comes slithering out from mine and waves its protuberances at me.

    They’re all God’s creatures *shudder*

  23. Mamabear says:

    Xtra points for protuberance wavin’ slug reference!

  24. Oh.

  25. rescue gal says:

    A website that promotes the sale of genetically engineered puppies at exorbitant prices? C.O. you have hit a new low.

  26. Andi from NC says:

    Personally, I give the folks who frequent this site a little more credit than that – we are just here to enjoy the cute. CO also receives and posts plenty of “Resqute” items. I appreciate what you are saying, but I’m confident no one at CO was looking to promote anything negative.

  27. hmstracylee says:

    that was a very diplomatic response, AfNC! Nip that nuffing in the bud!

  28. rescue gal, thank you for snapping us all back out of our zombie-buy-genetically-engineered-puppies-brainwashed-state. Who knew Cute Overload was so insidiously manipulative!

  29. rescue gal says:

    If you don’t want to hear it from me, you can hear it straight from Sharpy. I just hope it gets through to you.

  30. deep breaths, rescue gal. sharpy presented the info in a manner appropriate for posting. this is a smart bunch. we don’t need our noses rubbed in it, that’s all.

  31. I’ve been sick thanks to gastrothingamajiggies bothering me. I believe that pups one and two are what my doc prescribed, and should accompany me to my CAT scan and gallbladder ultrasound tomorrow.

  32. <3 <3 <3 Gaz

    I hope you feel better soon!!!!!

  33. Shouldn’t you take a kitteh to a CAT scan?

    Seriously, though, I too hope you feel better soon.

  34. Fird Birfle says:

    *applause re “Cat scan” :)

    best wishes to Gaz!!

  35. IMO it looks like a baby seal.

  36. Exactly! Especially photo # 2.

  37. I thought the same thing about #2. I don’t normally like Poms, but those were quite teh qte.

  38. Gasp How can you not like Poms… shudders at the thought… but you do like kitties Yes???? ;)

  39. Oh j’yes indeed. I’m a cat person. I have an affection for dogs, too. But I’m a large/giant breed fan. Wouldn’t trade my lab/Dane mix for nothing… ‘cept maybe a nice Mastiff. ;)

  40. sabrina rose says:

    Must have one of each!

  41. DEAR GOD!!

  42. Fird Birfle says:

    *brings smelling salts*

    *places Fainting Cowsche behind Elle*

  43. warrior rabbit says:

    What did I say that requires moderayshun?! Needle? There was no mention of pre-pickled pickles, etc.! I am puzzled.


  45. Ours is not to reason why, ours is but to eat the treats in the mod lounge !

  46. hmstracylee says:

    oh dear, I’m in as well… sigh…
    pass the cinnamon rolls?

  47. my god, that’s a splendid suggestion! cinnamon rolls, down comforters, and a good movie…. what should it be? Babe?

  48. Baa ram ewe….

  49. hmstracylee says:

    I read that as “what should it be, babe?”
    and I was all, Oh Sharpy, come on now… save that for the guy with the lions…

  50. lol! or i was talking to my husband, sonny!

  51. Please CO, don’t promote the sale of these “teacup” dogs. :( They’ve been either bred by highly unethical standards, starved as puppies or been born premature in order to achieve the small size. They’re extremely fragile and often have a multitude of health problems. Please, please do not promote the business of selling these animals!

    More information on “teacup” puppies: http://www.barktopia.com/teacup.htm

  52. you guys might be right about this one. i did a bit of research and unless you want to pay a lot of money to get deformed and unhealthy dogs shipped from korea, i’d avoid this breeder.

  53. Um.
    As cute as they are, I thought we were against promoting the sale of genetically engineered puppehs? CO, it’s like we hardly knew ye.

  54. I’m just here to look! If I bought everything they showed me, I’d totally be in jail for animal hoarding. Either that, or devoured by wild animals that once made cute babies.

  55. Blue Footed Booby says:

    As long as they’re not engineering for cute at the cost of health, I’m not totally sure why I’m supposed to care.

  56. rescue gal says:

    But they are. :(

  57. that’s exactly what they are, sadly.

  58. Since when is posting a picture of a cute puppy “promoting the sale”??

    Where does it say “Go and buy one of these right now!”??

    It’s just a picture. Of a cute dog.

  59. well, the link DOES give the breeder some valuable inbound traffic.

  60. True, but in this case website visits via this site don’t equate to purchases (at least from this bunch). If anything, it’ll draw attention to it for the opposite result, yes?

  61. well, sort of yes and sort of no. from a web marketing point of view, she gets credit for “hits,” she gets credit for traffic from a reputable and high ranking site like ours AND she can now say “as seen on ….” if she wants. traffic to her site will also give her site an advantage when people search for things like “teacup breeders abuse,” thereby making other sites harder to reach and make it more expensive for them to bid on the search phrase “teacup breeders” and the like.

  62. Agreed. *bows before Sharpy’s marketing knowledge*

  63. Some of those WERE NOT POMS!!

  64. the other jen says:

    i was going to go to work today but now i have to call in ded.

  65. The cuter the puppy, the bigger the poop.

  66. We’re all going to h-e-l-l in a handbasket…. hopefully the basket will be filled with cute puppehs… thanks for the cute pix. :o)

  67. Ok, on the grid. Left side. 2nd from bottom. I CALL DIBS!!

  68. OMG, they do not even look real. I used to live by a Pom and when his owner walked him in the Winter, he wore a red tartan quilted jacket. Pretty much the cutest thing I ever saw.

    I am sending some boxes of Thin Mints (just out of the freezer) to the moderaysh lounge. Enjoy!

  69. ooooh, Thin Mints, my fave! except the box i just ate (i mean, shared) was really un-thin minty. they were most cracker and not much chocolate.

  70. How about some samoas (none of that low-cal healthy caramel de-lites for me *harumph*)?

  71. those are absolutely my new favorites.

  72. hmstracylee says:

    Liar. There’s no such thing as ‘sharing’ Thin Mints.

  73. yuh huh! i had the inner part and i left the wrapper for my honey.

  74. Hehehehehe! I bet he appreciated taht so much!

  75. Fird Birfle says:

    *shakes a cane in mid-air*

    “Now wen I wuz a Gurrrrl Sprout, Thin Mints REALLY WERE thin (perhaps 2 or 4 mm thick at the most) and were spicy/ minty. Times r’ changin’, peeps.
    I bought a box, a coupla yrs ago ……ahn they were nuh moahr as gud…”


  76. *prosecution’s opening statement*
    “this person, Megu, carried out an unthinkable crime. She posted some pics of deadley (cute) animals on her site knowing that would explode beyond repairs the heads of millions of viewers. This is premeditated. Megu’s guilty of first degree mass murder”

  77. Those were not dogs, they were Flooof-balls with eyes.

  78. Fird Birfle says:

    I concur.

  79. I’m with you. The googly eyes and huge bulgy foreheads don’t really do it for me, either. They look so………….. contrived. I guess i like my cute to be a little quirkier.

  80. Chris B. says:

    I always seem to get my poms when they are past the cute fluffy puppy stage. I still melt when my Boomer looks at me with his big brown eyes. He is a black pom that gets into trouble. It is hard to stay mad or keep a straight face when i have to reprimand him.

  81. That is because it is difficult to be mad when your pom is tilting his head grinning from ear to ear and fixing his bright eyes on you.

  82. Victoria, mom to 5 rats says:

    I don’t find these pups cute at all. In fact, with those dome shaped heads and wide set eyes, a few of them seriously look suspicious for hydrocephalus.

  83. Pom stands for Pom Pom

  84. Pomeranians are one of my top favorite dogs. Someday I’m going to get a BIG one, and it’s going to be red and super fluffy and I’m going to name it Fireball!

  85. There is a couple in Sacramento that bread the old fashioned larger ones. THey are reputable breeders. Mine when I had him was named Mischief (of Course) and he was a black and tan sable he was truely beautiful. My grandfather was a breeder. He had the loveliest dogs.

  86. The dad of my Charlie was a big, red sable who was also really fluffy. Live near Ohio?

  87. cellarmouse says:

    happy national puppy day…

  88. cellarmouse says:

    ok, even tho am a bit of a sociophobe, i can usually take the lounge with a stiff drink, but nice as we all are there’s too many people crammed in here…we’re elbow to elbow & i’m feeling really hot…

  89. *Rolls up sleeves, gets out tape measure and saw, and begins working on expansion of Mod Lounge*

  90. Thank you for this post! I love Pomeranians so much I wrote and illustrated a book about one named TumTum- it comes out in May! (you can see the youtube trailer here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LBvVbMpeM38)
    Pomeranians = BEST DOG EVER!

  91. those illustrations are so sweet! and the music is fun, too!

  92. Sooooo adorable…I seriously almost OD’d on the cute. As I am coming back ’round though, I do agree, despite the off-the-richter-scale cute factor, I would never purchase a puppy like this – rescues ONLY. I’ve got a full house now, but I tend to gravitate towards senior pets…they need our love just as much, if not more!

  93. OMG, I just want to put him in my pocket! Cuteness overload indeed! :)

  94. Improshable! Simply improshable!

    Note to editor: Please count this as my 2,467th request for “improshable” to be added to the Cute Overload glossary :)

  95. I showed my kids and my left ear is almost deaf by the sheer volume and high pitch of their “Awwwwwwwww!!”

  96. northerntigress says:

    Sniff Sniff
    Do I detect the scent of NUFF in here?

    Oh well, I’ll have to hold my nose while I enjoy the cute Canadian photos. Yes! Finally Canada throws its hat into the Cuteness ring.

  97. The Original Jane says:

    #1 Arctic Fox

    #2 baby seal

    #3 Groucho Marx?

  98. loribelle says:

    Non, mon cher Inspector, use your leetle gray cells–it is Hercule!

  99. The Original Jane says:

    Ahhhh…how could I forget? Poirot DVD’s got me through a really hard time two winters ago. Gonna have to check some out again!

  100. northerntigress says:

    Okay, my first posting was not only modded, but rejected completely.

    So, in the interest of being less controversial, I’ll just say, “Yay for Canada stepping into the Cuteness Ring.”

  101. These are real?………* MY MIND JUST EXPLODED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *
    OH MY GOD!!!!! THESE ARE SOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!! OMG! OMG! OMG!!! I Love These Puppies!

  102. BemusedWit says:

    What stunning dogs. I miss Teri so much. Poms are the most beautiful doggies. And clever to match.

  103. flutterbye says:

    The first 3 pictures – ok – i could handle it, but just barely.
    But that grid almost killed me.

  104. That was so cute I felt like I almost had a seizure.


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