DIY Beauty

Why pay hundreds of dollars for mani/pedis? Why leave the comforts of your own home? Why make yourself crazy trying to come up with witty banter for the manicurist? Be your own manicutist!

Ant, you’ve done it again!



  1. Frank!

  2. *gasps* i want to nom on that teeny foot too!

  3. skippymom says:

    My cats are always trying to eat their own feet.

  4. It’s one of the benefits of being that flexible.

  5. skippymom says:

    Sometimes I have to get in on the action because their feets are so nommable.

  6. 260Oakley says:

    Mmm, sole food. Looks like toe-jambalaya to me.

  7. If you are flexible enough what a good idea. This guy looks like he is boneless. We trim our own nails too but have to go to the beauty shop to get our hair done. Sometimes you need help to look good.
    Bella and DiDi

  8. Well, opposable thumbs help too.

  9. That’s one of the benefits of being owned by a flexible cat. 🙂

  10. Wizard of Oz reference in the the hovertext FTW!

  11. Ohhh, what is this? I cannot see a single picture on CO anymore (safari, ipad) Help…. I will surely die if this continues. Has someone out there the same problem?

  12. 😆

  13. I haven’t been that flexible in half a century!

  14. bob drummond says:

    I hear ya , GIGI , I hear ya !

  15. victoreia says:


  16. Mmm….toe-cheese.

  17. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    How can you not love rats? Just look at that beautiful little face and those tiny fingers and toe-sies. I do love me some rat!

  18. Plus THAT’s a mouse of a different color!

  19. Victoria, mom to 5 rats says:

    Seriously. And there is NOTHING cuter than a baby rat this age. ‘Cept maybe a pile of baby rats this age.

    Sigh. I’m feeling a case of GGMR coming on. Must. Resist. More. Rats.

  20. I can’t see the hover texts on my tablet thing 😦

  21. I like the “So what? Can’t you reach your toes?” look on yogi rat’s face

    And the thumb-sucking-action of its bro below him

    And… just… d’aaaaaawwwwwwww

  22. loribelle says:

    Could you dye my eyes to match my gown?

  23. I don’t know what that is but that is the most adorable, shiniest fur I’ve ever seen.

  24. I had a rat who used to nibble her nails to give them a trim. I think she did it because she used to have a good old dig around in her ears sometimes.

  25. Oh, I want me some ratties! There are lots that need adopting in our nearby animal shelter, but my boyfriend says we can’t have rats at the same time as owning a cat…

    Will have to look at this littl’un and his toes instead!

  26. Alice Shortcake says:

    I too have been dreadfully tempted to nom my cat’s feet. Then I remember that those adorable little toes have just been excavating in the litter tray.

  27. … babbles unintelligibly and kisses computer screen … (spelling matches babbling I assume)

  28. Mysteriously, they actually grow cuter with age, although they are never as cute as when they are babies. It’s an enigma, really

    *kissing me some rats*

  29. Victoria, mom to 5 rats says:

    I’ve been keeping rat for 12 years and have had cats my entire life. I’ve never had a problem. Is there not somewhere inaccessible to kitties that you can put the rats?

  30. Fird Birfle says:

    PAY for nail-grooming???
    People actually DO THAT???

    (Jus’ kiddin’…)

    Where can I buy a lottery ticket??

  31. Of course, the money I saved on mani/pedicutes, I’d spend later on the chiropractor to straighten my spine back out…

  32. Too true, AuntieBellum, too twistedly true! 😉

  33. SoCrates says:

    Ahhh….a fellow connoisseur of toe beans!