Spring Sproinging

In honor of today, the first day of spring, here are some sproinging lambs:

OK we’re done [rest, rest, rest]

Single sproinger by Matt Sutts. Group of spoingers by Beenbrun. And another by J. Le Grand Resting lambs by Disco Taz 71. Spring Equinox hoverfacts via Wikipedia.



  1. sproing ! Sproing ! SPROING !!!
    (waiting for the shoe burning festival)

  2. Spring! Sproing! Boing! Whew!

    A little breather, then I’m off to burn my socks!

  3. This is too much cuteness we can’t speak. No other comment.
    Bella and DiDi

  4. Enough room on the fire for my socks, too?

    Great photos–I love baby lambikins!

  5. I generally have sproinging and zooming kittehs the first few times I open my windows to Spring and fresh air and new smells… always makes me smile…

  6. Well I didn’t join the bra burning movement (didn’t wear one) but I sure could go for the burning of the socks especially with the summer like temperature we are getting this week, it sandals wearing weather!

    Spring? What spring? It’s summer out there!

  7. skippymom says:

    I just set my desktop wallpaper to that picture of sheep spelling out the word SPRING on a hillside. You guys know the one I mean?

  8. Dere is one! One sproinging lamb!
    Two! Two sproinging lambs!
    And tree! Tree sproining lambs!
    Ah! Ah! Ah!
    And, oh, four! Four sproinging lambs!
    Five! Counting fivechrrrrrr….

  9. I have posted this before but it is my most favoritest musicale number from Bobby Lamb..er I mean Bobby Van…

    Watch for doggeh hopping in on the fun at 2:00

  10. They look like they got caught in the crossfire during a paintball fight. I wonder what the different colors mean, I thought they used them just to show which ones had been vaccinated. I wonder if they’re to show gender or something.

    Also, are lambs really this clean and white? They look like a laundry detergent ad.

  11. Try to say that really fast: Spring Sproinging–Spring Sproinging–Spring Sproinging–Spring Sproinging–Spring Sproinging–Spring Sproinging–Spring Sproinging–Spring Sproinging–Spring Sproinging!! [Phew]

  12. Could it be this one?:
    I love Google image search!

  13. skippymom says:

    That’s the one! I love it!

  14. Yay Spring! 80 degrees in Ontario in the middle of March, yes please!

  15. Mamabear says:

    Such loverly flying bebe sheep.

  16. Martha in Washington says:

    Spring has NOT sproinged yet here in Washington but this definitely gives me hope!

  17. I know, right ? ! Did you enjoy the snow we got last Sunday ?

  18. victoreia says:

    *snicker* Hello, Count!

  19. cellarmouse says:

    dear heaven…that man hopped for more than 2 minutes…right?…i tried not to blink or look away but i can’t be sure…and i never even heard of bobby van…

    good for you, saffron…

  20. Martha in Washington says:

    All you sock-burners are making my feet cold! Brrrrr!

  21. Martha in Washington says:

    Fortunately no. I was in Las Vegas on Sunday. 😈

  22. Martha in Washington says:

    Meant as a reply to Mudbug’s inquiry. 😳

  23. Mary (the first) says:

    Yeah, they don’t know it’s still snowing here sometimes! Brrrr is right!

  24. Mary (the first) says:

    Yes, and the video showing the dog rounding them up into that configuration! omg. Can anyone find that too?
    Helpless at searching the Internets for good stuff

  25. Mary (the first) says:

    No! I, being also in Washington, did not enjoy the snow!

  26. There were actually three cuts in that sequence; one is pretty obvious, but the other two are easy to miss.

    Cute though. 🙂

  27. Well, warm them by the sock-bonfire, silly!

  28. I just watched the video 2 more times trying to see the 3 “cats” you mentioned. 🙂

    Can you say k-n-u-c-k-l-e-h-e-a-d?

  29. I just wanna know “WHERE’S BEA?!”

  30. Usually the colors mark quite a few things.
    1) Whether or not they are going to neuter the male lambs.
    2) Whether the lamb has the correct coloring for the type of wool they are producing.
    3) Whether they are vaccinated or not, and
    4) Whether they are a boy or a girl.

    I wonder wither the word whether is spelled correctly… no red squiggly line of doom.

  31. Aaaaaand here come the mosquitoes!!! 😛

  32. Interestingly, if you’d spelled it without the “h” (i.e. “wether”), it would have meant “a ram.” I learned this in high school when I kept writing “wether” instead of “whether.”

  33. noellesbootcutkittenpants says:

    In Texas we never even got a winter. Sad face. This means that the bugs never d-i-e-d off and summer is going to be yucky.

    Cute lambs, though!

  34. Fird Birfle says:

  35. Anyone know the biology why they are so sproingy? I am curious if its some crazy baby thing or a defense thing. Either way my fav is still the lamby-kins on the bed EXTRA sproingy!

  36. More hover sheep. I love that last pic of the adorable sproing’ed out lambs.

  37. SusieQute says:

    Springing and sproinging and zooming and prancing cutenesses are missing from my house– no one likes them but me. So good of others to share with us less fortunate.