Sloth It To Me, Baby

We’re hangin’ out at the hippie shack today. Topsy-turvy groovy sloth giving you the peace sign, man.

Josh N., who should be an offishe Cuteporter, is at the Sloth Sanctuary RIGHT NOW and sent in this awesome shot! He also says he is taking requests if there is a certain sloth you want to see! Far out, Josh, far out.



  1. Josh! I want to see the twins in their PJs! And is there any chance of some video??

    Agh…so JEALOUS!

  2. sabrina rose says:

    Me too! Baby sloths dressed up! Or hangin’ out with theirfriends! Or playing – do they play??

  3. Oh YES please the twins!! How are they doing? Is the fur starting to grow back?

    P.S. I am GREEN with ENVY!!

  4. I didn’t know that sloths could look disapproving

  5. I need to see the twins in their onesies! And Buttercup too!!

  6. very slowly

  7. Great shot! I feel like I could reach out and grab that paw (although the claws make me feel like it might not be a good idea).

  8. Sock it to me !
    (choochi – choochi )

  9. OOO You lucky lucky guy! I wanna gooooo!
    Get video of the adorable teeny baby 3-toed sloth making it’s adorable squeak sound!!
    SQUEEEE I’m melting just thinking about it!

  10. This is dating me but you’re right, this does remind me those ubiquous posters in the 70’s with the arm outstretched and sidemen glowering to the side.

  11. skippymom says:

    Arrrggghhh!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t stick those claws in my nose!!!!!!!!!!11

  12. I want to see all of them.

    Does that sound greedy?

  13. I wanna see wee slothies getting their baths and being hung up to drip-dry!

  14. Kari Callin says:

    “DUUUUDE! That was AWESOME! High 2 baby, high 2!”

  15. skippymom says:

    high 2 hahahahahahaha

  16. We adopted Wall-E — can we see a pic of him please?

  17. Here’s one of the babies –

    I will look into the twins in the onesies 🙂

  18. Josh, could you just hug a sloth for me? They look like they give world-class hugs. Otherwise, any and all sloth pics duly “awwed” over and adored. Thanks for sharing!!!

  19. AH I am so jealous of Josh! How are Violet and Sebasitan?

  20. ooh so jealous – what about some Sloth Tocks? Or at least sloth tummies!

  21. OMG puh-leeease try to get a shot of Randy somewhere up the trees! You know he still likes to hang out close to day ladieeeezzz… 🙂

  22. hmstracylee says:

    oh man… Can I nom-nom-nominate Josh for the Men of CO Calendar? Mr. March, maybe?

    he’s pretty freakin awesome and gets to hang out with bebeh sloths!!

  23. cellarmouse says:

    oh!…the little ones who got buttered with lard and sulfur…

  24. Here’s a hug shot –

    We have to take the babies out each morning and give them some cuddle time and some play time. This shot in particular was on a day where it rained, so they were cold. We had to hold onto them as tight as we could, draped in blankets, to get them warm again. It was awesome!

  25. D’AWWWWWW HE? SHE? SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Are you allowed to touch them? cuddle them? SO JELLY!!


  27. Cynthia McLendon says:

    Hug all teh sloths for me!! 🙂

  28. Alice Shortcake says:

    I’m sure I read somewhere that poor little Sebastian Sloth didn’t pull through but his sister did.

    I’d love to be corrected, though!

  29. mateo please. also wall-e and lela.

  30. Yes – thank you! Please give a sloth a hug for me too. I just love them soooo much!

  31. Please give the slothlettes lots and lots of hugs and kisses from me.

    I have never been so envious of anyone in my entire life, Josh. I am positively green!

  32. and it looks like his hair replacement stays put, even in the rain!

  33. Killer Klown says:

    Come with me if you want to…


  34. One Skunk Todd says:

    No time to explain, get in the tree!

  35. Oh my goodness. That is the best photo!!! That sloth looks so happy being all snuggled up to you 😀

  36. bob drummond says:

    I ‘ll take sloths anyway you give ’em 2 me !!!
    Keep ’em coming !!!

  37. You look like you got something in your nose there. Let me help you…

  38. Randy is here – sadly he fell out of a tree and hurt his arm very badly, so he’s currently recuperating.

  39. Here is wall-e and Lela – will post Mateo later!

  40. Sadly neither of them made it 😦 They were born under very difficult circumstances to a mother that really didn’t know how to be a mommy to them. The staff here did everything they could but in the end the deck was stacked so far against those two little cuties that they were not able to overcome it. It’s very sad to say the least.

  41. Very nice of you to say, thanks!

  42. smallthunder says:

    I second that nomination!

    (Actually, I was going to propose it — but I’ll settle for second.)

  43. Kari Callin says:


  44. Kari Callin says:

    A big C.O. THANK YOU to Josh for sharing his slothy adventure with all of us here! Next best thing to being there! Thanks again! 😀

  45. 2toedsloth says:

    Buttercup obviously!

  46. You are all super kind.

  47. Thanks Kari. It’s my pleasure!!

  48. Aaaaagh! The belly buttoooonz! So cute!

  49. Fourths! I want to see him and a sloth in matching caps!

  50. Would love to see a guest post from Josh with info on what it’s like to visit the Sloth Sanctuary, how difficult/easy it is to get there, etc. etc. An insider perspective.

  51. thanks. it was nice to see how big they’ve gotten. i was at aviarios almost two years ago. i’d love to see pics of mateo and athena if you’ve got any. thanks again.