So that’s what a behbeh Cheetah sounds like!

According to the video owner Ben, “This cheetah kitten named Nala was in Namibia Africa when I was visiting some friends of mine this past summer. Her mother was killed by a car, so my friends kindly took care of her. She was well fed and had 44,000 acres to roam around in and be safe. Enjoy!”

Super Mew-tastic find, Ant.



  1. The liquid eyes have captured my very soul. Not to mention the tiny ferocious leetle squeeks!

  2. phred's mom says:

    did you see the black lashes on those eyes? there goes my day…I
    have puddled right here and can’t move.

  3. Fird Bifrle says:

    YAY for tiny ferocious leetle squeeks!!!!

  4. Doglover says:

    Why is she tied up so tight?

  5. SlaveToCat says:

    Sneaks into house, removes leash from kitty, ties human’s shoe laces to the table, and runs out the door with kitty.

  6. This animal does not look well taken care of.

  7. Murkle46 says:

    Poor kitty

  8. Sigh, the invasion of the nuffers already, despite the header that the puir wee orphan is alive, well-fed, skritched, and now roams acres.
    But indeed, love the eyes, lashes and whip-bird like squeaky merrows would not be believable from a soft toy. Who knew!

  9. She sounds more like a bird than a cat 😆

    It’s very kind of those people to take in this little girl after her mother was killed but I think she should be under the care of experts that could maybe release her back into the wild when she is grown. As cute as they are as babies, wild animals should not be kept as pets.

  10. Those squeaks are actually hiccups caused by devouring too many souls. Fact.

  11. i_wuvs_puttins says:

    Well, I survived it but thank GAWD it was a meow and not a sneeze…could you imagine how lethal that would have been? Yes, those eyes…

  12. Add mine to the pile-up.

  13. Mine too… 🙂

    Ferocious squeeks says “I am the boss of all of you!!”

  14. Cat Lover says:

    She looks very scared. Poor kitty.

  15. She wants her mama. ((wipes away tear))

  16. Jackie Rose says:

    I’m telling myself that she’s only tied up to keep her in one place long enough to make the video. (I hope I’m not fibbing to myself.)

  17. Alexandra Noel says:

    Off topic. but that sounds like ‘Castle’ in the background ^_^ and yoaw. The baby cheetah is named Nala. of course 🙂 fan of the Lion King are we?

  18. I’m sitting outside with the get a way car ready to fly.

  19. me too.

  20. There were some plink plink moments in that video, and I swear she’s actually a cheeteah-bird hybrid.

  21. Mary (the first) says:

    I’ll keep watch at the back door.

  22. Mary (the first) says:

    Me three.

  23. I wonder what she looks like now? That video was taken in 2010 and not by the people caring for the cheetah. SInce she has 44,000 acres to roam in, according to the information, I wonder if the caretakers can even find her now?

    Such a pretty little girl.

  24. x2.

    If they had recently rescued her here sshe’s too young to take care of herself – but old enough to have become a wild animal and be wary of humans and that’s why she seems nervous. She’s not a tiny baby, like this little dude (notice difference in power of squeakage!):

  25. Fird Birfle says:

    And she surely IS 🙂

  26. gryt: i think you stumbled upon one of the most excellent candidates for the Cute Overload Men calendar. Hokey-smokes!!!

  27. I second that nomination!!! And those little chirp/squeeks just KEELED me! *thud*

  28. what a sweetheart!!! I love the thousands of acres for this baby to call home. Glad it’s not in someone’s home where it will grow too big and then be stuck in a cage on a rescue facility. Live free, little cheetah!!!!

  29. Absolutely. I hope the humans contact their nearest wildlife preserve or whomever, and get this baby into the correct atmosphere. He’s cute now, but he is a wild animal, and will soon start to behave like one.

  30. Is she purring? I thought I heard something that sounded like purrs, but I don’t know if cheetahs actually purr.

  31. *answers own question* Apparently they do, since one of the ‘related video’ links features a purring cheetah.

  32. The eyelashes! OMG. Such a beautiful face.

  33. He is the cover dude for sure!!!!

  34. OMgosh, peeps, that reminds me… Jamil or his double came through my register the other day… remember him, the one who started the Men Of CO Calendar!!

  35. Actually, experts have a hard time getting rescued cheetahs, even adults, fit to be released into the wild. Apparently they acclimate to humans unusually well so by the time an adult with a broken leg is healthy it’s become almost a giant house cat. In any case, I’m sure the people who ran across this adorable little orphan are doing whatever they can to make sure he grows up happy and healthy.

  36. AWW 😀 I am glad to know that this little Cheetah is ok 😀

  37. Yes! Puddled here as well.

  38. My thoughts exactly.

  39. Exactly! She needs to be rehabilitated so she can return to the wild where she is intended to be.

  40. Love the eyelashes and the tiny squeaks!

  41. Those eyelashes are to die for!

  42. smallthunder says:

    Speaking of the Men of CO — did anybody read the comments underneath the video on YouTube? Even men aren’t immune to the awesome “aw-puddle-kins” power of babe cheetahs … one chap wrote: “i punched a wall to get my manhood back.”

    Love it!

  43. Sasha's Mum says:

    *swoon* I nominate him too for our “Men of” calendar — doesn’t even matter what he looks like!

  44. “grrrWHEEK!!” ROFLmeow! =^..^=

  45. furbabies says:

    Gorgeous baby! That sweet face, those melted chocolate eyes, the lashes! My goodness – WANT! PLEASE?

  46. megamissystar says:

    EEEEE those eyelashes you’re killing MEEEEEE

  47. I’m not buying into this story… A cheetah hit by a car? hmmmm…

  48. Sounds like a theremin

  49. I wouldnt mind having a giant house cat at all! 😀

  50. it was a furrari.

  51. Ha! That would be the one & only car capable of hitting a cheetah!

  52. Ruffian9 says:

    Every time she mewed/squeaked, this came out of me: “EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” Like a deep, gut-level reaction – Not a thing I could do about it. Love love love cheetahs. I remember doing projects on them in grade school, they were always the answer to “What’s your favorite animal?”

  53. Ruffian9 says:

    Ok, I’m ded. Lovely man, bebeh cheetah. My life is complete.

  54. Megamissystar says:

    You’ve read “The Faerie Queen”?