Bunday Overload

The lickage! It’s out of control!

But it is Bunday, so I guess it’s expected.

Jamie A. wanted to share this with the “cute-munity”



  1. sometrees says:

    imagine the static!

  2. Oh my, bun-yawn for the win!

    Besides, we gotta wash up before bed, right?

  3. Oh I am soooo in love! And I am sorely tempted to plant a big smooch on the sweet little pink bunny lips on the cutie on the right. And the yawn! Sigh. There are few things cuter than baby bunnies.

  4. SoCrates says:

    OMGosh….the yawn and nosie wiggle at :29!

  5. Licking always leads to biting.

  6. I feel an uncontrollable urge to lick something…quick! Get me an ice cream cone!

  7. 6rabbits says:

    *head ‘sploshun–sparkles everywhere*

  8. OMG. The floof! The nose wiggle….the leeeecks! AHHHHHH! *melts*

  9. There’s always one giver and one taker in every relationship-: )

  10. Is the bunny on the right named Samantha?
    Because that wiggling nose has “Bewitched” me.

  11. My cat, Cipher, has the part of the licker down cold. She practices every night between 3 and 4 o’clock using my head since we have no bunnies.

  12. There’s about ten children’s books in that little video. That much cuteness can’t be contained in just one comment o blog entry.

  13. Do you SEE the leetle trembly feets on Lefty at 0:28?!

  14. Is it wrong if I pronounce lickage so that it rhymes with fromage?

  15. Heart-shaped nose!! ❤

  16. Alice Shortcake says:

    Self-cleaning bunny slippers!

  17. I’ve seen the clip here before, but if it were up to me, you could post it everyday!

  18. Andi from NC says:

    with ya’ (the leetle teeth kill me!!)

  19. Lil’ bun can’t hold its licker.

  20. phred's mom says:

    don’t know if I can take much more cuteosity! I have dissolved again and
    am about to lose another day to mooshiness.

  21. doomchild says:

    *another head pops, leaving behind a trail of silvery sparkles*

  22. Mamabear says:

    I see what you did there. 😀

  23. Leeeeeek. Leeek leeek. Leeek leekleekleek NOM leeek.

    Are we certain the one on the right is a bun? I mean, all I see is a nose & mouf. Does it have eyes??? 🙂

  24. Me too! 🙂
    Someone call my boss and let me know I will not be working today since that yawnage made me DED.

  25. My bunny would never be so relaxed on her back as to YAWN!

  26. Oops… let ‘him’ know… 😛

  27. Yes, it is more than that – this is lee-kaw-shAYE

  28. Michelle says:

    I cannot imagine getting either one of my bunnies on their back for such cuteness.

    Oh and………..FEETS!!!!!

  29. 🙂
    Mom, did you buy us at the licker store?

  30. Dear god he’s cute. Did she really need to use a script to make that video though?

  31. Dangit, it posted my last comment on the wrong video because of Youtube’s programming. That comment was intended for the video with Sunday the Holland Lop Rabbit.

  32. FinnMacCool says:

    Part of Speech: noun
    Definition: see above.

  33. I can’t Handle the Cute! head explodes leaving only a poof of rainbow glitter.

  34. I want to know how the person holding the bunnies has not fallen over ded from touching all that cuteness!

  35. The yawning slays me, but the noisicle twitching just finishes me off.

  36. Obviously teh Cute has scrambled your brains… You definately need a day off.

  37. anyone for a rousing chorus of “bun bun bunny bun”?

  38. 6rabbits says:

    Yes!!! 😆