Things to do on St. Patrick’s Day

1. Wear something green.

2. Have a few beers.

And if you can manage both at the same time, you are officially awesome.

Hilarious face by i eated a cookie.



  1. Beer Maru.

  2. it looks like kitty drank all the beer! 😦

  3. HRH QueenCat says:

    doesn’t matter if it’s St.Paddy’s Day or just another day, give a kitteh a box and you get instant satisfaction 2 ways – the kitteh blissfully playing & you enjoying its antics;

    this kitteh looks like it may have scoffed a few – luv its expressive wee face 🙂

  4. Cutejunkie says:

    Love it, looks like that cute Japanese cat bank that steals your coins 🙂

  5. Mary (the first) says:

    That kitteh is rockin’ and rollin’!!

  6. Queen of Dork says:

    I LOVE this picture! This cat is all, “Yaaaaarrrrrrrghhhh! I shall burst from this box and HAVOC Is. My. Name.” And then I love the dainty paw in the top of the frame which suggests feline back up is not far behind.

  7. Fird Birfle says:

    ALSO please note
    the (c. Theresa) proverbial “wack-a-doodle eyes” 😯

  8. Is this the kitty equivalent of waking up the next day in a bathroom somewhere?

  9. Dewd, you are cut-off.

    Seriously though, such a fun, gleeful face! Love it.

  10. Queen of Dork says:

    Yes! Noted! 🙂

  11. Queen of Dork says:

    I am SO sorry for this off topic outburst but I live in the desert and right now at this moment:


    *runs outside to feel the rain*

  12. Yup.

  13. Queenie! PUT SOME CLOTHES ON!!! 😛

  14. This pic is amazingly accurate. If you look at footage of the St Patrick’s Day in New York, you see that “BLAARRGH!” face everywhere. 😛

  15. Queenie, click the link above that says “Hilarious Face,” you can see the uncropped version of the pic, and the stripey cutie attached to the paw.

  16. BEERUUUUUUUUU :mrgreen:

  17. This looks remarkably like Bucky Katt.

  18. Bwa ha ha! All he needs is a mono-fang.

  19. Mamabear says:

    Queen, you took some of the words right outta my mouth. I didn’t even notice the back-up paw.

    I formally submit that Theresa’s “Wack-a-doodle eyes” term oughtta be in the CO dictionary. I LOVE it.

  20. Who knew cats came in beer boxes?
    Bella and DiDi

  21. HRH QueenCat says:

    just like the drummer from Fleetwood Mac when he was “happy”;

    he had roll-a doodle eyes

  22. 😆 That cat looks like he/she is making sure his/her owner does not consume too much alcohol on St. Patrick’s Day 😆

  23. A cat in a box, that’s preposterous! 😀