The Eternal Struggle of Red Panda vs. Pumpkin

In the harsh violence of nature’s realm, survival is often a matter of protection and patience. Here, we see the wily pumpkin deploy its tough shell to outlast the red panda’s brutal attack, while also emitting a faint odor that confuses the agressor, causing it to stumble helplessly in the snow until the dinner chime rings.



  1. cellarmouse says:

    thanks nomtom, red pandas are the best…and awful shy…

  2. The pumpkin seems to have the same effect on the red panda as catnip has on my cats.

  3. 260Oakley says:

    Kung Food fail

  4. Could we make this an Winter Olympic sport? It’s much more fun to watch than curling…

  5. Curse you, pumpkin […back flip…summersault…]

    We meet […pounce…] again!

    This time […double salchow…false charge..sit spin], I shall be […layback spin…] be victorious! […curly ground spin…nyuk..nyuk..nyuk..]

  6. I was just thinking that it seems red pandas are related to cats, or are even half cat.

  7. What IS it with RED PANDAS and their HEADBONKS!??? 😯

  8. The Red Panda! It is the People’s Panda!

  9. He’s so tumbly! I love his happy somersaults and roly-poly wiggling. Cute.

  10. victoreia says:


  11. Red pandas, like all pandas, are closely related to raccoons…just look at the tail! Sooo cute!

  12. How. Thick. Does that fur look? 😮

  13. That’s a truly wiley pumpkin. Gotta watch out for those.

  14. “These red pandas are cute because all pandas have a conscious discipline; they have come together and they play with pumpkins not for the private interests of a few individuals or a narrow clique, but for the enjoyment of the broad masses and of whole nations. The sole purpose of these pandas is to stand firmly with the people and to serve them wholeheartedly.”

    — Chairman Meow, The Little Red Panda Book

  15. Okay. As long as we don’t have to send the Giant Pandas to the countryside for re-programming.

  16. Robin Kiesel says:


  17. ‘Curly ground spin’ FTW!
    I fall down: woo wooo woo wooo woo!

  18. “Chairman Meow” *snerk*

  19. Guys, did you ever see on Maru’s site, when Maru’s person gives him a Japanese herb called “silvervine”? It has a catnip-like effect. Maru’s person calls it “The Powder of Fascination.” 😆

  20. Those funky panda cubs, down in funky Pandatown . . . 😛

  21. Let a thousand pandas bloom.

  22. For me, it seems like he has deactivated his anti-somersault muscles.

  23. As long as there are dedicated zoologists prancing around in panda masks, waving bamboo fronds at bored, captive-raised giant pandas, I don’t think we need to worry about re-education camps.If anyone’s getting re-educated, it’s the zoologists learning to act like giant pandas.

    Quit cutting down the bamboo forests for strip malls, highways, and farms, and the giant pandas will take care of themselves.

  24. Clearly Master Pumpkin has mastered the ultimate technique – the no-touch throw.

  25. Maru’s person always has a such an amusing way with words… Love eet!

  26. Very cat-like antics! Can’t stop laughing – too cute for words!

  27. Alice Shortcake says:

    You certainly have – their ventriloquism skills are unique in the vegetable kingdom. Did anyone notice the moment at 0.25 when the pumpkin tried to confuse the panda by imitating a duck?

  28. Oh most definitely! That panda was playing just like a kitten. 🙂

  29. A lost scene from Paw Wars: The Pumpkin Menace

  30. I heard that too! Pumpkins are so dastardly!!

  31. In swedish you sometimes call the red panda cat bear (kattbjörn). And you would call his actions with the pumpkin “kullerbytta”

  32. Red Panda mission: remove head, replace with pumpkin.

  33. Chris B. says:

    That is what my dogs are like when we get our first big snow, just no pumpkin to play with. They run and jump and wiggle. One of my dogs does the same thing right after i mow my lawn. He has a fetish for fresh cut grass.

  34. I want a cat/bear/racoon!!!

  35. ashagato says:


  36. And cruel! The way it just sits there and TAUNTS that cute little red panda. Completely uncalled for . . . even if it does elicit copious amounts of total redonkulousness.

  37. Oh my gourd, that is cute!

  38. Silly pan-pan reminds me of dis guy:

  39. Yes!

  40. Cat in an extra wooly suit? For extra cute effects? It works for me.

  41. Most excellent captioning Gizmo. 😀

  42. i had pumpkin butter with breakfast

    so i can totally relate

    to my friend the fuzzy red quadruped

  43. btw, did anyone else get the urge to go “doo-dah, doo-dah” after the announcement?

  44. * golf clap *

  45. smallthunder says:

    This video is too funny!

    And don’t you just love that, unlike the red panda and his incredible powers of laser-focused attention, this kitten — like all cats — has his moments of:

    What is it?! Got to kill it! Kill! Kill! Kill! Hey, what’s that piece of lint doing there? Maybe I should just — wait! Those Green Things! Kill! Kill! Kill! And — woops, got to clean that paw there. Where was I? Oh, yes – Kill! Kill! Kill!

    The red panda may be “cat-like,” be he is lacking this certain je ne sais quoi …

  46. Based on mutual sproinginess and head-bounciness, I say red pandas are closely related to TIggers.

  47. Very insightful. This little guy certainly behaves like a cat.

  48. wuyizidi says:

    “… and in this corner of our top-secret winter training facility, we can see Agent Bear-Cat enthusiastically preparing for this inevitable showdown with his opposite number – the Capitalist’s Running Dog.”

  49. Panda tussling.

  50. The Mandarin word for panda means bear cat.

  51. 6rabbits says:

    Ha! 🙂