If it Don’t Fit, Don’t Faucet

Well, if the fink sits…

Emma S., does Zigzag go with the flow?


  1. cellarmouse says:

    fits and matches…nice…

  2. Uh, we have an invisible kitty in an invisible sink, at least that’s the way it looks in my world . . .

  3. OK, of course, once I submit this comment, the kitty appears – it’s magic! And color coordinated!

  4. I got the invisible ones. Where, oh where is the floof?

  5. Yay! it worked!

  6. Ohhh, what a handsome kitty! Creamsicle floofy goodness.

  7. My thoughts exactly, Noelegy, although you put it much more eloquently than I did in my head.

    Zigzag is a great name for this handsome cat!

  8. Granny K says:

    I guess if you don’t want your cat in your sink, you shouldn’t have a cat-shaped sink!

  9. That would rule out having a sink at all, since cats can fit into anything! :)

  10. smallthunder says:

    But of course!

  11. Well, yeah.

  12. It’s so fluffy I’m gonna die! D:

  13. Fird Birfle says:

    — Ditto

  14. If the sink don’t fit, you must acquit.

  15. Ha ha–good one!

  16. So since he does fit, we find him guilty of being criminally cute!

  17. More Cats in Sinks: http://catsinsinks.com/

  18. mindadale says:

    hehehe. :)

  19. Kristine G says:

    What a gorgeous cat!

  20. mindadale says:

    This led me to google image search “cats in sinks”. Glad I did. You should, too. Go, now. Google!

  21. metsakins says:

    show me another cat in sink…

  22. Now I’m wondering if this was shot in the Northern or Southern hemisphere and if the cat’s facing the correct direction. You can’t fight the Coriolis Effect!

    Well, the Simpsons did it, but they do everything don’t they?

  23. Golf clap! *clap clap clap clap*

  24. Years ago. :D

  25. Oh my gosh. So gorgeous and perfect!

  26. skippymom says:

    That kitty is the same color as Skippy and wears the same serene expression he does. Maybe they are cousins.

  27. Emmberrann says:

    Welllll, if you sink about it for a while, the kitteh is too poifect. Oh, and by the way, has the Teho seen this? He really should…..

  28. So I have never had a sink cat ever. I feel cheated.

  29. 260Oakley says:

    So have you tied running water in your sink? At my house, if you fill it, they will come.

  30. skippymom says:

    How do you tie running water? I don’t think I have the skills to do that.
    (slaps self) Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

  31. 260Oakley says:

    You got me, SM. I’m obviously all washed up.

  32. skippymom says:

    What’s that? (hunched over sink, desperately trying to make a knot in the stream of water)

  33. Uh-oh Oakley. Perhaps your reign as Master of Puns on Cuteoverload is going down the drain.

  34. Fird Birfle says:

    *attempting to visualize sk’mom hunched over sink, knotting the water*

    *FAILS to visualize*

    *schedules therapy / counseling appt*

  35. skippymom says:

    Firdie, is the appointment for you or for me, or are we going together?

  36. Fird Birfle says:

    You go in on first, skippymom.
    I’ll have some manicotti at the lunch counter :)

  37. mindadale says:

    My first kitty hated anything related to water. Only went in the bathroom at all when my sister was home alone during a tornado warning and sat the bathtub with her!

    Current kitty is too old to jump up onto anything as high as a counter (she’s find on/off the couch, but I think that’s just about her limit). We like it that way. Kitty doesn’t need to know she can get that close to food and/or our toothbrushes. Love my cat, but I’m okay with some areas being kitty-free!

    I love seeing other people’s cats in sinks, though! Too funny.

  38. mindadale says:


  39. :-( I can’t see the kitty! Hopefully commenting will fix it for me, too.

  40. Yay! :-) I can see the kitty now!

  41. PS: TWO cats in a sink:

  42. Love the picture!
    The pale one is nudging the other one and the one in front is winking so you have a live kitty Monthy Python sketch:

    Nudge. Nudge. Wink, Wink Say no more!

  43. I really want to polish their chrome. I’m sorry – I know that has nothing to do with the cuteness of the post. But there you have it.

  44. Come to my house, Birdcage, you can polich lots of chrome…. and tiles…. and vacuum the carpets…. and wipe down the skirting boards…….

    *shifty eyes*

  45. “Polich???”

    “Polish” *slaps upside own head*

  46. Fird Birfle says:

    *applies Hello Kitty bandage to bmc’s wound*

  47. skippymom says:

    I’ll clean your house if your husband will make me a couple of martinis!

  48. I believe that’s the new “distressed” metal look in sink faucets. On the other hand, it could be distressed because it hasn’t been polished in a while.

  49. Fird Birfle says:

    *hoorah for kitty; hoorah for floofage; hoorah for sink; hoorah for photog; hoorah for Emma and a special, rousing hip-hip-HooRAY for pyrit in re. “if the fink sits”*

    “Hip, hip hooRAY!!!!”

  50. I’m not really a cat person thanks to allergies, and I’ve NEVER said this about any feline before: That is one GORGEOUS cat. I love the fluff, the color of the fur, and the eyes. I would totally take this one on my lap and stick my face in that floof, snotty nose be darned!

  51. is kitty name Farrah?

  52. wuyizidi says:

    Must be, judging by that big, beautiful corn-fed hair.

  53. That is one beee-ooo-tiful cat.

  54. Well that’s certainly not my bathroom. The contact lens caps would have been hidden under the rug, q-tips would have been carried all over the house, and the cat would be in the sink upside down licking the faucet. Also toilet paper. Everywhere. Needless to say, I keep my bathroom door shut, lol.

  55. Fird Birfle says:

    eez hoomerous dee-screepshon,
    and I sympathize with the non-Maru-bathroom existence @ngst.

  56. My dear departed Mr. Whiskers was a sinksitter. I always figured he liked the cool porcelain.

  57. If it ain’t fixable, break it! Not very cuteness-relevant, just something I say.

  58. Is it perhaps a marmie thing (probably not, but I have to suggest it). Our sweetest of marmie boys was a sink sitter.

    Man, I miss him.

  59. victoreia says:

    My kids used to sit in the bathroom sink, until we moved and the faucet in the new place didn’t give them enough room. (Hurrumph!) I have a picture of the two of them as kittehs, sharing a sink…..

    And, MATCHINKS!!! on the fur and the countertop! (Was that a custom job?)

  60. It was not intentional, but for two houses and three cats, the carpet and the cats were perfect matches. When Brendan was a kitten, only the fact that he had seal points made him visible against pale tan. Montgomery and Dusty were a little less camouflaged, being grey tabby and tortoiseshell, but the tweed carpet still meant you had to look carefully to avoid stepping on a cat. Groucho, however, was a tuxie, and we always knew where he was (and, yes, he had the mustache…).

    I now have bare hardwood, which is entertaining when Dusty pounces on something and s.l.i.i.i.i.d.e.s…

  61. That cat’s right purdy.

  62. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks this cat is gorgeous. What a face! Perfect!

  63. To the right of this post is a gut-wrenching photo of a bear with a rope through its nose. WSPCA is a great organisation, and so is Free the Bears, a charity started by a woman in Western Australia in 1995. 100% of the money donated goes to freeing bears. When we see these photos we feel we are powerless to help, beyond sending what money we can afford to donate. Read the story of how this charity started, with a woman standing outside a shopping centre with a petition. And see the beautiful pictures of freed bears living out their lives in happiness and safety. Okay, enough said.

  64. Pam Sinclair says:

    That “sinking feline”…

  65. Gah! Really good one!

  66. Oh my god he looks so soft and butterscotch! I want to bury my fingers in that floofy fur.

  67. Same here, kodalai :D I so want a kitty with fur just like that :D


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