Honey, Kids, DINNER!

Sometimes, take-out is just simpler.

Thanks for bringing home the bacon, Robert R.


  1. As a rodent lover, this isn’t the kind of thing I want to see on my ‘cute’ site.

    At all.

  2. I agree. Circle of life and all that. I get it. But this just makes me sad for the poor brown whatever-it-is. It doesn’t make me feel overloaded with cute.

  3. I completely agree!! I’m just glad my sweet pet rat wasn’t near my computer when this picture came up.

  4. i know! if anything bad had happened to your sweet rat, i would hope my sweet rat terrier wasn’t near MY computer!

  5. *snerk*

  6. It’s lucky for the rest of us that it isn’t up to you, then.

  7. Hahahaha! I agree. While I LOVE rodents (I currently have 2 dwarf hamsters and 2 dumbo rats), I find the little white thing very, very cute! Yes, the dead one isn’t so cute, but it’s not like it’s dripping with blood and guts hanging out of it.

  8. It’s like your cat dropping “presents” on your face when you wake up.

  9. phred's mom says:

    I’ve had one of those “presents” start walking when I reached to brush
    it away. GAAAAAK!

  10. You should take a look at these educational toys for children: the Food Chain Friends. Maybe you could learn something.


  11. like getting eaten is fun? or cute?
    um, i think i will pass.
    and stay vegan.

  12. Zola Bunny says:

    me neither…poor wee vole thingy…

  13. But mom, there is hair in my food…..*whines*

  14. WendyLady says:


  15. I am always amazed what kind of prey Ermines will take on. I have seen wild Ermines dragging full-grown Cottontail Rabbits proudly behind them. More attitude per ounce than any other Weasel.

    Looks like it caught itself a Vole. Voles are like the Hot Dogs of the North. EVERYTHING eats them. They are darn cute though.

  16. SlaveToCat says:

    Honey can you pick me up an order of McVole Nuggets all dark furry meat, and oh yea can you supper size that too?

  17. SlaveToCat says:

    That Vole have the ultimate look of displeasure on his little face.

  18. 260Oakley says:

    If I were a Harry Potter fan I would make a joke about Vole-de-Mort. But i’m not, so I think I’ll just go hide behind the nearest snowbank and watch the pudding fly.

  19. hmmm let’s see… I have chocolate and I have butterscotch… maybe some tapioca in the back.

    puddin’! getcher’ puddin’ here!

  20. *THWOCK*

  21. Exactly what I thought:

    “Nagini. Dinner.”

  22. victoreia says:

    *golf clap*

  23. That would make a boss Hinterland Who’s Who, “The Vole: the Hot Dog of the North”

  24. Ah I miss Hinterland Who’s Who!! Thanks, I haven’t seen one of those in years! :)

  25. For one excited moment I thought it was John Candy’s spoof of the Hinterland Woodchuck from Second City! Which used to be on the official Hinterland Who’s Who site at hww.ca until, for some strange reason, they took it off. Phooey :-(

    Although you can still see a really bleh copy of it here at 4:28:

  26. Meh, it ate my link. I’ll try this instead:


  27. that was amazing. i love sctv. thanks for the laughs.

  28. JenDeyan says:

    OMG! Baby Woodchucks! Too abnorabuls.

  29. Is that an Ermine or a Weasel.. I didnt think ermine had such long tails or the little black tip.. or I just clearly mixed up my mustelids

  30. PorkRoll says:

    “Hi, I’m Troy McClure. You may remember me from such nature films as ‘The Vole, Hot Dog of the North.'”

  31. WIN!

  32. High five!

  33. Exxxcellent Smithers!

  34. (The Original) Mel says:


  35. Ok….it was worth seeing a dead vole on here for that comment……

  36. Cute how? Am I missing something?

  37. Is it not obvious? The furry white animal is cute. Sorry it had to eat, but such is life.

  38. Linda H. says:

    I agree.

  39. Ditto. Makes me sad :(
    Please understand, I realize that this is just nature being what it is. But, I just don’t like seeing it.

  40. Horrible says:

    This is appalling!! To have pictures of cute mice all the time and then put up something like this?? I used to love this site, but I wont be coming back here anymore.

  41. oh boy, now we can all talk about you!

  42. Hehehe.

  43. For the win, Sharpy. For the win.

  44. Miss Spell says:

    Oh for god’s sake …

    Seriously people? Offended? You’ve never set a mousetrap? NEVER???

  45. Mrs Burns says:

    never. Except non-kill ones, and then we release the fieldmice outside.

  46. where they romp and play and dance until they retire and die of old age.

  47. With occasional revisits to the house from whence they were evicted, since it takes moving them away at least a good few miles to prevent a return to the warm happy place of countless cabinets and goodies stored in plastic or paper packages.

  48. Zola Bunny says:

    nope, you get kill free traps these days…

  49. anybody who is not a vegan has no right to complain.

  50. LoL at all the people estranged from nature. Reality check: animals eat each other, even the cute ones.

    But look at him standing there, looking so prosh and proud of himself!

  51. I too agree with Merino. This is a prosh and proud ermine who, due to her hunting prowess will be able to feed either her cute self or her extremely cute babehs, allowing their survival. When we begin to feel too sorry for the hunted, we should take a sec to think of the cute babehs who will starve without this food. Okay I admit I’m not a big fan of rodents, so maybe that’s why this is easier to take. Unless they are Guinea Pigs, and I’m not even sure if they are rodents. I think they are cavies.

  52. phred's mom says:

    Guinea Pigs are rodents. Their teeth grow if not worn down by chewing.
    I think of them as “growdents”.

  53. (The Original) Mel says:

    That’s awesome.

  54. but we shouldn’t think of the cute babies that will starve because their mother has been eaten?

  55. phred's mom says:

    I’m with you, Merino. This ermine is one gorgeous creature, doing what ermines
    aka weasels, do to survive. As would kitties and goggies without humans and
    their can openers.

  56. Is that the humans’ can openers, or do your dogs and cats have little can openers? Because that would be awesome!

  57. Merino- totally agree on his/her proshness. :)

    What an adorable lil creature!

    *hums circle of life while walking away*

  58. Animals crap all over, too. Even the cute ones….doesn’t really mean I want to see pictures of it. :)

  59. pssst: you might want to skip our big june event.

  60. Duh, it’s not CUTE.

  61. Oh yeah it is! Do you eat meat?

  62. You know what’s NOT cute? People feeding their kids greasy take out burgers and hormone injected supermarket ‘meat’. This dude is bringing home the most organic stuff there is for its little ones!

  63. “It’s the ci-i-i-rcle of life, and it moves us all…”

  64. Shhh, if you say that, a bodybuilding 5 year old with a moustache and pubes will beat you up!

  65. What he/she said. It’s plenty cute.

  66. Troll!

  67. I’m a vegetarian and I still can appreciate the cute factor in the stoat’s proud posture. You can’t even see the other rodents face, so it’s really not disturbing.

  68. It’s bloody adorable. I have ferrets and I love seeing them be their little carnivore-y selves!

  69. This doesn’t belong on cute overload. Please delete this post.

  70. Can you delete yourself off the internet, please? Or at least your internet connection.

  71. Or, you could just walk away

  72. Zaferina says:


  73. Delete this post? You must be new here.

  74. Enough with the nuffers! Critters gotta eat and this one is especially cute.

  75. Only the cutest survive.

  76. :-D

  77. Even though I’m a biologist and yes things eat each other, this is NOT what I want to see when I visit Cute Overload! I am a rodent lover and come here for happy ALIVE cute animals, not one animal being cute at the detriment of another. So disappointed!

  78. i can’t wait to hear from the mole people.

  79. *starts popcorn* *gets cocoa ready* Ah, another nuff-fest….guess it’s a good thing there wasn’t a human young one in the pic, too!

  80. i know, i was beginning to think meg had lost her touch! i was beginning to miss you all and i just finished a nice batch of fresh mango fritters and squash blossom tempura.

    try one!

  81. wait wait…Sharpy is this your ploy to get me to come back to the lounge?? Because I would DEFINITELY come for that.

    *steals victoreia’s popcorn and holds out her mug for some cocoa*

  82. warrior rabbit says:

    Isn’t that a horror film?

  83. *snerk* ;)

  84. baileysgrandmom says:

    You know there’s a song called “The Mole People?” If I had computer-smarts like most of younses, I would offer a link to it–it is hilarious.

  85. i found it, it’s hilarious!

  86. (The Original) Mel says:

    Even though I’m a cop in the 5th largest city in the US, and I see all the horrible things people do to each other…I’m a people lover and come to Cute Overload to entertain myself by snerking at people like you getting all huffy over the death of a Hot Dog of the North. P.s. I majored in biology.

  87. He’s stoat-ally adorable, I love how proud he looks of himself! I want to cuddle up with his fluffy tail :D

  88. Nuff nuff nuffy nuff.

    This photo made me smile. I agree, he looks so proud of himself. And he should be. Adorable.

  89. Jenne Frisby says:

    I think it’s pretty cute. He or she is incredibly proud. And healthy, too, if you look at that fur. This pic reminds me of all my mornings spent watching Wild America.

  90. I distinctly remember ordering lemming tart, not chocolate vole-au-vent.

  91. *golf clap*

  92. Bravo!

  93. Victoria, mom to 5 rats says:

    As soon as I saw this pic, I knew there’d be commentroversy.

    I feel bad for the vole, but that ermine is darn cute.

  94. I don’t eat meat and I am not shocked that animals eat each other, but this is not a “cute” image.

  95. My sentiments exactly.

  96. Amandaish says:

    I have to agree. Nothing cute about it at all. I get that they eat each other. Heck some humans eat other humans! Is that cute? No. I really hope someone pulls the chain on this bad, bad, mistake.

  97. I honestly am not sure that Meg has ever, EVER deleted a post on here, no matter how much fuss people in the comments make.

  98. I don’t eat meat either, but I do actually think it looks cute.

  99. oaklandcat says:

    I’m revoleted! ;p

  100. *snerk* ;)

  101. SlaveToCat says:

    Is this Cute Overload or “Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom” ?

    Not happy about my weekend ending this way. I’ll just have to sit and pout for a few hours while I watch Maru re-runs until my mood is re-adjusted. Puts on my Garfield slippers and Simon the Cat T-shirt and sits in a box waiting for Maru videos to start.

  102. its food is bigger than he/she is! :3

  103. I think it is super cute. What do you think all your dogs and cats eat? Lettuce?

  104. My cat likes to eat yogurt. But then I thought of the pain the yogurt might have gone through and started tearing up. Then I decided my cat wasn’t cute anymore so I gave him away.

  105. LOL x a million

  106. Dinner doesn’t have a shadow…

  107. You gotta eat cute things to stay cute yourself! Ok it’s kinda out of character for this site, but MAN, lighten up! That little dude is so proud, just give him props and stop the snark!

  108. He IS cute the great white hunter and for those who say they wont come back or are trying to dictate what can be seen on this site all I will say is goodbye.

  109. Clearly MY priorities are wrong … I’m only bothered because it looks like this stoat may have been bribed for his vote! Election fix! Boo! Hiss!

    And yes, I know it’s an ermine. “-)

  110. belphebe says:

    My first thought was: what a beautiful picture! I wish I could take such great pictures of ermines or other animals in their natural habitat.

    My second thought was that the brown thing (a vole, based on what others have said) is almost as big as the ermine! How can he/she lift it!

  111. Ermines are det-ermined.

  112. ;-)

  113. stbernardmom says:

    I live in the Wyoming mountains, and we have ermine who come around our house to catch mice that live in our woodpile. My son and I watched one like this who came to our sliding glass door last spring and threw his dead mouse around and danced his victory dance right outside our door for about 10 minutes, and he did it because we were watching!!! God is so amazing in his creation and how we all interact!!

  114. HAHA!! That was definitely the best mental image to end the night on. I’m picturing him standing up and doing the Mexican hat dance around the mouse!

  115. phred's mom says:

    Humans go to the A&P, ermines to the woodpile. No dif. Except we don’t dance
    in the parking lot. Until maybe today. Um, where did I put that shopping list,
    and my castanets???

  116. I will never buy your calender again. There.

  117. I fear for the existence of this website without Kew’s monetary contribution.

  118. you know, the more i think about this latest commentroversy, the more i feel bad for the people who get all balled up, stomping off and waving their signs and i think, where did you come from? this site is FAMOUS for the cute AND the tart!

    imagine this: if you hear about a house where the owners put up cool christmas decorations with, say, disney characters every year, do you go and start protesting because they don’t have your favorite hanna barbera characters? or start yelling because you think the mickey and minnie shouldn’t be holding hands, but should be kissing or eating meatballs or something?

    have you ever gone to a thanksgiving at another family’s home? did you throw a snit fit because they sat down to eat at 3 instead of 5, the way your family does?

    i am sorry if i get too tart or mean. i shouldn’t let people get to me, but the huffing and puffing won’t blow this house down. i get that a dead rodent is hard to look at, especially for people who keep rodents as pets. what i don’t get is when readers start demanding things that, well, just aren’t on the menu.

    i DO take sides, btw. i love our regulars–we recognize each other and we meet here and inside jokes are told. i don’t even get half of them, but i like the wit and concern that the community has for one another. please join in! have your say, but try to keep it light.

    or i’ll hit you on the head with a hammer.

  119. i guess this means you aren’t interested in the Cutes Gone Wild version, too?

  120. Sweet, they sell out too fast, I need one

  121. Miss Spell says:

    Well, that’s going to change things!

  122. Kew, you are not alone. I guess you won’t buy Sharpy’s “dead animals for every day” version either;)

  123. That tail is adorable!

  124. But….but….Its not election day!!!!

  125. What a beautiful little creature! How can this picture ruin anyone’s day? Really?

  126. What would NOT be cute is pictures depicting the lives of the animals eaten by most of our omnivorous/carnivorous pets – and those on this site.

    Reality check, people.

  127. absolutely appalling! geez, cuteoverload what are you thinking?!
    get this guy a toothpick, stat!
    he’s gonna have fuzz in his teeth, fur sure.

    gah! and I thought y’all were supposed to like animals…

  128. HAW! :)

  129. Ermines are cute but my god they are blood-thirsty – that’s my impressions of them anyway. LOL.

    As for whether such a picture should be on the site, I’m neutral.

    I mean at least it’s not “gorily” – saw a video of a cat eating a mouse once, I will spare everyone the details.

  130. “Blood-thirsty”? They are very small carnivores with a high metabolic rate, and they have to eat a lot just to keep themselves alive. So do hummingbirds, but we think they’re all cute because they eat nectar from flowers. So do shrews, but they mostly eat worms and buggy critters so we don’t care.

  131. They’re obligate carnivores so they can only eat meat! I don’t think that’s a bad thing. =) Cats are the same way.

    I think they’re very cute even when hunting, but I love carnivores. As much as I also love rodents I just accept some animals eat others.

  132. This is not cute.

  133. What’s the problem? It’s clear that this stoat is carrying his little mate home, who drank too much at the birthday celebration they were all having for their friend Sir Cumberbatch the badger at the Wood’s Grub Pub.

    Remember kids, if you’re going out celebrating and there’s going to be alcohol, always have a Designated Stoat.

  134. hi five!

  135. Yes!! Perfect.

  136. He’s, he’s restin’! Remarkable plumage, the Norwegian Vole . . .

  137. Fird Birfle says:

    He’s pinin’ for the Fjords, that’s all ’tis ….

  138. Teehee

  139. Well played, friend, well-played. XD

  140. Wow, I would like a autograph of the badger.

  141. 6Rabbits says:

    Best interpretation!

  142. Exquisite proud ermine. beautiful boy. majestic stance, magnificent life.
    Sad little vole. Seeing the vole dinner, notwithstanding circle of life, is it teh cute?
    ummmm, (thinking carefully with paw on chin….), prolly not.

  143. Cute or sad, perhaps?

  144. CUTE ON CUTE CRIME! Tough but a fact of life and the cuteology of planet Earth.

  145. Best reply yet. :)

  146. Furthermore, for all you ‘rodent lovers,’ wild rodents *need* predators to naturally regulate their populations, or they would all starve to death or die of disease. This is especially the case for voles. Ok, I’m done ranting, but it is REALLY bothering me how many people are complaining about this picture.

  147. do you actually think this vole “needed” to be killed? i am thinking this vole was not happy about it.

  148. I’m sure most small animals don’t have the brain capacity to know what happiness and sadness are.

  149. rescue gal says:

    Circle of life, blah blah. Not cute. Not even a little bit.

  150. Aww! What a cutie! Nothing like a proud animal, taking care of their family. Way to go, little stoat!

  151. Personally I am hoping that is a pocket gopher that the ermine caught and I am wondering if I can hire him/her to come and help out at my house.

  152. send ’em my way when you’re done. my yard has been utterly destroyed by them.

  153. Kirsten D. says:

    Well, this makes me sad. D: Kind of a depressing note to end my weekend on! Yes, the picture is gorgeous, the ermine is cute and looks endearingly proud of himself, but it still makes me a little upset to see this. Yes, it’s the circle of life, people and animals die all the time, but I agree with Rob — animals crap all over, but I don’t want to see it, just like animals kill each other, but I don’t want to see it.

    But it’s not like I’m going to let one post ruin my entire CO experience! This just gives me an excuse to trawl through the archives and soothe myself with cute alive animals instead. :p

  154. Well said Kirsten D. <3

    I wonder if this was posted to engender commentroversy.

    I did not care for the image and no I do not eat meat, nor have I ever set a mousetrap. I set a humane trap to get the wabbit in my backyard and then released him into the woods (with the requisite disapproval of course :)).

    But I will still look at CO for the qte (and also the zooborns site) but will stay away from the comments which seemed a bit mean in places. That's just my opinion and I am a bit sensitive today anyway since two of my kittehs are getting surgery tomorrow and I am scared for them. I was looking for a haven of relief but will look elsewhere today.

    Thanks for listening.

  155. come for the qte, but stay for the comments! we’re a wonderful bunch, but sometimes the moderator (i.e. me) has to step in with her big girl boots. think of me as the stoat.

    96% genuine!

  156. OM NOM NOM NOM. :mrgreen:

  157. OHMYGOD that’s really funny. Love it!

  158. skippymom says:

    Saffron, I hope both your kitties do just fine. Skippy hugs to them and you.

  159. (sharpy hugs, too)

  160. Awww. :o( What the heck? This is not cute. :o(

  161. Killing isn’t cute.

  162. Then it’s fortunate there is no ‘killing’ going on in the picture – simply an animal bringing home dinner for the family :3

  163. It may not be cute, but really folks, if a photo of an baby ermine was posted, would that be cute? You bet. But do baby ermines eat just salad?

    If it makes you feel better:
    a. don’t come back
    b. pretend the vole is just sleeping
    c. pretend we live on a planet where ermines eat only salad

  164. You mean…it’s..not…sleeping…?

  165. heh.

  166. on a site called “cute overload” we shouldn’t have to a) not come back b.) pretend anything.

  167. On YOUR site called “cute overload,” you can do whatever you want to. On Meg’s Cute Overload, you take what’s given to you and you don’t throw tantrums and demand things.

  168. Okay, here’s the Rated G version for all of you ’nuffers


    Now really, would you want to deny that perfect creature a mouse for supper? And it looks so proud of itself. I think I even saw its tail wag.

  169. I might have gone with ‘eh, not cute,’ but: that TAIL! Look at that white fluffy tail, held out stiff with pride, with the flufferdoodle at the end!

  170. If “flufferdoodle” isn’t a word, it ought to be.

    Not even going to get into the nuff-troversy. Little McErminepants is just too proud of him/herself, and there, THERE is the Cute, my friends.

  171. Espilonarge says:

    I think a revision of the rules are in order…

  172. Brave hunter! Keeping the rats under control. Now enjoy your meal outside and don’t leave anything on my doormat, thank you very much.

  173. DanielleD says:

    One pic, two smiles.

    First smile looking at the cute white thing (Ermine?) looking all proud and accomplished holding his dinner (Vole?). It’s just to die for! (pun intended)

    Second smile when reading the comment count. Commentroversy, Bring It!
    Hilarious people, hilarious.

    One picture, double the fun.

  174. I don’t usually comment on here, but I have to join the “this is cute” brigade. ;) He (She?) just looks so proud!!! :) (circle of life, circle of life, as long as the circle doesn’t end in my kitchen)

    Of course I’m the same person who took a photo of a baby hawk catching a meal and looking quite proud, so, I’m probably not the best judge. But I enjoyed that too. ;-)

  175. Blue Footed Booby says:

    That’s adorable. It’s half as big as he is. :D

  176. Live and let die, that’s life – we all know that…

    Still, being a rodent aficionado, this just makes me sad.

    *closes eyes, covers ears, sings lalala in denial*

  177. Hands bunny hop a cute fluffy bunny to hold

  178. Feels a lot better holding a cute fluffy bunny

    Thank you, kittyAdventures!

  179. Oh my goodness! The super-prosh hunter presents his feast! I’m sure he’d object to me calling him ‘cute,’ though. :D

    “I’m not cute! I’m FIERCE!”

    But you are, fluffers. You surely are.

  180. TEAM MEG!

  181. Chris B. says:

    This is cuter than what my neighbor’s cats bring and leave for me on my front door. They look so proud of themselves for bringing home the bacon.

  182. I like giving attribution in those situations I am able, and this picture is part of what I’m guessing was a series of shots of the same two critters taken by John Blumenkamp.

  183. The Koala says:

    Silly nuffers, I suppose the poor ermine is expected to have her little ones survive on a diet of pasikies then?? Good for you ermine – bringin’ home the bacon (or whatever).

  184. tonicakes says:

    This is cute. Its a clean picture almost as if it were staged. There is no blood or gore or anything. I

    Way cuter to me than those horrid North American opossums. Those things are the nastiest ugliest critters I have ever seen. But maybe that’s because I grew up in the woods and we had them attack our chickens and try to get the trash and fight the dogs all the time. Like ROUSes but more evil. bleh ew. But I’m not going to demand they be pulled down for it.

    Cute is subjective. Also up to the owners of the site. But Nuffers gotta Nuff.


  186. Am I in Moderashuns for using the word “toothy”?

    *Gives a pathetic “Puss In Boots” look at Sharpy, hoping to be thought adorable and forgiven all*

    *Epic fail follows*

    *Looks around for something to eat, hoping not to find rat-onna-stick*

  187. i needed company.

  188. Well, there’s always Shorpy;)

  189. So I see, Sharpy – I’m still in Mod Lounge, for accusing you of having a toothy grin!!
    Epic fail, certainly ;)

    Mind you, CMOT Dibbler appears to have left now. Pass the cheese and chive Pringles

  190. We’re having fire-roasted meerkats tonight.

  191. Are you serving that with bits of cobra on a cracker?

  192. Cobra on a cracker was sposed to go with the meerkats remark. (Just to clarify.)

  193. victoreia says:

    Wait, somebody let C.M.O.T. Dibbler into the Mod Lounge?!? 8-O

  194. I have two questions for the people who run this site:
    1) Which rule of cuteness does this fall under?
    2) Will this make it into next year’s calendar?

  195. Steven:
    1) Did you peek at the CO Entrance Exam????
    2) Don’t tell anyone, but I heard this is a finalist for the COVER.

  196. 1) Rule 17 – Have tiny ears! Rule 15: Disproportionate head to ear size!
    Hey, you asked, aight?
    2) Surely not, because the world is all fluffy bunnehs and kittehs and goggies and … ERMINES!

  197. So proud. So confident.

    So brave.

  198. He’s so proud! I would be too. CO, thanks for posting this picture :)

  199. I can completely understand some of the sentiments of folks who feel this may not fall under their “Context of Cute”, and that the sight of dead or injured animals may be disturbing to them. Many of us animal lovers don’t want to see creatures suffer, and I’m in the same category.

    At the same time, I consider this photo cute in many ways. The Ermine’s stance speaks of determination and strength in a tiny package. All weasels, including this Ermine, are full of spunk and personality and are never afraid of a challenge. They are willing to take on big prey, and defend their turf from all sorts of troublemakers. I am a firm believer that nature is never cruel, and though animals may die and suffer in the ‘circle of life’, their own lives become those of others and are continuously passed on.

    “Cuteness” is certainly in the eye of the beholder, but I I’d like to take this time to recommend to folks that you find cuteness in places that you may not have looked before.

  200. Blue Footed Booby says:

    Some animals are smart enough to be cruel! Dolphins and orcas, for example, are jerks. I read about an orca that HATED great whites, and would swim up behind any she saw, grab them behind the head, flip them upside down so they go all torpid, and then proceed to hold them there until they asphyxiate. Some kind of whale racist.

  201. farewell, sweet whacked mole.

  202. warrior rabbit says:

    I’m not sure what’s going on here, Sharpy. Is he wearing a fez? Or did he break a lamp on his head?

    Also, how many times will Steven Bloomfield post messages saying it’s uncute/demanding it be yanked? Only time will tell. (But I count three so far.)

  203. Hi, w.r., the original is before my time, but at least from the 90’s reboot, this is ‘Morocco Mole’, Super Secret Secret Squirrel’s sidekick. He’s wearing a fez because he’s supposed to look and sound like Peter Lorre’s character in ‘Casablanca’.
    And speaking of boots to the head, the funniest talpidae is the Frantics’ Marvin the Star-Nosed Mole, who likes dirt and the colour brown.

  204. you know, i’ve never associated morocco mole with casablanca! i was a kid, so i just assumed he was a mole with a fez. like the flintstones–it never occurred to me that they were the honeymooners until, i’m ashamed to admit, college.

  205. First thing pops in my mind when I saw the picture was the song “Circle of Life” from the Lion King.

  206. …although if the ermine had been carrying the un-alive remains of Eli Manning, this would be a AWESOME picture.

    Signed, bitter Pats fan. :)

  207. Eastie78 says:

    Love it!

    Signed, another bitter Pats fan

  208. phred's mom says:

    get over it already…. signed: Jints fan

  209. Congratulations to Crazy Pants! Your first commentroversy! Is this your official induction into the “in-crowd” at CO??!

  210. Crazy Pants says:


  211. Crazy Pants (and everyone else),

    Please join us in the Moderation Lounge, or comment purgatory. I don’t know who started calling it that, but it’s become a swell way to take a break from the heat of commentroversies. We have a wonderful menu (anything you want) and I love the company while I sort through comments.

    Congratulations on your first mole-in-one!

    What’s your poison?

  212. Björn Giesler says:

    I hate this post. It’s horrible. There’s not a single clearly visible human rack in it.

  213. *snerk*

  214. Thanks for not approving my comments. ?

  215. welkies.

  216. I don’t think my comment made it on here either, it was rather large…

    Basic summary was that little Ermine is very cute, but I don’t think we should nuff the nuffers, you know what I mean? I can see how this is not cute to rodent lovers, if that was a bird in his mouth I would find it pretty traumatic because I have bird family members (mother to two lil’ boos). Circle of life regardless, people don’t like to see pics of dead animals that remind them of their pets. While a lot of us find the proud little Ermine pretty darn cute, would it kill us to be a bit more sensitive to those poor folks that don’t?

  217. *gulp*


    i sowwy.

  218. Sad for the poor little vole, but just look at how proud and shiny the stoat is! Or weasel ferrety thing, not sure. What I don’t understand is how it just doesn’t tip over forward onto its pretty face from the weight of its dinner.

  219. It’s like a bag of Doritos. Just fuzzy. And with feet.

  220. My nine-year-old daughter, who loves all animals, just took a look at this photo, read the caption, giggled and said, “Someone’s got a nice dinner!” So traumatized, I tell ya.

    Seriously, though: this photo is awesome. Keep up the cute work!

  221. victoreia says:

    See? Kids have their priorities straight!


    Han shot first!

  222. phred's mom says:

    mature beyond her years

  223. I think nuffers must hibernate; they’re all coming out of their burrows now that it’s almost Spring. Who knew?!

  224. are they the ones that have been digging up my lawn?

  225. I thought this was adorable. He’s so proud of himself, like “Look what I caught!” ^.^

    I don’t get what all the fuss is about, but to each their own, I guess.

  226. And I also absolutely hate to see animals die or be eaten………;
    However, on any given day, I can look out of my backyard window and see very few birds around, even though there are three fully- stocked bird feeders there……;
    The birds have been hiding for several weeks now, because a Cooper’s Hawk regularly patrols the area, looking for food; I have actually seen him sitting on the fence, just waiting for some unsuspecting prey to show up……. and on three different occasions I have seen sparrow feathers littering the grass: the only remaining remnant of them left…..;
    Sad? Very! But I love all the birds, raptors or finches:
    And regretfully, I bow my head…… the Circle of Life goes on without missing a beat……

  227. Max&Sophie'sMama says:

    “Voles are the hot dogs of the north.” Pure genius.

  228. Thanks for sharing. =D Weasels are the cutest things ever even when hunting.

  229. victoreia says:

    Wow, 200+ comments! Right on, Crazy Pants! *thumbs up*

  230. Crazy Pants says:

    Wow is right! I feel like I might have learned something.

  231. Uhhh…seems out of place on this particular website….

  232. One more comment – Cute is awwwww, Cute is ‘what IS that?’, Cute is ‘it’s doing what people are doing’, Cute is interspecies snorgling and babies of all kinds napping, jumping and falling off of things… Cute is all the stuff we see in and impose on our fine furred and feathered (and finned and tentacled etc friends). But behind all the Cute are kritters that need to eat. We feed our friends the processed remains of other kritters, but the pellets and packaging of meals for our Household Cutes distance us from the fresh, furred and immediate reality of the rodenty meal this Wild Cute is taking back to its den. We get someone else to do the dirty work for our Cutes. Sure, we love the snorgling and so on – it helps us appreciate life and feel pleasure and joy. And it helps us when we find it just plain hard to be (a recent post about how Cute helps with Human Pain illustrates this). But I think Cute has room for the Wild with the Household, has room for the life and the death. We, and Cute, need the wild and the uncomfortable, and if all we had was packaged and pelletized Cute, we would be missing quite a lot.So thanks for a thought provoking Cute!

  233. Crazy Pants says:

    This is directed toward Michael and all of the people who have asked/demanded for this post to be removed.
    What do you do when there is a program on TV you don’t like? What do you do when there is a Billboard with an ad that is offensive to you? I’m truly interested in understanding this.
    It is clear from all of the comments that there is a wide perception of “cute”; eye of the beholder and all of that. It is also clear that many people think only their perception is worth efficacy. What I am struggling with is why people feel it’s acceptable to demand that this post (or any other post, see Cats N Racks) be removed. I will be the first person to stand up and say that feelings are valid. They are subjective and singular to the individual having said feelings. I will also be the first person to remind you that feelings are not necessarily based in reality. While you may feel that you have ownership on this site, the reality is there is only one Decider, only one Doctorate of Cuteology, Meg – the owner and creator of Cute Overload.
    So, please, help me understand why you believe differently.

  234. Crazy Pants says:

    Here are some quick stats for anyone interested (please allow for + or – 5, I’m not a statistician, just a good counter):

    All those who thought the picture was cute (did not include comments that did not directly say something about cute, adorable, like or agree): 56
    All those who thought the picture was NOT cute (did include nuetrals and anyone who empathized with or thought empathy should be given to those who did NOT find the picture cute): 28
    Those who said they would never come to the site again or buy a calendar: 5
    Those who said they would like to start a campaign against this image to Cute Overload Advertisers: 1

  235. Crazy Pants, we’re behind ya all the way. It’s hard not to let people get under our fur, especially when they forget that this isn’t a public service site. It’s a personal site that has become popular enough to have advertisers, employees, contributors and rabid fans. When people start stomping around and acting all grown-up and starchy, it’s annoying.

    Sometimes people forget to look at the rules Meg drew on a piece of cardboard and nailed up to that tree over there:

    No fiteing.
    Laffing ok.
    Awwing alloud.
    No meen people.
    Swears r ok but mostly only by me so shut up, the end, Meg.

    People keep forgetting that this is Meg’s fort and we’re ALL happy to belong here, but if you don’t like the puppet show, take a break and visit the Le Lounge de Moderasheone. Have some root beer or cotton candy or mini dont’s. Or have some whiskey or hot buttered rum or a big tank of Guinness. Enjoy some crudites, whatever those are. Then come back and join the crowd.

    the end by sharpy no gives no backs no takes

  236. Crazy Pants says:

    I heart Sharpy.

  237. skippymom says:

    Too funny….

  238. oh michael, bee-have!

    skippymom is not a troll! she’s a good speaker of english *and* a cuteologist!

  239. Fird Birfle says:

    ?? Is Michael suddenly the Gatekeeper and Ruler of the Universe??

    Jeez. Who put pickle juice in YOUR cheerios?

  240. gawwwd I love this website :D
    AND all of its cuteologists

  241. Puhlease says:

    I would love to see the letter you write to Kohl’s demanding they remove the sponsorship due to this post. Please post it after you are finished writing it. I could use the laugh.

  242. are you still on about this?

    you are being censored on OUR site. you are not being polite, you’re distracting, self-promoting and argumentative.

    you call yourself a cuteologist and yet you don’t know how things work around here. you are new here and so let me explain a few things:

    we have one moderator, me.
    when you assume someone is a he, you make an ass out of yourself.
    we post dead stuff once in awhile. e.g., http://cuteoverload.com/2010/01/20/the-bird-was-disturbed/

    if you can’t play nice, your ass is banned.

  243. i deleted most of the bothersome comments, so this thread may look a little disjointed, but we still had some fun, didn’t we?


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