CNN Reports! Animal celebrities of Japan!

Doo day too too too too too [news-coming-over-the-wire-sound] CNN reports! Animal celebrities of Japan! Oh and, how nice of CNN to mention us too:

America is no stranger to cute animal culture. Memes featuring lolcats have been popular since 2006, Cute Overload spearheaded the cute animal blog movement in a huge way years back, and a cleverly shaved Pomeranian named Boo has more than 3 million fans on Facebook.

See the entire article here.

And without further adooooo; my TOP THREE Japanese animal celebs IN ORDER! HAI!







  1. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  2. Mary (the first) says:

    So sorry, but like Oolong, I disapprove. Maru is first, in every possible way. No offense to the kittayn, of course. I just prefer the full grown full figured Maru. Bunneh next.

  3. How could a silly rabbit top MARU??? Maru is King of Cute!

  4. kibblenibble says:

    I loff them all, but Maru has my heart. I think that many staunch “cat dislikers” could be converted with the Maru compilation above.

  5. 260Oakley says:

    I don’t know. I think ol’ flapjack rabbit is pretty cute, even in heavy pancake make-up.

  6. Maru has an iPhone app? *blink blink*

  7. There is something so right with a world in which cute animals can become celebrities and sites like CO can bring them right into our lives! Nothing busts stress like a crab-hat Maru or a scone-topped bunny. 🙂

  8. All cute, but I agree, Maru should be first 😛

  9. I agree! Maru is best and first.

  10. Another vote for Maru. He never fails to make me laugh.
    I believe in that last photo, Oolong has a dorayaki (japanese sweet pancakes filled with red bean paste) on his head.

  11. Starfish says:

    CNN and Teh QTE? Two of my favorite ways to distract myself from work, together at last! Now if I could only find a way to mix Teh QTE and Street Fighter… Come on Japan, I know you can deliver.

    Also, I agree with everybody else, Maru clearly should be first. And Meme takes a close second.

  12. Victoria, mom to 5 rats says:

    Meme ≯ Maru. Harumph.

  13. I just LOVE the kitty celebraties 😀

  14. Mary (the first) says:

    uh oh, I didn’t mean to cause a riot in the streets! Just expressing my own thought re: Maru. Actually, they’re all so qte it’s hard to actually compare, anyway.

  15. Kawaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  16. My favorite Japanese kitties are Maru and Shiro, sorry Meme.

  17. I DON’T GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY!????!?!? WHYYYYYYYYYYYY!? WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH MEME!? NO ONE CARES ABOUT MEME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY!??????? WHY!!!!!!!??????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

  18. arachnophile says:

    I am obviously a failure as a true cuteologist because I have never heard of Olong before!

    Maru is the king of the interwebs!

  19. Yep yep yep.

    I nearly cracked a rib laughing. Maru must be part neazle (like Crookshanks), he’s so big and smart.

  20. I didn’t know Oolong either, though now that I do, I love him/her.

  21. I’ll add my vote: Maru is Number One in my heart!
    And another “top the charts” cute Japanese cat is Naro. Blog here:
    And there’s Moire, also known as Ninja Cat:
    And the cats who brought you NekoNabe:
    And one more: if you want to see Shironeko’s Blog, here it is:
    That should keep you busy.

  22. Help me here people. Why do the Japanese insist on putting food objects on the heads of animals to be cute? Got to be a cultural thing. Can anybody explain it?

  23. I must mention Shiro! He and his pals are cuter than Meme, in my opinion.

  24. Starfish says:

    In my mind it’s more about funny than cute. The fun is in the “out-of-placeness” of it, like a guy walking down the street wearing one of those Carmen Miranda fruit hats. And of course, the critter’s reaction (or non-reaction) can play into it too.

  25. Fird Birfle says:

    This is quite a relevant inquiry.
    Even as an ‘Mericun who spent three years in Japan (approx 1968-ish) BEFORE the universe of John Q. Citizens were introduced to household use of Internet,
    and who generally has some folkloric ideas of “why” traditional Japanese persons do certain things …..
    I admit to hearing only cricket sounds, inside my head, upon considering this question.

    Have we any amazing personnel of Japonais extraction,
    out there in CO land who are reading this particular “column” today??

  26. Fird Birfle says:

    — However that aspect would play in ANY country/ nation. So, perhaps,
    part of the question, is why the Japanese [or perhaps one could include China/ Korea/ “Asia”?.. in the equation …] have particularly expressed it with particular
    fun/ cleverness…….??

  27. What? Wait a minute! You mean to tell me some kittens are small? This is news to me. Hey, does this message make my sarcasm look phat?

  28. Oolong (as a meme) has been around since the 90s. RIP Oolong, btw. He died in 2003.

  29. Maru will always reign as cutest of them all. He is the finest, the funniest, the cleverest, the plumpest, the most excellent and the most happiness-inducing cat IN THE WORLD.
    But, I do like this bunneh. He manages to disapprove with dignity while wearing baked goods on his head.

  30. Oh Maru, you are number one! With your cute little spotted nose, fluffy tail and determination to fit into any container or box regardless of size.
    Meowing with a toy in your mouth is also off the charts!!!

    BTW, the Animal Planet show, Must Love Cats also had a Japan theme dedicated to their love of kitties. Sadly Maru did not make it onto the program, hopefully Japan part 2 Must Love Cats…..;)

  31. cellarmouse says:

    the russians seem to find plenty of funny cats…the don’t put blinis on their heads, they just seem to get video of a lot of wild & krazy kats…

  32. For the poll, I’m in the ‘Maru for Emperor of Everything’ camp.
    For the ‘why putting stuff on top of pets’ heads is funny’, I’m in the ‘surrealist/absurdist’ camp, as in: ‘there’s a rabbit with a stuffed pancake on its head: your argument is invalid’.
    But as to why ‘Maru trying to stuff himself into a much-too-small box which then falls over’ turns my sharpish left brain into a puddle of sloshy, laughing right-brain goo . . . ‘Because, that’s why’.

  33. Dang, mod’d.

    Perhaps for my politique suggestion that Maru should be Emperor of Everything?
    Say, any stuffed pancakes left over from Sunday bronsche? With lingonberry syrup, sweet butter and a side of bacon rashers? Ta.

  34. As I’ve stated before, Meme looks like Russell Crowe.

  35. How could they even think of leaving out Maru? Maru is the leader of my universe! All Hail Maruuuuuuu!!!!!!

  36. I must concur that Maru is Numero Uno in the whole wide world!

  37. How dare you insult that cat. *harumph*

  38. I drew a picture of Oolong on my cup when I was at a party and I had no idea what was going on. 🙂

  39. actually, today’s menu is booze, glorious booze.
    all you can drink.
    and free cab rides home.

    a now a toast!

    to the circle of life and the dream to outrun it.

  40. Fird Birfle says:

    *hails Maru, as instructed*

  41. Fird Birfle says:

    I DO I care about Meme.
    NOTHING is wrong with Meme.
    He (she) is adorbs!!!

  42. *golf clap*

  43. this may have been said elsewhere but damn, Maru’s floors are CLEAN!!!

  44. Oh, WOW! Maru and my kitties have the exact same bright orange harness! This has made my day and then some!

  45. Ellen W. says:

    I was wondering if Maru knows he has hundreds of thousands of adoring fans and I realized- *most* cats think they have hundreds of thousands of adoring fans.

    PS I’m telling you guys because I’ve already told everyone I know IRL: I was able to get a stray cat a new home this weekend instead of returning her to her little colony! Hooray!

  46. (The Original) Mel says:

    So, basically, all cute things come from Japan?

  47. The cat with the Akita dog IS NOT Maru. Look carefully.

  48. I’m strangely struck by a craving to snuggle up to a waffle or a pancake right now.

  49. My favoriet haiku about Oolong:

    Pancake on my head
    Syrupy paws stuck to earth
    How can IHOP now?

  50. bob drummond says:

    Knock it off ! U R making me hungry and thirsty !

  51. bob drummond says:

    I think Winston is more cool !

  52. bob drummond says:

    Where is BOO and why isn’t he mentioned in this article ?????

  53. bob drummond says:

    Uh, never mind . I just found out that BOO isn’t from Japan.
    My BOO-BOO !!!

  54. No one here protesting that Oolong should be number one?

    He certainly is my favorite!

  55. I have an Oolong Shirt.

    RIP little buddy.

  56. We have an Oolong rabbit named after that Oolong. Oolong Deux.

  57. Thanks to this post I spent an entire evening giggling over the antics of the soft bank dog. He is a cutie and my new fave.