I Heart the Womens

Celebrate the women in your life, March 8th International Women’s Day!

Here’s some more of this tufty eared sqirrely

We honor you and all the ladies today, Anttu K.



  1. PorkRoll says:

    Symmetry squirrel is symmetrical.

  2. Rachael says:

    And the womens heart you, leetle blobbular one.

  3. ……squimetrical??

  4. Symmetry squirrel expresses deep symmetry for the women

  5. I love the little heart shaped pawsies 🙂

  6. ♪ ♫♪ Go Speed Nibbler, Go Speed Nibbler, Go Speed Nibbler Goooo! ♪♫♪

  7. Anttu, cuté?

  8. 260Oakley says:

    Julius Squees-ear.

  9. of course skwerrils heart the womens.
    have you ever seen them when they’re being amorously frisky??
    they were having more fun then i ever imagined one could have in a tree.

  10. January says:

    This fellow is having an excellent hair day. Perfect in all ways.

  11. cellarmouse says:

    here’s a poem for skwerrell; o skwerrell/ you are a perell – my heart is in a whirrel;/ please have two peanuts…

  12. Those ears…precious.

  13. YOu miss two days of Cute overload and the cute is an overload of overwelming (did i spell that correctly?) squeedom.

    Also smoochies to this squirrlio Romeo.

  14. I want to kiss his fluffy white belly!

  15. For the win!

  16. Perfectest….squirrel….ever.

  17. papango says:

    Yes! I’ve been away for a week and we I got back to work I nearly melted from the cute.

    “What appears to be the problem Ms P?”
    “It’s the cute, sir. There’s just so much of it.”
    “You hang in there. Get yourself a cup of warm tea.”
    “Thank you, sir.”

  18. Only possible response (good stuff starts at 0.40):

  19. (Womens luvs squirrels too!)

  20. I think I love him.

  21. Man, I wish we had tufty-eared skwerls where I live!