I Double-Derp Dare You

What, are you chicken? Go ahead, lick the window. I promise your tongue won’t get stuck. (You will, however, look like a total dork for our amusement.)

With this much derp, we’ll need more than one FaveFrame™



  1. Oh my gosh leetle fox! You look so deerpy but so adorable!

  2. Too funny! But I hope someone gave the fox some water… I suspect that behaviour is due to thirst.

  3. Saw this video years ago, but I gotta say, it is no less funny the thirtieth time you see it.

  4. Theresa says:

    Do I hear CHICKENS in the background?

  5. Actually, he could be looking for salt. Major reason for a variety of licking behaviors.

  6. Theresa says:

    Yeah, isn’t “derpy” kind of the opposite of foxes’ reputation?

  7. I’m confusalated. Is the fox outside looking in? Or inside looking out? Is that another fox in the background? Are hens or other fowl dancing around taunting poor foxy-loxy? Enquiring minds want to KNOW!

  8. JenDeyan says:

    Am I the only one disturbed by this video? It seems like something was wrong with that fox.

  9. Mr. Fox looks kind of cross-eyed. Wonder if his name is Michael…

  10. Theresa, my thoughts exactly. Someone is certainly squawking…

  11. What is the backstory on this? Anyone know?

  12. Yeah, it kinda freaks me out too. The fox looks crazy.

  13. poppygin says:

    “And how can a fox ever be happy without, you’ll forgive the expression, a chicken in its teeth?”
    – Fantastic Mr. Fox

  14. Mister Fox looks kind of crazed.

  15. crazy like a…. fox?

  16. A. Non! says:

    I was thinking it must be rabid. Poor fox.

  17. SlaveToCat says:

    I know if I lick really hard I can almost taste you my pretty….

    Nom nom nom you taste just like chicken silly human.

  18. Anytime a wild animal approaches humans or it acts docile — which is behaviorally atypical for a wild animal — that’s a damn good sign something is wrong. As in: rabies encephalitis. This fox doesn’t look normal.

  19. Camaleao says:

    One of the comments in YouTube:
    “Firefox has encountered an unexpected promblem with Windows!”


  20. Knew there was a firefox joke or two in there.

  21. Is foxy licking frost from the window? I’m a-thinking perhaps this is an animal sanctuary?

  22. I get the idea that the fox is *inside* some sort of fox-exhibit (hence the other foxiekins trotting past in the background) perhaps at a zoo or sanctuary of some kind, and there are geese around squawking. Not a wild fox, probably bored, also probably wants a taste of noisy goose.

  23. I love foxes, and I would’ve never guessed you can make foxes look dorky.

  24. JenDeyan says:

    I was thinking it might be rabid, too. I was watching the video thinking, “Man, they might want to disinfect their window.”

  25. My dog does this sometimes, why I dont know. Just to be silly I think. He certainly isnt rabid and this video is adorable and dorky.

  26. the other jen says:


  27. Oooh Foxy baby ! I’m coming to get ya !

  28. “Foxiekins” **giggles**

  29. Firefox has encountered an unexpected problem with Windows.

  30. No one’s asking the hard questions here. As in- WHY DID THEY STOP RECORDING??????

  31. Dogs do this all the time. Windows are just a new and novel surface. think if you’d never felt one, you’d enjoy running your fingers on it. This is at a fox sanctuary. All’s well with the world.
    *hits ‘replay’ for 18th time*

  32. I read that as ‘my reason’ and raised my eyebrows. Most people wouldn’t admit to that kind of behaviour in public……

  33. Actually, I think that’s the fox. If you look at his leeps, you can see that they move whenever there’s a squawk. He’s barking. Albeit weirdly.

  34. Fird Birfle says:

    Re. “little foxes”:

    Two Wild and Crazy Guys [early SNL/ Season three]

    Yortuk Festrunk…..Dan Aykroyd
    Georg Festrunk…..Steve Martin
    Cliff…..Garrett Morris
    Fox #1…..Gild Radner
    Fox #2…..Laraine Newman

    [ those Wild and Crazy Guys, Yortuk and Georg Festrunk swingingly enter their bachelor pad ]

    Yortuk Festrunk: Oh, Georg my brother, there will certainly be a lot of swinging in our bachelor pad tonight!

    Georg Festrunk: [ laughing and swinging ] Hold it! Let’s catch some rays!

    Yortuk Festrunk: You and what Army! [ they both laugh and swing ] Forget about it! [ they swing-motion towards their wet bar ] Ah, that fox bar was really something tonight. It was no difficulty to see many swinging Americans enjoying each other a great deal.

    Georg Festrunk: And here is a thing I will tell you: that two swinging foxes have the hots-on for us, and are coming here tonight to let us hold on to their big American brea$ts!

  35. Fird Birfle says:

    “If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it…”

  36. Fird Birfle says:


  37. FinnMacCool says:

    Did he look really frustrated, kinda angry, to anyone else?

  38. FancyNancy says:

    OMFG – I could not stop laughing…..

    Side note: I’m a little concerned that so many people think that goose honking in the background is chickens…. I’m all, “Really, that’s what you think chickens sounds like?” LOL

  39. Did anyone notice the cat crossing behind the fox? It appears this is a pet fox.

  40. yolanda says:

    I can tell by his expression it’s really just a sensual thing. He’s just enjoying the way the cold glass feels and how moisture sometimes drips refreshing and other times you can just see through where you lick, etc. It’s not like he’s got anything better to do!

  41. Ali-Baba says:

    That reminds of a time I was at a restaurant that billed itself as outdoorsy & had wild animal noises playing in the background. This lady in the booth behind me told her kid , “that’s a pig.” It was a bear. 😉

  42. …window licker. lol. Fox wanted him some goose dinner. Nyet.

  43. Was at the farm animals exhibit at the zoo. A mama cow was nursing her bebeh calf from her full udder. The dad behind me, when addressing his kids, called the mama cow a “he.”

    *smacks forehead*

  44. Fird Birfle says:

    dad: “unclear on the concept” 😯

  45. Shaffer says:

    The snosberries taste like snosberries!

  46. Kallisto73 says:

    Are those geese in the background, honking?

  47. Chickens? What do they teach kids in school these days! That’s GEESE honking in the background! Get one of those little animal books and learn your animal sounds again!

  48. Ha! I was thinking that’s gonna take a ton of windex.

  49. Did anyone else think that the Fox has a really wide tongue? Or was it just me?

    It was just me?? Okay then.

  50. Yes. I need a reason to look at fox leeps. 😀

  51. The geese have done a honking fly-by over our house, three mornings in a row (it’s getting to be spring faster than I’d like), and oh, does it ever perplex the dogs.

  52. victoreia says:

    Looks to me like the fox is inside somewhere, and the person holding the video cam is outside. So probably not rabid….

  53. victoreia says:

    Thank you! I knew it wasn’t a chicken, but couldn’t quite put my finger on what was doing the squawking.

  54. Tigerlily74 says:

    One of my dogs does this too. He is certainly not rabid or thirsty or lacking in nutrients. He’s just a little goofy. He rests his upper lip/nose on the glass, which shows his top teeth, exactly like the fox is doing, and since his tongue is hanging out, he licks the glass. It just means he wants to be let back in. His teeth also chatter when he’s excited… he’s just kind of a silly dog!

  55. Yeah, I burst out laughing and had to explain this to my roommate…

  56. I agree! It looks like the devil with a fox mask on!

  57. Probably his disturbing resemblance to Jack Nicholson.

  58. Wasn’t there a picture once upon a time of a squirrel doing this too? Frost must taste delicious.

  59. dogsleder says:

    Megan Frost??