Dammit, People

Sender-Inner Elizabeth B. totally harshed our mellow this evening with the saddest story we’ve received in a long time. Apparentleh, puppet Bree is scheduled for euthinasia on March 9th.

Dammit People! Consider a Bree-doption!

Where’s Second Chance Photos when you need them!?

For more info, follow this link for rescue times… Or a very sad video 😦 Won’t someone in the Durbin, West Virginia area adopt Bree and let us know in the comments? Damn.



  1. Oh no… 😦
    This must be heart breaking. So sad!

  2. I’ll take him/her!

  3. rescue gal says:

    What?? I get hundred of these on FB. Now CO is going to start posting this stuff? 😦


  5. I would take her –
    getting from Virginia to Oklahoma is a problem

  6. rooanne says:

    Poor pup … there’s still a chance…

  7. If the shelter approves, there are national networks of volunteer drivers working to get pets into safe places or forever homes…so out of state adoption may not be a problem.

  8. Katherine says:

    I don’t know anyone in west virginia but I posted this on facebook in case some of my friends do.

  9. Kellie A. says:

    I am in Utah and already have 2 dogs…. I would love to adopt her, but financially and logistically can’t. 😦 What about sending her to Best Friends Sanctuary here in Utah? Come on, West Virginians…. help out and adopt this cute girl! She needs a good home.

  10. Arg, nobody neuters their pets in West Virginia and there are tons of “kill shelters.” It kills me with sadness.

  11. chris c says:

    I’m not clicking any links

  12. Mamabear says:

    Hate to say it too, but gonna have to agree. Plus, a dog that is OK with children “only when adults are present to supervise” is not a dog I want in my home. WAAAY too much of a liability, particularly when they are large enough to kill someone and there are literally THOUSANDS of other dogs that need to be adopted that DON’T come with this disclaimer.

    Cute dog and I like to root for the underdog too, but as much as we would like to, we just can’t save them all. Now I’m off to the next post, to lighten my mood.

  13. Between the sidebar ads lately about animals in distress and now this story – it is getting hard to come to this site. Even reading a happy story is difficult when there’s a picture of an scared or hurt animal in an ad staring at you. I do what I can for animals in need, as do the rest of the folks on this site. These stories and ads are preaching to the choir and the sermon is one that leaves me depressed. Not the best thing since I come to Cute Overload to relieve stress and depression…

  14. You’ll excuse me if I do not watch the video or click on the link, it would just depress me and make me sad and there is nothing I can do from Canada.

  15. I think you guys are being harsh to Meg. I’m sure the reason she started CO was because of a love of all critters. Well, CO is now high-profile and she has the right to use its Powers for Good, to spread the word about this pupster who needs help. And she deserves to get the support of the CO “community.”

    Yes, it is very sad. And believe me, I am the type of person who has a very hard time getting sad things like this out of my head. But Meg and Co provide so much happiness to all of us. Please give her a break. I understand about wanting to keep the CO world a little haven from the generally sucky world, but think about it this way: how excited would we all be if this story was posted here only after the happy ending? Well, Meg wants to bring about the happy ending. I think this is a Good Thing.

  16. What you said. Right here.

  17. DogEared says:

    I am praying someone adopts Bree. Lookie at those soft velvetly ears. We just adopted a Shepherd from TN last December and we live in Pennsylvania, so over-state-line adoptions CAN work! I also agree, don’t bust on Meg, the more info this site can get out on adoption, the better, i say! Good Luck lil doggie 🙂

  18. Rachael says:

    I agree. But I’m still not clicking on the video because I know there’s nothing I can do about this poor baby. 😦

  19. Dana Lunger says:

    <<>>> and gives Kzgz applause. Well put, very well put.

    You win the internets for today!!! 🙂

  20. Well said.

  21. C’mon people–where’s your CO community spirit? Let’s spread the word and get this dog adopted. We only have 2 days! Stop thinking of what CO can do for you (and HAS done) and let’s see what we can do for CO. And for Bree.

    CO has brought us all so much happiness–it’s not too much to ask for us to give some back. You think a sidebar and a puppy-on-death-row pic are sad? Imagine the pain those unwanted animals must feel. WE CAN CHANGE IT!!!

  22. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    I strongly agree with everything you said.

    I cannot bear looking at that pig in a cage every time I come here lately. I almost don’t even want to come here any more because i get too upset.

  23. I agree too.

  24. Kristophrase says:

    AMEN. Adblock, guys 🙂
    CO is one of my critical refuges and I’ve already been a vegetarian since i was 14, etc. Please let us look at snorgables in peace.

  25. It appears that Brea is available to be adopted by Rescue only, not individuals.

  26. CharlieBoo says:

    I agree that this kind of news is a bit of a downer on CO, but there is a silver lining to this cloud.

    For everyone who is saying “I’m not clicking any links!!” and “I can’t do anything about this!” The link for Second Chance Photos is worth a gander. This page specifically: http://secondchancephotos.org/index2.php#/info3/1/

    What a great organization! The pet photos are wonderful, and the photographer is pretty adorable too! I love the tips on how we can make a difference at our local shelters if we are so inclined.

  27. Mamabear says:

    I realize that CO is Meg’s baby and she can run it however she wants and that we are free to not visit. That said, it is a business. CO makes money from selling ads and merchandise. I am a business owner, too, and I want to know, honestly, what my customers think of how I am doing and if I decide to take it in a new direction, that they approve. I want feedback and strive to make my customers happy, as their happiness is what pays my bills.

    The reason we come here, is to escape the bad things in life. It is a refuge. Yes, we know that animals are horrifically abused every day. We know that they are being euthanized by the droves. WE are the kind of folks who give our time, money, and emotional investment to helping, saving, and loving animals. As someone else pointed out, it’s kinda like preaching to the choir. WE’RE the ones in the trenches. Sometimes it’s nice to just escape the sadness that we all know exist and many of us see every day.

    As a CO ‘customer’ I have to echo the sentiments of several posters. I appreciate the work that goes into CO and I imagine that Meg is interested in using CO’s popularity to spread the word and help people understand the plight of animals everywhere. That’s a noble thing to do. That said, it often is a downer for me to see the pitiful pigs or pups on the sidebars.

    In a perect world , such ads wouldn’t need to exist, but we don’t live in a perfect world. And that’s precisely WHY I come to CO: to escape our imperfect world.

  28. agreed

  29. very sad. i won’t click links or i’ll be a crying mess in no time.

    i wish people would neuter/spay their pets. there would be less homeless animals. i wish all animals at kill-shelters could be saved.

  30. Connie z says:


  31. yolanda says:

    Fah, so many sad stories, this one is not even somehow different or unique. Yeah, if there’s someone up there has the ability to take this pitbull, that would be cool. I watched the video, being of strong heart and willing tears. It is not a sad video, it’s okay. Saddest thing about it is the hay-strewn kennel at the shelter and her sad eyes. However, I also noticed that she has a powerful need for some dog whispering. This IS a dog who will attack others in her present state. She is not aggressive, she is excited/nervous and that nervous excitement will, and doubtless has in the past, result in serious problems if not addressed and retrained.
    Thousands of pets a day still do not have the quality of life we think they deserve. Adopt an older pet if you possibly can. Adopt as soon as a hole opens that can accommodate someone, and never adopt that one too many lest you become part of the problem by accident.
    Now please not lets turn this admittedly rich resource site into another save the children commercial weeping into it’s proverbial boots.

  32. Camaleao says:

    I do believe that this post needs a disclaimer that says Bree is only available for adoption BY RESCUES and NOT by INDIVIDUALS.

    While I do appreciate the effort made on behalf of Bree… this small fact makes the posting on CO less appropriate (I imagine most everyone who comes to CO is not affiliated with a Rescue). Those individuals that were interested in helping have to click on all the links and read the Facebook comments to figure out that she’s not available… and this makes us even more depressed.

  33. oaklandcat says:

    I understand the points being made here, but sheesh– I’ve been a CO fan for years and I can probably count the “save this animal” posts on one hand. This is exactly like what happens when she posts a picture of a human and everyone gets their panties in a bunch. Let’s give Meg a break 🙂

  34. me too.
    all my cats are from the streets of boston, so i do what i can.
    and the pig ad is very upsetting.
    we all know what goes on, but we come to co for cuteness and love
    and being uplifted.
    remember the story about the dog who stayed by his soldier masters coffin?
    that was sad too but not in a destructive way. and also prompted much discussion.
    perhaps just a picture and no sad sad video or links for the sad stories?

  35. Kathy Skinner says:

    I wholeheartedly agree!

  36. Chihgirl says:

    Agreed, and well-said. For all the sweet, happy photos and comments on CO that brighten my day, I’m also happy to see Meg and The Gang use this site to help animals in need. It’s sad to see those animals in need, but it doesn’t ruin my enjoyment of CO, and if it helps these poor little critters, that’s a small price to pay.

  37. cocoaandchip says:Arg, nobody neuters their pets in West Virginia and there are tons of “kill shelters.” It kills me with sadness.

    coco: Please be informed I live in WV and I have had my cats spayed and nutered (strays)

  38. I look at this site through google reader. No ads, no sidebar stuff, just pure cute. Problem solved on my end.

  39. Mamabear says:

    I agreed with the sentiment of your post (but in my usual long-winded fashion, lol). That post still has me in the mod lounge, but I wanted to let you know that I, too, agree with you.

  40. You’re right, Oaklandcat. We get many, many, many pleas for help and for charity and we only publish a handful – because this site it not primarily about charity, but it’s about being a ‘digital anti-depressant’ (as one reader so aptly put it years ago!) Sometimes, though rarely, we see ‘cute’ intertwine with ‘sad’ and this is one of those times.

    Thanks for reading, everyone. I hope this dog Bree gets a a home, and meanwhile, we’ll keep delivering Teh Cute!

  41. Chihgirl says:

    Meg, you’re awesome. ‘Nuff said.

  42. agreed!

  43. Seriously. Go take a walk at your local pound. Dogs that look like this one are 80% of the population. It’s a given that most of them are going to be put down. There are more dogs than available homes.

    Most of these dogs have no unusual issues. – Here’s surprise – for the first few months with any rescue, you should supervise interactions with children and any other pets/animals that rescue animal encounters. You don’t know their history, you play it safe.

    New dog owners should learn a bit about a dog’s method of communication. A good start are these posters (I am not affiliated with the artist, found these online and love the media)


    Body Language & Calming Signals

    CO – I’m happy to see you get on the rescue train – but a nice big link on the sidebar is a good place to start. Your readership is all over the place, and there is no way you can put up local adverts for all of us. And rescues typically don’t allow their dogs to be adopted far and away (good rescues, that is. If you find an exception my advice would be to run away.)

  44. Ah. Thank you!

  45. I would totally not mind if CO had a permalink to adoption sites with a no guilt rotating banner of pics of pets in need of a forever home. (The right audience is sure going to be here)

    People who can adopt should and people who can’t shouldn’t have their heart hurt all the time because they can’t.

    (of ALLLL the spam in the world, if it’s spam that could save a pets life,..I can look the other way)

  46. Instead of all the chatter, how bout somebody from West Virginia stepping up and adopting the dog.
    I got more dogs and cats then you can shake a stick at but if one comes to my house and needs a home they are always welcome.

  47. Meg, you are a gem. ♥

  48. Nobody is forcing all of the whiners to view this site. Meg has put a lot of effort in CO for our benefit. I would like to see less negative comments and more people willing to help comments. While I cannot adopt another dog, I can provide a leg of the transport. I live in southern Ohio.

  49. Stephanie Heney says:

    there’s plenty of homes without children

  50. I have a suggestion. I know we come here to see cute things. And I know Cute Overload has a huge following of people with big hearts. So what about a separate tab up top called “Animals in Need” or some such thing so people can click on it if/when you’re in the mood and if you’re in a position to do something about it. Also, ads geared to that sort of thing can go on this page. I know it’s extra work but if so many core viewers are upset by seeing a sad story (and I know many come to be cheered up) then this could be a win-win solution. Wouldn’t obviously get the same traffic as the main page, but it would get only people who are interested. I know it’s easier to make suggestions than to implement.

  51. concerned says:

    I’m in the mod lounge. dark chocolate, please.

  52. However much I agree, the website mods have said that this isn’t a site for activism, at least in the past. Maybe that’s changing?

  53. rooanne says:

    Thank you Meg!

  54. Rosebud says:


  55. Word!

    Who do you whiny people think you are telling Meg not to inconvenience your feelings and sense of righteous I’m-already-a-do-goonerness with reality?

  56. You know, ‘goonerness’ was an accident, but I rather like it.

  57. Meg, I just wanted to say THANK YOU for this website. I have been diagnosed for years with major depression and bipolar disorder, and I come to your website several times a day– it is a VERY effective digital anti-depressant. Your posting to rescue an animal does not seem inappropriate to me–it is good to remember that others (people, animals) have troubles, too. Thank you, thank you for this website and for all the effort that you put into it.

  58. Mamabear says:

    Have I truly offended? I left a comment about 12 hours ago and it is still in moderation.

  59. oaklandcat says:

    Oh, and to everyone disturbed about the ad… I don’t know exactly how these things work, but I am 90% sure that Meg does not have control over what the ads are.

  60. Mine is completely gone. 😦

  61. I agree! I actually read the comment section with the hope to find good news about it, and all I could find were people whining. That’s what is sad about this story!

  62. Katherine says:

    This poor dog is in more distress than we’ve ever experienced, and I am not upset at being asked to try to help her. This site is for people who genuinely like animals and view them as something more than “digital antidepressants.”

  63. AGREED!!!

  64. Sadly, another mass generalization about WV. I promise I have all my teeth and I spay/neuter my pets

  65. you also can subscribe to the rss feed through your favorite email program!

  66. we change along with meg’s moods. she refuses the medication, so we’re stuck in a never-ending cycle of fear and ecstasy.

    okay, i liked about the fear part.

  67. No, there aren’t, that’s the problem.

  68. 63% or higher?

  69. i don’t know about that photographer. all the pictures start out fine and then get all blurry!

  70. Yes. No! Yes! No…


  71. Veronica says:

    Ditto! I was really hoping to see that someone miraculously has stepped forward to adopt this munchkin! I still hope someone does!

  72. While I can’t adopt this animal or any other dog or cat because of allergies, I do adopt rescued hamsters. I can’t do it all, but I can do a little. I’ll put up with the difficult pictures if one person can take this dog. Way to go rescuers.

  73. Kay Webster says:

    I agree! Give Meg a break. She is doing a good thing here and I hope it gets good results. I believe it will. What’s wrong with you people anyway?!!!!

  74. So advocating adopting shelter animals now counts as ‘activism’? Really?

  75. Yes me too, I was actuall hoping to read that the story ended happily. Somehow.

  76. amen

  77. ^ this

  78. this site is wonderful – they don’t just help us to keep up our spirits, but they try to help animals keep a hold of theirs. i love it, and i am happy to see it.
    i am saying a little prayer that this pooch finds a forever home. without this post i wouldn’t have known who to send a prayer out for.
    thanks Meg for showing the heart behind the cute – it’s a lovely thing to do.

  79. All dogs should be supervised around children, even ones without disclaimers. Most people/kids I know that have been bitten by dogs have been bitten by ones that “wouldn’t hurt a fly” and that are “great with children”. Including my brother who had the side of his face ripped off by a family friends dog that we were told was great with kids and let her play with them she loves kids. Which she did right up until she didn’t.

  80. Poor pup.
    Sadly she looks like she may be full or part pit bull which really limits her adoption potential – stupid breed specific bans

    I hope she finds a new home.

  81. i don’t have children except for my two fur-babies. we adopted/rescued both of them. abbie we got from a friend’s neighbor because he didn’t want her and neglected her, her original owner left her when he moved and the new guy in the house didn’t care about her and she ate cat food til she was super unhealthy. now abbie is just fat from me not being able to handle her sweet face wanting a treat. sookie came from a shelter about an hour away because she was on her last “return” there, noone could handle her anxiety and how she’s not exactly cuddly and lovey but we have gotten her used to us and she shows us love in her own way. i spoke with my husband about this particular dog, and if we were close enough we would foster her as long as she could get along with our other girls. it’s bad timing for us though because next month we’re going on vacation for about 10 days and have to board our babies, and we all know how much that will cost in both money and heartache 😦

  82. I looked at the link – the good news is that she appears to have found a home!

  83. I think it’s the site itself that people including myself view as a digital antidepressant, and in no way the animals themselves. Being in the uk in a rented flat there is little I can do in this or many other situations, but it spurs me on to do what I can, even if it is the odd donation or trip to my local dogs home to take the anipals-in-waiting for a walk and some love.

  84. Yes, there are. My home doesn’t have children, and neither do most of my friends’ homes. If we weren’t in Oregon, I’m sure one of us would be able to adopt this dog.

  85. Poor sweet baby… I’m crying…

  86. Was behind on my RSS feed reading and hit the Facebook link. As of today, and adoption is pending and the pup is saved, or so says the Facebook page! 😀

  87. And that’s why it’s worth feeling a little sad sometimes – because by reaching a wider audience this pup’s chances were increased, and she was saved. Hurrah!

  88. Thanks for passing on the good news, Rayna! I am so so happy to hear that.

  89. YES!!!!!!!

  90. “runs out into yard where lots of fir branches are lying from the windy day, grabs one, tests it…..beeeeeends it slowllllly…..CRACK”…….

    “shyly holds it out it owt eyes cast down….”here Meg, its a break for you coz loving teh cute means loving teh cuties”. thank you.

  91. i’m picking up what yo laying down, preach it!

  92. thank you meg!!!

  93. yay!!! thanks for giving the good news and for giving tammys everywhere a good name!

  94. she was saved! and maybe because she got a huge chance provided to her by meg! all you nuffers can stuff it. go team co!

  95. There are a thousand dogs just like her in your state. If you’re wanting to adopt a very sweet dog that would otherwise be euthanized—just call around. Don’t wait for a sob story to take action.

  96. Me, Echo! says:

    Actually, I rather love that word too!!

  97. snurfles says:

    I’ll add my name to those who don’t have children. Our next door neighbors’ children are all grown up so they don’t have children in the house, either. There are many, many homes out there with no children, especially noawadays.

  98. snurfles says:

    Thank you Meg. I’m 99% sure your post had something to do with this doggie being adopted.