Never Seen You Wear That Color Before

That facial did wonders. You are absolutely glowing! Did you change your hair? Is that a new shade of lipstick?

You’d think they’d never seen a leucistic sugar glider before, Dave H.



  1. Fird Birfle says:

    I shall return to the meme that Theresa posted, the other day, from days-gone-by SNL/ Steve Martin & (? not sure) Bill Murray…. “Wot tha hay-ull IZ that thang???”

  2. i think this sweet critter went to the eye doctor
    and had his/her eyes dialated!

  3. smallthunder says:

    Aw, c’mon now — you’re going to hurt it’s sweet little frosted feelings.

    [No, I’ve never seen a leucistic sugar glider before — heck, I don’t even know what “leucistic” means. “Big black-eyed squirrely cute”?]

  4. He’s Vanilla! Can I kiss him to make sure???

  5. Guinea Peeg Lover says:

    As soon as I scrolled down, my immediate thought was, “Oh my gosh, what is that thing?!?!” But then I realized whatever it is, it’s ADORABLE.

  6. You may not be experiencing technical difficulties…. but I certainly am…….

  7. I learn something new every day… I had to look up the definition of leucism, and here it is (from Wikipedia):

    “Leucism is a condition characterized by reduced pigmentation in animals and humans. Unlike albinism, it is caused by a reduction in all types of skin pigment, not just melanin.”

    I believe that a synonym, at least where it concerns sugar gliders, should be adorable.

  8. In Nebraska we had leucistic and melanistic squirrels. Yup, white and black squirrels who lived along with the regular reds and grays. It was wonderful!

  9. *beep*

  10. old goatlady says:

    I have a Cornish Rex cat, so the first thing I thought of was, “Hey, that’s cool, now they have Rex hamsters too!” It soooo looks like one!!! And with the ears folded down like that, I’m thinking he’s worried someone is going to take his little treat away from him!

  11. I need to ee it in order to believe it. 🙂 Do you have any pics?

  12. Blast. Of cours I will ee, or even EEEEEE, as soon as I SEE it 🙂

  13. Fird Birfle says:

    Well-volleyed, bmc 🙂

  14. Fird Birfle says:

    *shakes pompoms for Berg’s research motivation*


  15. No worries–it was way more fun than working!

  16. Sugars can take one or two lumps.

  17. Looks like the love child of a sheep and a mouse.

  18. Squinty Mcbuggleeyes’ plan was working. As he nibbled the sweet delicious treat, mixed with his naturally sugary self, he became a being who saw beyond the sweet. He saw into the eye of the All-Knowing Cute.

    And he teleported to the TOP of his cage.

    “I’m free!!!”

  19. Pyrit, I hereby award you and Dave H. 5 million Internetz each for proper identification of this glider as leucistic and NOT albino.

  20. victoreia says:

    Now that’s taking the BEF a bit far!

  21. Blue Footed Booby says:

    Only if the cat had hands

  22. “Leucistic” means, approximately, “not quite albino”. In this cute little guy’s case, his fur is white but his eyes are their normal dark color. If he were a full albino, his eyes would be pink.

  23. PS and his cute little ears are their normal color too!

  24. cellarmouse says:

    the cat with hands video is nasty…i think blue footed booby is a smelly little troll…

  25. Yellow body and black ears? Pikachu-!!

  26. Legotech says:

    Ohohoh, Go to the wikipedia page for Leucism…there’s an AMAZING picture of a Leucistic PEACOCK…totally white tail fan!!

  27. Eeek, alien eyes!!

  28. Theresa says:

    No, it’s a smelly little bird.

  29. I do have some pictures I found, but attaching is something I am seriously lacking in the skill department.

  30. Leilani says:

    That is the PINKEST nose I’ve ever seen! Impressive!

  31. Leilani says:

    Ok, now what did that have to do with the leucistic sugar glider?

  32. My what BIG eyes you have!

  33. Also maybe because I am hungry but, he reminds me of a perfectly toasted Marshmallow!

  34. Yes, it was Bill Murray.