Fuzzy Math

In a darkened city, in the middle of the night, a lone worker sits working at his desk, doing your taxes.

Ammy H., Spot can’t go on like this! Ammy’s story: “So my Mom calls and says, “We just rescued a kitten! I know you were thinking of getting a buddy for Pixel. Do you suppose your could take her?” And I say, “Well, hmm, maybe, hem, haw.” And then my cousin sends pictures to my phone. Next thing I know, I’m meeting my mom, and taking custody of a really cute, really tiny kitten. She went to the office for the first few days because she was too small to stay home by herself. You can see how much help she was.”



  1. I’m on Ur desk, drinkin’ yo’ caffeine.

    Look at those clawsies!!

  2. Hooray for ResQte! And hooray for offices that let you bring in a baby kitty! If I were this gal’s coworker, I would have had a very low productivity week.


    Iz jelluz.

  4. Good on you Ammy and on your mother for rescuing and adopting this cute little ball of orangey fluff. And my employer also would never let me bring a kitten or puppy to work so I’m also very very jealous.

  5. that is just about the cutest thing ever!!

  6. orange cats make the very best friends.

  7. Am I being sent to the lounge for being jelluz?? Well I am so there!
    Can I have some hot chocolate wile I’m waiting? Pleeeease. 🙂

  8. Yes, you may. Have a scone with that, also. They’re fresh out of the oven.

  9. All this cute is making me thirsty!

  10. If you’re in there because you’re jelluz, it’s going to get awfully crowded. Might as well get out the party hats and games and make the most of it.

  11. Rachael says:

    Hugs to Ammy.
    Hugs to Ammy’s mom.
    Hugs to Pixel (who now has a naughty bebbeh sister to contend with).
    The gentlest of hugs to bebbeh marmie.

    And… Ammy, is your company hiring, by any chance?

  12. I need one of these to help me through this tax season! now to talk my boss into it…

  13. I bet you no one got any work done in that office…

  14. I’m guessing the name ‘Spot’ is ironic for this little stripy guy? Also, CLAWS and TINY TUNG! Must pet! ENH!!

  15. You may think it’s cute now, but soon those kittens WILL learn how to use straws, and once they do, they will assert their sucky dominance over us humans and make us their slaves!!!!!!

  16. Starfish says:

    I thought we were already their slaves?

  17. JenDeyan says:

    Awww… that little gal gives you all the kitty spit you’ll ever need. ^_____^

  18. My 10 have certainly got me enslaved.

  19. Orangies are indeed quite special.

  20. I’m not going to let a ginger cat do my taxes; I’ll end up in the red!

    But I bet she’s a whiz at Form 1040QT,


  21. kibblenibble says:

    There are NO TEEF in this babeh’s mouf! She has nice pointy clawses to tide her over until the teefies show up.

  22. Maybe named for Data’s kitty? And it DOES go with Pixel! Spot ‘n’ Dot! Good one.

  23. OMG! You’re right! There are no teef at all in her wittle mouf.
    Well then that explain the straw, she is of course on a liquid diet. 🙂

  24. Theresa says:

    Um, yeah, I think that slave ship has left the harbor. 😛

  25. Smallthunder says:

    Har! 1040QT!
    Your warmer, friendlier IRS . . .

  26. Theresa says:

    Those famous kitten needle claws. Just remembering them digging into my legs makes me twitch. 😥

  27. Theresa says:

    PS How STINKIN’, STINKIN’ adorable is this? I know it has been posited often among teh CutePeeps, but WHY THE HECK don’t we all have DesKKittens?!!!

  28. Smallthunder says:

    I dunno if I’d want her doing my taxes, then . The IRS has teeth, after all. I’d want my tax preparer to have claws and FANGS!

  29. Oh, I’d forgotten about Data’s kitty! *grin*

  30. Ack-shoo-ally, I’d rather have a cafe au lait.

  31. 13bodies says:

    I miss the days when I had a desk kitten! I got in trouble and had to leave the wee tiny itty bitty orange kitty at home. He’s now 20 pounds and no longer wee nor tiny nor itty nor bitty any more. I miss that too. (sings) “Me-e-e-e-e-mories….”

  32. How about a cat-puccino?

  33. Mary (the first) says:

    Am I the only one who has noticed that spectacular eyebrow whisker?? omg!

  34. libraries sometimes used to have resident cats,
    but no more.. now our patrons will bring i their well behaved pups.

  35. Ali-Baba says:

    Holy caterpillar antennas, Mary-you’re right!
    Spot better be careful, she might put an eye out wif those! Mainly mine as I lean into snorgle her! 🙂

  36. I’m surprised the people at her office let her take that adorable thing home.

  37. 😆 I bet the whole office where Ammy H. works at had a few days of low productivity while everyone there was taking turns just cuddling that sweet little cutie or did Ammy H.’s boss have that kitten in his/her office during those few days 😆

  38. 😆 Yeah, everyone including the boss were taking turns cuddling that sweet little kitty 😆

  39. 😆

  40. So do I, Theresa, but I was lucky to be wearing jeans at the time. Still it was “YE-EE-EE!”

  41. 😆 I wondered the same thing, Kar, or asked Ammy H. to bring the kitty with her 😆

  42. I am so glad that you are able to adopt this sweet little kitty, Ammy H. 😀 What is her name? 😀

  43. !!!
    I want to bring my well-behaved doggeh to the library!!
    where? where is this magical place?
    only thing better is when I get to bring M.Schn. to the bar. (they love her)

  44. Jeans? They LOVE jeans! They love to dig those little needles into them! I had a cat who used to say “Oh, she’s wearing jeans, it’s the Walking Scratching Post today.” 😛

  45. victoreia says:

    I, too, am tooootally jealous! I WANNA OFFICE CAT!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!1!!1! *pouts like a thwarted five year old*

  46. victoreia says:

    And I have scars to prove it! 😉

  47. victoreia says:

    For shame! Forgetting Data’s cat! Although, Spot did go into seclusion for a while, I heard…..gender confusion. (One season, Spot was a ‘she’; another season, Spot was ‘he’.)

  48. victoreia says:


  49. Hubby gets to wear jeans to work. We carpool. He’s typically ready for work a few minutes before me, and will sit down on the bed to wait. Philo and Maggie recognize that this is Quality Time ™, and Maggie will come sit on his denim-clad leg, while Philo bats at her from below.

  50. Sooooooo, it’s okay for my office building’s uncleaned ducts to fill the air with dust and make everyone sneeze, but not okay to bring a kitteh to work. Discrimination!!

  51. Fird Birfle says:

    Ai kan haz caffeine????? 😉

  52. Fird Birfle says:

    Personally, I’m glad to see v. pout like a thwarted [great adjectival choice, btw]
    five-year old. I’m not the only one who does that.


  53. Fird Birfle says:

    “like the caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawnahs of my miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiind….misty water-colored memmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm’ries….uv tha way we werrrrrrrrre…..”

    Not that Barbra, the Other Barbra

  54. Fird Birfle says:

    To almost-quote the famous “Where’s Waldo?” Books:

    “Where’s Teho???……Marmie on board !!!”

  55. “…of the way we fur….”

  56. Fird Birfle says:

    ooooooo nice twist, there, Noelegy 🙂

  57. 13bodies says:


  58. Speaking as an actual revenue agent (ducking the inevitable things thrown at me this time of year), I can gar-on-tee you that you will DEFINITELY receive a “no change” from me if I can take the kitty home. All I ask is that you don’t tell MY boss, we have a reputation to uphold after all…

  59. You sure that baby’s a girl? I’ve read 75% of orange-haired cats are male.

  60. kodalai says:

    And then in another season, Spot had kittens…

  61. So adorable!
    And hooray for office cats! My littlest one has been at my office twice – but last time he peed in my office, so i have banned him (I work for myself). Plus, since I teach he turned into a distraction to the students……..

  62. birds9y9 says:

    The Dustbunny of Disapproval. :3

  63. shhhh.
    we don’t advertise it, but the branches will let pups in.
    just be adorables and no barking.

  64. bob drummond says:

    I hope that’s not the capuccino I ordered ! ( I think I’m gonna need an Alka Selzter after seeing this !)

  65. bob drummond says:

    Now I know I ‘m gonna need an Alka Selzter !!!

  66. Indeed! And you said she is a she? I have a huge soft spot for female orange tabbies.

  67. If you were allowed to take a cute little kitty with you to work, sal, I am sure NO ONE would be throwing anything at you, but instead would want to cuddle your kitty as you discuss that person’s IRS forms 😀 I live in Canada and we do have our own IRS 🙂

  68. In my case, it was my half-sister’s three white kittens, Snowflake (girl) + Snowman (boy) + Snowball (boy), who were just 1 month old at the time, Theresa 😀 Small enough to want to be picked up and light enough that their little needles gave them all the support they needed to climb up my legs while mewing all the way up 😀 (Mom was a widow with two children, my half-sister (Anne) and my half-brother (Seann) when she met my Dad and then had my brother (Joe) and later me.)

  69. susannadawn says:

    that widdow mouf just keeels me!