Friday Haiku: Good Grief

I’ll cheer up because

Charlie Brown says happiness

Is a warm puppy

Sender-inner Lauren V.’s basset hound baby is just a li’l peanut.



  1. need…………….CPR…………….STAT!!! i’m ded from the cuteness that abounds in those sweet little (wait for it) puppy-dog eyes!!!

    *sound of body falling and hitting the floor in a canyon Wile E. Coyote Style*

  2. kibblenibble says:

    Generous earses
    Wheeskery soft muzzlepowsche
    Halp! I am een loff!

  3. Theresa says:

    EEEEEEEEEEEEEK! Oh my STINKIN’ GOSH, what a cutie patootie!

    My thinking-thingie cannot make poetry-thingies while looking at that adorkable puppy-thingie!

  4. 260Oakley says:

    I’m a basset hound
    I was born to look this sad
    Love me, love my jowls

  5. Theresa says:

    Oh noes, I am moderated. Any of those scones left? Cranberry, to be specific?

  6. Perma-press bebbeh,
    Matchingks collar, belly, toes.
    I call dibs on ears!

  7. Eastie78 says:

    It’s okay puppeh
    There’s no need to be so sad
    It’s Haiku Friday!

  8. Starfish says:

    Don’t be sad, puppy!
    It’s Friday, the weekend’s here!
    Time for a nice nap.

  9. Loff the wee puppeh
    Smooches and hugs to heem
    Loff the wood floor too

  10. savvy_geek says:

    The ears, the whiskers
    the big, round, splayed pawsies – I
    am dead from the cute.

  11. I can’t even post mine, never mind moderation… ::poof it’s gone:: 😦

  12. Starfish says:

    What, moderation?
    I hope the lounge has coffee.
    I’d like two sugars.

  13. savvy_geek says:

    Apparently, you
    can’t say dead, or you end up
    in moderation.

  14. da da dat
    da da da
    daa daaaaa

  15. I’ve got canberries covered in dark chocolat, would that do?

  16. skippymom says:

    Ooh, how about if I bake some of those in scones? (puts on apron, shuffles into kitchen)

  17. Basset hounds always remind me of Marvin the robpt from the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxie. Life. Don’t talk to me about life.

  18. I call dibs on the belly rubs.

  19. He’s so worried about the baggage retrieval system they’ve got at Heathrow.

  20. skippymom says:

    This puppy looks incredibly clean, as though he just came from the puppy factory.

  21. skippymom says:

    Whatever, I’ll just shut up and finish making the scones.

  22. ashagato says:

    ooh what a great idea! mmmm….

  23. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    Then, puppeh, you are happiness in a fur coat.

  24. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    I haven’t been in the mod lounge in a long time. Do you deliver to the “other side?”

  25. i’ve had this haiku sitting around for ages & even tho
    it isn’t about a basset…

    my kitteh he purrs
    making biscuits on the bed
    in the white blanket.

    thank you (phew).

  26. Out-of-control ears
    Chubby legs, wrinkles galore
    My own Prince Charming!

  27. And now I’ve got headache.

  28. Do your Ears Hang Low
    Do they wobble too and fro
    Do your Eaaaaars hang Low!

  29. O M G Puppy!
    Twice as long as it is tall
    Deploy grabby hands

  30. ashagato says:

    If only I could
    Hide beneath that velvet ear
    I’d never come out

  31. chub and big fat paws
    is all it takes to keel me
    but those ears, oh my!

  32. Fird Birfle says:


  33. skippymom says:

    Here, everybody! A platter of chocolate-cranberry scones, a bowl of clotted cream, and a steaming pot of freshly brewed coffee. Tuck in!

  34. Fird Birfle says:

    whooo [other than KA] gnu

    that this song

    wuz a Haiku??

  35. Fird Birfle says:

    *worries about sk’mom*

  36. mmmm! can I bring the puppy?

    (*snerk!* I know that’ll get me in to the lounge!)

  37. Since Pyrit referenced Charlie Brown we might as well have some music to go along with the cranberry scones covered in choc. eh ?

  38. kibblenibble says:

    Amazing! 🙂

  39. is there sugarless
    for us poor diabetics
    in the old mod lounge?

  40. skippymom says:

    I’m in #%#^$&^*&^***$@# moderation for saying the puppy is clean.

  41. skippymom says:

    What the *#&#%^%^^&??!!

  42. skippymom says:

    We can’t say “clean”?

  43. skippymom says:


  44. Starfish says:

    I’ll see if I can’t jerry-rig the old pneumatic tubes (like on The Jetsons!) and pipe some of that out for ya.

  45. skippymom says:

    puppy puppy puppy

  46. skippymom says:

    So, if you type the other spelling of “puppeh”, nothing happens? Did we know this?

  47. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    I think there’s a spanner in the works.

  48. Cool Monty Python reference. You win.

  49. Well, would you like me to go sit in the corner or rather I just fall apart here? 😛


  51. Stunbunny says:

    I’m very sorry
    For what you will discover
    Upstairs in your bed

  52. Looks like the Mod Gods are at it againe, eh?

  53. victoreia says:


  54. victoreia says:

    Ooooohhhhhhhhh!!!! Skippymom, you’re the bestest! Thanks!

  55. thanks! I’ve been in the mod lounge so long now! what is even UP? I thought my haiku was cute! on second thought, what is the clotted cream for? is clotted a good thing?

  56. skippymom says:

    It’s way, way awesome. Put some on your scone.

  57. skippymom says:

    Um, that was for Cashew. But yes, I am the best. You’re welcome.

  58. I loff the CO peeps. Y’all are just nutty and funny and I can’t get enough.

  59. Theresa says:

    And Haiku. The only thing worse could be a Vogon Poetry reading. 😛

  60. Oh, Cashew, if you’ve never had clotted cream, you MUST try some. You may never come out of the Mod Lounge! Lol 😉

  61. You peeps just made my Friday! happy weekend to you all!!

  62. How did I get up here? *peers about in confusion*

  63. I tried to confirm this w/Sharpy yesterday, did not get a straight answer…
    (typical politician *grumblegrumble*)

    Perhaps think the lack of a response is our answer…

  64. Perhaps think?! dear jeebus it’s time for a drink…

  65. Fird Birfle says:

    *it’s ALWAYS the ‘lil woman’ who knows the solutions to everything 🙂 *

  66. Fird Birfle says:

    “there, there, sk’mom”

    I like how the cursing didn’t get moderated but the clean puppy did.

    “Why, I oughtta……” (grr)

  67. Fird Birfle says:

    MOST EXCELLENT ma’am/ sir 🙂

  68. Fird Birfle says:

    Sharpy will neither confirm nor deny …..


    “it all depends on the meaning of the word ‘is” ” …..

    Shifty Eyes

  69. Fird Birfle says:

    or is it a Spaniard in the Works?

    Not that John Lennon, the Other John Lennon

  70. snoopysnake says:

    To live is to dance
    Said Peanuts beagle Snoopy
    To dance is to live

  71. dead is the opposite of cute. the world really is black OR white.

  72. warrior rabbit says:

    On this site, it’s a spaniel in the works.

  73. Wow! Falls down stunned. Great Haiku.
    I love the giant feets. Just imagine the size of those toe beans!!

  74. Kallisto73 says:

    Ahm, da feeetzzzzzz!

  75. ‘deploy grabby paws’ pentameter FTW!