Is Your Car Equipped With GPS?

The Goggie Positioning System’s highly accurate dual receivers transmit the location of every burger joint drive-thru in town.

“At .17 miles, turn left. In 200 feet, turn right. If you love me, proceed to the Burger Barn drive-thru at the next intersection…”

Turn this car around, Ant!



  1. That is awesome. If I saw that, I’d be laughing so hard, I’m not sure I could snap the pic. 🙂

  2. Nugz_the_Kat says:

    Love the license plate. “1EARUP”. Splendid.

  3. Replace your outdated TomTom with the latest NomNom; light ears ahead of the competition.

  4. 1st lol of the morning, just the way I like it! 🙂

  5. Best license plate ever.

  6. Oakley, you’ve outdone yourself.

  7. And I like that bumper sticker too.

  8. What does it say (if it says anything)? It’s kind of blurred on my screen… I can haz enlightment?

  9. I can’t see the bumper sticker properly, what does it say?

  10. This car belongs to Cpt. Obvious… 🙂

  11. Brandi7920 says:

    That is one happy doglet!!! ❤

  12. Variation on a theme…
    Which came first, the licence plate or the dog?

  13. what if I wanted to replace it all and just get myself a NTMTOM?
    I’ll bet there’s a waiting list for one of those…

  14. looks piratey…

  15. Or a Teho. 😉

  16. there will never be a better vanity plate

  17. Niiicccee……Virginia really is for lovers……dog lovers that is!

  18. I couldn’t agree more.

  19. That license plate is so dead on!

  20. You know they got that license plate specifically to take this picture.

  21. So cute. Love the goggie and licence plate. Great directions “if you love me….” who couldn’t love a cutie like you?

  22. Maybe it says, “Ear there be pirates. Swab the deck, ye buccan-ear!”

  23. When in the car, we always navigate by standing in the front seat and pointing with our noses. It must work because no one ever complains about our navigation.
    It looks like this dog knows what he is doing.
    Bella and DiDi

  24. Bolt remembers his beg training.

  25. OMG!!! I was about to comment how much I love one ear up and one ear down, and THEN I SAW THE LICENSE PLATE! Sigh. That’s the sort of thing that makes life bearable.

  26. Yay, Captain Obvious! Writer and director of “The Publisher and The Sled,” “The Southern Belle Endures the Civil War,” and “The Nightclub Owner and the Freedom Fighter’s Wife.”

  27. Are you doggehs posting here? Do you give dictation to human minions, or have you figured out how to post yourselves?

  28. I think they got the plate specifically to drive around with him in the back window. I LOVE One Ear Up.

  29. So there’s 1 Ear Up. Does anyone else remember Jeffrey “Hac-Man” Leonard, of the 1980s San Franciso Giants, and his “One Flap Down” home run trot?

  30. PS: I just remembered that Leonard’s other nickname was “Penitentiary Face.” 😆

  31. We learned how to post blogs on our own with some human help.

  32. I agree. And I suspect that they taught the pupster to pose for photos–the juxtaposition of doggie and license plate is spot on!

  33. So EndEARing

  34. Well, that’s a relief that you need some human help. Because, the day that my dog learns to operate my laptop is the day that I come home from work and find that he’s spent all day ordering bones and treats from online catalogs. And hired a belly-rubber from Craig’s List.

  35. hEAR hEAR!

  36. Mary (the first) says:

    There’s a line out around the block. Get in line! (ditto Teho)

  37. Mary (the first) says:

    Hurray! Someone saw my ad for my services as “belly-rubber”! Why would you stop your dog from hiring me?

  38. I’ve had a Teho on order for a couple of years, but it never gets delivered.

  39. Yeay for Theresa’s baseball references! I remember that trot around the bases. SI compared it to running the bases like a crippled Cessna.

  40. That plate is the best!

  41. Wow, I had completely forgotten about Leonard. As a lifelong Giants fan, I salute you.

  42. I know! It’s so frustrating!

  43. Not surprised that they’re VW owners…
    From what I hear they’re the coolest 😉

  44. Every so often, I tehink about changing my screen name to Teheresa in honor of Teho. 😛

  45. DO EET!!!!

  46. Okay!

  47. I smell discrimination! Mary, you need an attorney?

  48. Well, I’m in Moderation. How about some lasagna?

  49. Whoa, I just noticed at the very end of that clip, under the title ;Cardinals Come Back, there was my all-time favorite, Keith Hernandez! In a Cardinals uni, unfortunately. 😛

  50. Fleurdamour says:

    Their other car says “one ear down.”

  51. I have a OneEarUp feline! He would be happy to direct me to the nearest burger joint, but would prefer to wait at in the comfort of his home home for me to deliver the goods…

  52. Why yes, we are! (assuming you meant the owners being the coolest!)

  53. I have a border collie whose ears do the same thing

  54. I’m so jealous!!! Can you imagine if you were saying that about your spouse? Suddenly not so cute.

  55. Fleurdamour says:

    He can haz cheezburger!

  56. (The Original) Mel says:


  57. Jo Hooten says:

    Oh my word!!! I DIED out laughing when I saw that! That’s awesome….

  58. Jo Hooten says:

    HAHAHA!!! So true fanci!