WHAT! IS! THAT? Puzzle Edition

Welcome to everybody’s favorite game show.  This week we take a twist on tradition and bring you a puzzle!  Take a look at a picture that is partially obscured and guess WHAT! IS! THAT?

Is it a. a pot bellied pig, b. a sea lion or c. a puppy?

Tic toc. Tic toc. Buzzzzzzz! Time’s up. Are you still puzzled? Let’s uncover some of the picture.

Have you figured it out?

If you guessed c. a puppy, you are correct! Thanks so much for playing and let’s thank this week’s sponsor, Sean Y.



  1. D’aww, I guessed “A”.

  2. That is, A) a puppy covered in puzzle-shaped white… shapes.

  3. Moi, Actually says:

    I cheated. But the eyes forgive me.
    Have you seen the story over at the Daily Mail about the breeder with 27 puppies? Put on your Cute-proof vest before checking it out.

  4. Yeah I guessed right!!!!!

  5. Moi, Actually says:

    Moderation. Sigh. Just hand me over that bowl of poopsicles and a bag of toe beans. See you moderately soon.

  6. Those big puppy eyes!

    *grabs puppy and sidles off*

  7. What’d I say?

    Are there cupcakes?

  8. Yummo!
    Another chocolate lab?

  9. Could one of you Cuteoverlords add a special tag (e.g., WHAT! IS! THAT?) to all of these WHAT! IS! THAT? posts? (i.e., Round 1, Round 2, and this one?

  10. Pupcakes!

  11. BEEP!

  12. Mutt + Puzzle = Muzzle
    And when you’re done playing, you must store the pieces in a muzzlepowsche, of course.

  13. I was right… it IS a sea lion!


  14. The nose gave it away, pigs and seal lions do not have nice wide muzzles like puppies so I wouls say that: Puppy won the contest by a nose!

  15. What did I say? (baroo?)

    Signed: Perplexed

  16. chocolate puppy! NOMNOMNOM
    mmm goes great with my coffee 🙂

  17. uhhh apparently puppy is a bad word? sharpy, can you confirm?

  18. *headtilt*
    mods are in overdrive this morning!

  19. Robin Kiesel says:

    That was fun! Puzzle me again!

  20. What a cute puppy! We hope he has a good home and some high quality plush toys.
    Bella and DiDi

  21. Wouldn’t that be Muttzzle?

  22. 😀

  23. Sometimes methinks the mod machine doesn’t speak English very well. Has to stop and wait for translations.

  24. 6ToedCats Rule says:

    It’s a cat. Is it a cat? I say its a cat. Or a dog. Could be a dog. Is it a dog? Its a dog?!?!? Dang.

  25. And your Nuff-Proof Helmet too, I presume.

  26. “i can neither confirm nor deny.”

    –Senator Cucumber B. Saltzenpfeffer

  27. Oh, have you joined us in the Mod Lounge, Senator Cucumber?

  28. ….And I’m never addressing the Senator by first name again…..

  29. Soooo, pup-pee is another password to the Mod Lounge?

  30. Pee!

  31. testing:

  32. daaannng…. apparently so!

    it’s almost 5, anyone want a G&T?

  33. If you make the G&Ts, I’ll whip up a bowl of 32-layer dip.

  34. That’sa lotta layers! did you stop off at Baskin Robins on the way to the Lounge? One layer for each flavor?

    Regardless, I think we have the beginningks of a, how you say.. Plan?

  35. What are you saying? I’ve been a Mod Lounge supporter long before it was popular. My first wife and I enjoyed the dancing.

  36. You said puppy!!!….perhaps?

  37. yep its the “p” word that’s moderating everyone.
    …hmmmm what’s for nibbles and libations?

    I got some chocolate cake over here 🙂

  38. 32 layers???!!

    *shuffles over to the mod lounge*

    I’ll bring the chips!

  39. Moi, Actually says:

    Dear Sharpy and All The Peeps
    My sincere apologies for bringing this other story to your attention. I should have known better. But I have seen the light. Trust me, I will never, ever,–cross my heart and hope to be reborn as a gecko–draw the Peeps’ attention to another story or photo unless it has been approved by the Nuffically Correct Board.
    Abashed and out of here,

  40. i think you may have misunderstood. anyone who clicks a story about a breeder with a dog producing more than a dozen puppies is bound to bring back some nuffing.

  41. Fird Birfle says:

    WHY in the [famous] Sam HILL would the Big Green Moderashun Machine
    feel faint in the presence of the word “puppies”????

    THAT makes NO sense at all.