Buenoth Diath, Babee

Your preenth has arrived. Keeth me, eef you dare.

Kat S., where has Misaki been all my life?



  1. *keesy-keesy smooch*

  2. Hmm, dog head on fluffy cat body? Eenteresting. I’m not usually a small-dog person, but I might need to nibble on Misaki for a while… Nomnomnom!!!

  3. He is a cute one:)

  4. gail pierson (bunny) says:

    Certainly has bedroom eyes!:)

  5. I think Misaki has been kissed so much already that the lipstick stain on his muzzle is permanent. And I can’t wait to add my color to the mix. Mouaaaah!

  6. You thly dog you!

    My Lily Chihuahua would loff heem!

  7. “Let me lisper sweet nothinks in your ear.”

  8. TrixandSam says:

    you killt me ded with that one!

  9. A classic Castilian ceceo is so cute!

  10. Fird Birfle says:

    (humble opeeenyon)

    Hee dussn’t look so humble …..cute, yes. But Ah dunno ’bout humble …

  11. so charming!

  12. he’s sexy and he knows it!

  13. Oh how I love zee chihuahuas! His rosy lips! Sigh… I only have one wee one of my own, but they are def better by the dozen!

  14. I was never a chihuahua fan until I adopted a sad little girl who’d never known a day of love. Now I don’t think even a dozen would be enough. 🙂

  15. amazing how when you get to know them how wonderful and indispensable they become 😉

  16. Animal print pants outta control…

  17. I know! While I don’t have a Chihuahua myself (someday), I loff them! There’s a lady that comes into the card store where I work & she has the sweetest lil’ fella. She carries him in one arm which picking out cards & he always looks so concerned….like “Mom, pick that one!”

  18. There’s a sweet little Chihuahua who lives up the road from me, called Pancho. When I first learned his name, I did the “Hey Pancho, Hey Cisco” call to his owner, who obviously had no idea what I was on about. (Does anyone remember the Cisco Kid, or am I really losing it?)

  19. I Haz a Funny Bone says:

    You’re not alone…I remember! It was so long ago, though. I seem to remember one was a handsome, debonaire fella and the other was a bit pudgy and funny? Most of all I remember the “Hey Pancho! Hey Cisco!” wordplay. Thanks for the memory!

  20. you know, I don’t have one either! I guess I meant dogs/pets in general, especially ones who really need you and really appreciate the love…

  21. burvegas says:

    Two days and no one has said it yet? In that case….*BOOP!”