Will you please check out this schnozzle action

1. Take one behbeh aardvark
2. Add some schnozzular movements
3. Enjoy! (and repeat)

Fave Frame™

Via Ant’s Quality Foraged Links!


  1. I love the wrinkly little belly at 1:49!!

  2. The bebeh is breathless with ant-icipation.

  3. schlemiel,

  4. Thank you, Oak, for always coming through with the perfect pun! Like Sunsweet, can you march on to the wrinkles? C’mon, you can do it!

  5. Well, judging from mom aardvark, I’d say that this little guy’s wrinkular skin condition is likely to de-crease with time.

  6. *standing ovation*

  7. Dats a peeg built by commitees.
    Where’s da coiley tale?

  8. 3-way love child hybrid of an elephant, a kangaroo and a dinosaur. well, that’s what i saw.

  9. with bunneh ears

  10. Looks an awful lot like Pooh’s friend piglet. Only wrinklier.

  11. Thank You Jujube ! I was thinking the same thing and wondering if I was the only one that thought that ! Not to mention wondering if I was getting so old I wasn’t remembering piglet correctly. It seems I’m not thanks to your comment.
    You Rock !

  12. There’s a craiglist joke in there but this is a family blog.

  13. emmberrann says:

    Tooooo cute!!! Not just the schnozzola, the eye capsulars, the floppybunnular earses!! Toooo moiche!

  14. A very impressive toe-to-body ratio!

  15. crashnandicoot says:

    Schnozz-hance, please!

  16. Oh Mr McWrinklisons, I luff your sniffinks, your scratchinks, your shlurpinks, your snugglinks….

  17. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    Love those big ol’ feet and those soft pink extry large ears.

  18. I don’t think I could plant my nose in a pile of sand and inhale vigorously over and over again…

  19. and that’s ok, cuz you’re not an aardvark! :)

  20. Do you know for sure that she’s not?

  21. Well, let’s ask her. Marthava, are you an aardvark???

  22. Marthava, if you are, in fact, an aardvark, may I be your best friend?

  23. It looks just like the blue thing in Star Wars that plays keyboards!! Well, you know, if it was blue…

  24. OMG…. *stunned contemplation*

  25. Agree! But this bebeh is way cuter!

  26. Peeps, have you seen the 1:30 – 1:40 part? These 10 seconds keeled me softly and completely :)

  27. It’s the bit when he puts his foot over his nose. That’s when I was keeled.

  28. What about the annoying one in the first prequel… the one that follows Princess Amalia (? errr… Natalie Portman).

    I’m totally feeling the Star Wars vibe.

  29. Hey… this comment wasn’t s’pposed to go here! lol, its supposed to be above on the Star Wars thread…

    *shuffles feet in failure and goes to the back of the room*

  30. We wish we had his sense of smell and could be bottle fed.
    Bella and DiDi

  31. cellarmouse says:

    baby aardvark gots no hair…makes him easier to tickle…

  32. I want to take a nap with a baby aardvark! (whiny voice)

  33. Such itchy little tummykins!!!!

  34. I was worried that he would eviscerate himself with those claws.

  35. haha! I never thought I’d find an aardvark cute!

  36. Love the sniffing at the sand pile. Makes me think of suction cups for some odd reason. Anyone else?


  38. No comment on those eye capsules? Although cuddling with Mom looks like fun.

  39. It’s the quicker picker-upper… love the earsies and the snuggling-up next to mom, so tie-tie


    That baby has a LOT of growing to do to grow into those!

  41. Eww, you guys.
    This animal is different, and I don’t like different.

  42. Okay… am I the only one who looked at this and saw an immediate resemblance between the baby aardvark and a nug from Dragon Age? >.>

  43. I just realized that Jar-Jar Binks is an Aardvark!


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