Take a Bow, Uggie

The mostly silent film The Artist roared at the Academy Awards, picking up five wins including Best Picture. We’d like to think a certain scene-stealing terrier named Uggie had something to do with it.



  1. Ouais, nous sommes les meilleurs ! :p

  2. Bravo Uggie!

    My award for Best Dressed!

  3. Uggie, we love you! You were so well behaved on stage. Had we won an Oscar we would have been doing laps around the humans giving the acceptance speech. Good work!
    -Bella and DiDi

  4. so the dobe didn’t win? i didn’t watch the oscars, but if the dobe got snubbed i’m sad.

    everyone loves flippin’ terriers, and dobes always get the snub. sigh.

  5. I do love Uggie’s background story and that he was a resQte 🙂

    Yay for Uggie! I am glad they did bring him to the stage during best picture 🙂

  6. cellarmouse says:

    i think the last sound on the live track of the video was a perfect…”oy vey”…

  7. Mary (the first) says:

    I hope some CO peep will translate for us. I did get that he’s a 9 yr. old Russell Terrier and I already knew he was a resQte dog! And in the movie (which I haven’t seen.)

  8. Best leg, best dressed & best behaved star on the red carpet !

  9. Uggie is the cutest terrier since Moose, the dog from the TV show Fraser.

  10. Mr. Uggie, we’re ready for your closeup.

  11. Here’s a rough translation:

    “Here is Uggie arriving to the red carpet at a showing of the mute film “The Artist” in London. Uggie is a 9-year-old Jack Russel Terrier who is capable of doing just about anything he is told. He showed for the photographers some of this tricks, which convinced everyone that he truly is an actor. The dog was accompanied at all times by his trainer, Omar Von Muller, whom we should not forget, since without his work, Uggie’s [the narrator he actually seems to say Iggy here 🙂 ] star would not be shining high in the sky of cinema.”

  12. Ubercute! Makes me think of Nick and Nora Charles’ pup, Asta : )

  13. Thanks, mie!

  14. Fird Birfle says:

    somebody who recomembers those uber-suave 1930’s “detectives” and their doggeh !!!

  15. Yes I saw the doberman in an interview with Martin Scorsese – she’s a really sweet doggie!!

  16. But he couldn’t resist commenting on his lack of Oscar award

  17. You beat me to it. I love Asta and the Charles duo!

  18. yaayy from over here too!
    “Asta” turns up quite regularly on crossword puzzles, so it’s handy to remember

  19. baahhh ahahahah


  20. I know where my brain is this afternoon… I looked at that and processed “sommeliers”

  21. Blackie was robbed!!!

  22. Asta was a wire haired fox terrier. Asta was his stage name. Real name? Skippy!

  23. I dont agree with your translation. it actually said, “Uggie is here to steal your soul. All hail Uggie, may he reign for ten thousand years. Praise be unto thee…”

  24. Fur is mur–huh? wha? oh. he is? Oh. That’s very different.

    Never mind.

    (RIP Gilda Radner)

  25. wowzers. all i heard was, “perro perro perro perro perro uggi perro perro ethetheth perro perro eth.”

  26. Made my day!

  27. Is he related to the actor who played Eddy Spaghetti on Frasier? He’s not old enough to be that actor I think, but looks enough like to be related! (what, can’t I call a dog an actor when he earns income acting, like people?)

  28. Love the movie!