Little Amelia Plays Make-Believe

Come along, puppy. You not s’posed to akshally eat da bowl of Legos.

Amelia and her new puppy in a totally imaginary place. I mean no floors are really that clean, Eva W.



  1. a baby and a puppy, what fun!

  2. Perhaps they are at Grandma and Grandpa’s. I know *my* floors are never that clean. Not even after I’ve just mopped them. The boy and the cats (and the husband) prevent any sort of pristine conditions I try to create.

  3. Also, is it possible to call matchinks? I like the doggy in da picture and the doggies on the pjs.

  4. Come on puppy, never mind the kibble, there’s human pink toe beans to nibble on.

  5. I’ve been put in the mod lounge corner again, where’s Patrick Swayze when you need him?

  6. Very sweet. Little Amelia looks like she’s taking good care of her puppy.

  7. HEY! Who put Gigi in the corner?!?

  8. I think Maru’s owner would disagree about no floors being that clean 😉

  9. And Amelia’s footsies match the pupper’s inner ears and toe beans.

    At least I think they do. In fact, I’d bet an unpickled pickle vodka mojito they do!

  10. Her pink feeeeeeet! they are the picture of so adorable you go idiotic looking at them that they illustrate the me… O.o

  11. Awwwwwww!!

  12. hi GiGi! I’m thinking a little Bailey’s on the rocks tonight….

  13. Yummm!

  14. i don’t get this post

  15. Don’t Maru and his person live in a totally imaginary place?

  16. Nobody puts Gigi in the corner.

    Get outta the corner, Gigi.

  17. *Pats SK on the head and shoos him/her gently away from the pretty baby and adorabuhls puppy playing nicely together, on a clean (!!!11111!!!!!) kitchen floor.

    Clean kitchen floor? Not in my house. Full of guinea pig hay.

  18. I kinda don’t get it either but I’m willing to play along. Also, what’s not to enjoy about a leetle girl and her pupalup? 🙂

  19. Dang it! Just when I think I’ve had an original thought: “Toe beanz!” I find that my CO homies have already said it.

    Wish I’d had pets growing up. I’ve had to make up for lost time, lol.

  20. Cute kid, cute pup, cute picture, on Cute Overload. Seems pretty straight up cute to me.

  21. My floors have actually looked that clean for up to five minutes immediately after the crew from Green Cleaners finishes. But then my floor are vinyl over wood, not yummy ceramic tile. Not so pretty, but with 8 cats and a dog, they are animal proof!

  22. My floors get that clean, but I don’t have children. The secret is to sometimes scrub them on your knees and wipe down all the vertical surfaces up to 3′ high as you go.

  23. Maru’s floors immediately came to mind.

  24. Catwhisperer says:

    Oh, Yolanda *pats head* We all know HOW to get our floors that clean. We just have more pressing matters to tend to — such as belly rubs, head skritches, ear nomming, etc.

  25. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    … reading and posting on CO!

  26. Not to mention that pesky “going to work to earn money to buy food for the feline overlords” thingy……

  27. Babee Beeagle!