Who Ordered the Jumbo Tub O’Cubs?

Get ’em while they’re nice n’wriggly. (Nine-day-old lion cubs at Ukutula Lion Park and Lodge in South Africa.)



  1. (The Original) Mel says:

    Bring me some sauce and some napkins, please.

  2. Fird Birfle says:

    Are they the SQUEAKY, fuzzy kind????

  3. I did! I ordered the giant tub-o-cubs!

  4. Wait, to clarify, I did not send in the link. I just want some cubs.

  5. How does one not want to hug, squeeze and smooch their wee tiny heads????

  6. I think I am equally in love with the ladies accent, as I am the tub-o-cubs.

  7. Hold the sauce. It makes the snorgling too messy.

  8. their wee tiny FUZZY hayds!

  9. I want those cubs, and I’m not lion.

  10. ehn. ehn. ehn.

  11. Get Tub of cubs, more fun than a barrel of monkey!

  12. Our baby 9-day old back legs aren’t strong enough to get us out of dis tub, ehn!

  13. I am in LOVE with Aussie accents!

  14. Will these crazy cubs ever get out of their tub? Stayed tuned and find out! +’70s sitcom announcer voice+ And don’t touch that dial!

  15. *golf clap*

  16. now these are the kind of kittens a girl like me would want!

    so there are little domestic dogs and big domestic dogs (chi-haha & wolfhound, for example)
    but are there big domestic cats to go along with their regular housecat counterparts?
    this is a srs quesch, I’m not askin’ about those awful people who keep Big Cats when they shouldn’t…
    but.. are there maybe larger types (breeds?) of domestic cats?

    ugghhh I don’t even know how to correctly ask about cats… can y’all tell I’m a confirmed dog person?

  17. I think that Maine Coon cats are pretty big. I haven’t seen any so I don’t know how big they get.

    Love the tub-o-cubs!

  18. Nine days old?? They grow up so fast.

  19. Mary (the first) says:

    Wait a minute! I ordered before you did! I get the last tub! Please send to my house right away! Here’s my address: Mary’s House, USA. Thanks!!

  20. Mary (the first) says:

    I think Maine Coon cats are generally pretty big. But not as much big as, for example, a Great Dane vs. a Chihuahua. Just bigger than average. I think.

    ..aaannnddd..just as I’m about to click “post” I see belphebe’s response. hahaha

  21. Well, Mary(the first), I almost cancelled my comment, so don’t feel too bad!

    I had to look it up, because I wasn’t sure if there was something bigger out there.

    So, what is the smallest cat breed? (off to look that up now!)

  22. well whaddyaknow? that Savannah thing is amazing…

  23. So tender and juicy!

  24. PS: Was away for a couple days. Hi everypeeps!

  25. I want my ehn! TV…

  26. TrixandSam says:

    We missed you! Were you checking out the pitchers and catchers?

  27. Heeee! Actually, my computer is getting its keyboard replaced, and I had to get my hands on a borrowed machine. *waving to everybody*

  28. Tracylee, there really isn’t any comparison in variety between dogs and cats. As you observed, goggies range from Great Danes to chihuahuas. But kitties have a much narrower range of sizes. A very big domestic cat is twenty pounds– thirty pounds is freakish. Domestic cats average around 10-12 pounds,

  29. There are also cheetohs, which are a mix of Bengals and ocicats. I want two of these SO BADLY, but I don’t think my current kitty would be too happy with the new friends.

  30. Lewis n' Clark says:

    Theresa, we must live in the same neck of the woods; Giants territory, no? I just got an e-mail that my season tix are on the way…


  32. I thought they were a delicious but flagrantly artificial snack food that leaves orange stuff all over your hands.

  33. Some mornings its just not worth climbing out of the tub.

  34. That’s what my husband kept saying when I said I wanted them. He was like “there’s a convenience store right around the corner.”

  35. (The Original) Mel says:


  36. Mary (the first) says:

    I think that’s a South African accent. Being as how the cubs are in South Africa and all.

  37. I’m half kiwi half Aussie & those were definitely Aussie accents. In NZ we have heaps of South Africans living here too, and they sound a lot different to kiwis or Aussies.

    However neither NZ or Oz is endowed with such cute behbehs in such abundance that they’re served up in buckets. Buckets I say!

  38. Oh don’t be so modest. You do have adorable koalas, wallabys, wombats and those little penguins which are so stinkin’ cute as to be lethal.

  39. Fird Birfle says:

    heh heh

  40. my dog smells like Cheetos, does that count?

  41. Fird Birfle says:

    @ Theresa:

    so your keyboard finally gave out, after all the helpings of drool and mai-tais
    and choc. milk you kept sloshing all over it, while trying not to snorgle
    various critters on CO ???

  42. can you nibble on ’em when you have the munchies?

  43. WANT WANT WANT WANT WANT!!!!!!! How do these people resist snuggling these cutiepies???

  44. I don’t think I’ve ever received a golf clap on CO previously. I’m overwhelmed. No, that’s not a tear, I have some dust in my eye. *sniff*

  45. Where are the squeaks of frustration? Lion cubs always come with squeaks of some sort.

  46. I have no idea, Kris McDowell Jackson 😀 I would be there snorgling both cubs and feeding them each a BIG bottle of kitten milk 😀

  47. And the triple-soy-Scotch-lattes, and the three-cheese broccoli canapés, yo. 😛

  48. Yes.

  49. You can try . . .

  50. My plastic tub did not come with sleepy faced lion cubs. Rip off! *brings tub back to Walmart*

  51. but only if you don’t care about your face…..

  52. Rachel of Cyberia says:

    I want to see the eventual somersault out of the tub.

  53. :drops candy (Tim Tams?) in front of the handlers then jumps into the tub to snorgle the kettahs: