To Each Her Own

Are the stresses and strains of being a dog wearing you down? Then take a “just for me” break at Delia’s Doggie Day Spa! Start with a deep-tissue mutt massage, then unwind in the Sun Room, with your own personal sunbeam!

Rosemarie writes: “I thought there were more “doggies in sunbeams” photos on your site, but I couldn’t readily find them. Here’s one from Black Swan Yoga titled ‘The RAY of DEATH takes more victims’.”


  1. HRH QueenCat says:

    ummm, first comment ever – furr me ???

    skimming over the intro I thought I read “deep-tissue butt massage” which would be wonderful …

  2. For you or the dogs? ;) *please don’t smack me*

  3. HRH QueenCat says:

    both, pleez … and I draw the line at any sort of spanking :)

  4. Indicating that you’re the first to post is frowned upon, y’know.

  5. HRH QueenCat says:

    oh. really – by whom ???

  6. Theo, for one.

  7. I think she was indicating that this was HER first comment ever – anywhere… just so happened she was first.

    What are the chances?

  8. But look at me chiming in 5 days later – what do I know?! I’m just here for the sunbeamz!! This is my BT “Tux” enjoying his sunbeam :)

  9. TrixandSam says:

    I read the same, HRH – “deep tissue butt massage”. Guess we’re all loitering in the gutter!

  10. I’m there too. (hides in shame)

  11. Speaking as one who used to get massages regularly…you’d be surprised how much tension you carry there. :)

  12. Mary (the first) says:

    I carry a couple extra people there, but maybe that’s just me… :D

  13. No, no–I’ve got enough fat to make at least 3 normal-sized individuals back there too.

  14. If you go to physiotherapy and they tell you you have a tight butt…it’s not a compliment, there are stretches to fix that :D

  15. For some reason the extended floppy ear on the first doggeh slays me..,,.

  16. It is the extra DRAMA!

  17. Doxies are addicted to sunbeams. If I’m home, I spend all day moving their beds into the light. No, they’re not spoiled at all…

  18. My dogs aren’t spoiled either. Wouldn’t dream of it. *snerk*

    BTW, my dogs would keel for a deep tissue butt massage!

  19. lol @ Linda and Rachael, my pup just moves with the sunbeam. For some reason when the sun is out she wants nothing to do with her bed. Just the sunbeam please…and thank you :)

  20. I was going to comment that it isn’t much of a spa that doesn’t provide pillows positioned just *so* in the sunbeams, but based on your information, the goggies would say “no thank you” to a softer surface for napping.

  21. lol @RosieLB, well in that there spa there is heated tiles, so I’m sure that’s providing a nice warm spot for each dog :)

  22. Uh huh. Keep telling yourself that as you peel their grapes.

  23. Blue Footed Booby says:

    I’m pretty sure you can take a clock, a few motors, some screws, and a length of string and come up with a device to move the beds for you. Then the dogs can spend all day gliding slowly across the living room with no effort on your part!

  24. Fird Birfle says:

    We need Sheldon Cooper & Co. to work this up :)

  25. hehehe FB, I don’t know if Dr. Sheldon Cooper would allow himself to be bothered by that. Maybe if it was a cat?

  26. Howard would probably be the most likely to have the skill set, being an engineer and all. Penny would probably talk him into it.

  27. charles schulz nailed it when he named his philosophy of human emotional need “happiness is a warm puppy”

  28. Which makes so much more sense than the Beatles’ take on “happiness is a warm gun”.

    Personally, in my house it’s a warm cat, but I’d take the puppy too, if I could!

  29. I love te forced perspective of having the big dog in the foreground and the smaller ones in back. Gives a real sense of depth to the composition.

  30. *pushes foreground puppy up a bit so his ‘tocks are in the sun, too*

    There you go, puppy.

  31. D’waaa….moderation for that? What’d I do wrong? humpf

  32. It’s okay mindadale. Have a freshly baked cinnamon bun and a cuppa while you’re waiting.

  33. Oh, thank you! Fat Tuesday off to a good start! ;)

  34. It’s not nice to call Tuesday Fat yoy know, he’s just big boned! :mrgreen:

  35. @Gigi: LOL!! That’s what Kyuri keeps telling me!

  36. I wonder if the SpottyBody pup there would share his/her sunbeam with a hooman in need of puppy snuggles?

  37. Oh, I like that one, too! All brown puppies are cute enough but I think the spots give extra personality.

  38. What did I say? WHAT DID I SAY to get moderated????

  39. It is very touchy today, it seems. Enjoy the Mardi Gras party while you wait.

  40. They’re getting their doggie D3

  41. cellarmouse says:

    i love this picture…can i get it poster-size suitable for framing?…

  42. emmberrann says:

    And people talk about Basking Sharks!

  43. what in the world are they doing to these poor doggehs, that the need sunbeam therapy?!

  44. *they
    uggghhh I think I’m in the same boat as the uncaffeinated doggers in the next post…

  45. Scientific proof that yoga shortens your legs and makes you sleepy.

  46. One Eyed Daruma says:

    Now THERE’S a downward dog position I can relate to.

  47. My dogs DEMAND a deep tissue butt massage every time I go to the bathroom! They actually race me to the toilet and in a very tiny bathroom it gets very competitive to see who gets there first :)

  48. my usually aloof and persnickety 14-year-old rat terrier has always come into the bathroom and presented his rear so i can scratch his butt. once he’s had enough, he walks away, like that was the proper procedure and i’ve done my bit.

  49. When I lived in Montana… it was always invigorating to lie down in a sunbeam for a little while in the middle of winter.Providing the sunbeam was in the house where it was warm and dry! At any rate Boop boop boop boop… HTere my work here is done!

  50. I smell Fritos . . . . . .

  51. I laughed at “The Ray of Death takes more victims” part. :-) Although offically I think it’s called The Ray of Snooze”

    My Jack Russell used to slowly drag herself inch by inch on the carpet to maximize her enoyment of the Ray of Snooze.

  52. First, the hovertext got me, then “the ray of death!” *snerk*

  53. This photo is all the scientific proof anyone would ever need that yoga shortens your legs and makes you sleepy. From this study we can also extrapolate that Newt Gingrich has never done yoga.

  54. sunbeams : pupphes :: boxes : kittehs

  55. :lol:


    That is all.

  57. Being an owner of dachshunds (or Schna dogs as we call them in my family) I will say that sunbeams are like drugs to them… All 5 of ours have piled themselves into single sunbeams before… Too cute :)

  58. That would be a great picture to see!

  59. So fancy! Every goggie has their own sunbeam!

  60. Our Georgie lived to 15.5 years and could have done more if his back wasn’t hurting so bad.We had to put him down Friday Feb.18,2011.Anyway,he was a black long haired mini Daschund.When it would be 90 plus degrees out,he’d lay on the grass for hours in that hot sun.We really miss the little guy with the big bark!

  61. Doxie-licious! Love them doxies!

  62. Disappointed in the link to Black Swan Yoga. The link doesn’t go directly to the picture (and it’s the exact same picture, btw.) I kept scrolling and scrolling and clicking on “More posts” until I got to Feb. 6 and found it. I thought it was going to be a different picture of goggies in sunbeams. Well, there’s ten minutes of my life….. Bah! Humbug.


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