Celebrate a Squirrel!

Let us all take a moment to appreciate squirelly-ness.

Be they small…


ground dwellers…


tree dwellers…

or flyers,

whoever they are, love your local squirrel, today. They’ll thank you for it!

Thanks for the submissions Milo, Sophia P., Robyn R., Pat J. and Harry D.



  1. Yay for skwerls! There’s one that likes to scamper along the top of the fence outside my office window, and every once in a while, it just stops and stares at me. I think it is somehow aware of the granola bars I have on my desk.

    Cute photos! Surprised skwerl’s pink tongue is thoroughly adorable!

  2. Sqwerls to the left of me
    Sqwer;s to the right of me
    Here i am!

  3. Mary (the first) says:

    Skwerl!!! I think they’re cute although I know there are some who don’t like them. I confess I didn’t like the one I found in my house, once.

  4. Sasha's Mum says:

    Chipmunk interloper!

  5. Squirrel in the tree!! Little tongue!! *boop*

  6. Surprised Squiggel is my new favorite thing.

  7. Squirrels scare me to death. I must have had a bad experience in a past life.

  8. I wuv me some squirrels! I feed the squirrels that come to my small yard peanuts, and they follow me down the street, knowing that I’m the crazy peanut lady. If I leave the front door open with just the glass door closed they will stand there and wait for me. Sometimes three at a time. Sometimes even six at a time!

  9. What about the invariably ticked off squirrel outside my apartment who sits in his tree and chitters at my cat? My cat has now figured out that she cannot get to him no matter how intensely she stares and squeaks back… so now she just gives him withering looks and yawns. Which only make the squirrelio screech even louder! I’m tempted to look up squirrel sounds on my computer and point the speakers out the window!

  10. phred's mom says:

    we once had an exceedingly polite squirrel who (which?) would come up
    behind you as you were chatting over the fence with a neighbor, and very
    gently tap your leg for attention. S/he would do this every time you were
    outside. Such good manners would, of course, get a treat.

  11. Stuck in the middle again! (But this time with an earworm that won’t stop. Thanks, KA!)

  12. Skwerls are fine, just outsides of house, pliz. Not liking skwerls insides of house.

  13. Everybody’s got to get into the act.

  14. Cute Overload Squirrel Appreciation Day (part deux)

    Love it Crazy Pants!!!

  15. Oh, the skwerls in the tree in my front yard come right up on the porch and taunt my kittehs! “Neener neener! We know you don;t go outside!” And then they go “pfhffftttt” with those leetle peenk curly tongues.

    Drives my cats bonkers.

  16. The last little squirrel has a red bum (I choose to believe it’s red paint) but this is the way my mind works, I immediately thought of the line from Shawn of the dead.
    “You got red on you.”

    I know I’m weird…..and loving it!

  17. Well no suprise, I’m in the lounge.
    I’m a baaaaaad girl.

  18. What ? No dramatic sqwerl ?

  19. Let’s go to the pub.

  20. Lovingk the leetle peenk tongues! (Seriously concerned, however about the health of the LARGE caged squirrel! 😯 )

  21. Meanwhile, cavemen squirrels in the news today… http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/46456116?ocid=ansmsnbc11

  22. it’s all fun and games until one decides to scamper down your back…
    *sigh* (I look at one and all I do is feel teeny little hands running on my skin)

  23. Oh, good, I’m not imagining the chipmunk at the end…..

  24. Hey now, that last one is a CHEEPMONKS!

  25. Chipmunks are squirrels too.
    And squirrels are people too.
    (umm, yes I say this all the time)

  26. For the record, #2 is a flying squirrel. Or in this case, maybe a plummeting squirrel. Chipmunks have the stripes pass through the eyes, and that last one doesn’t seem to– I’m betting a golden-mantled ground squirrel.

  27. LOVE this!!!!!!!!… BUT, M! You forgot foxers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Zombies and Queen what could be better!

  29. Fird Birfle says:

    The information was published in the Squirrel Enquirer.
    You haven’t got a hope.

  30. I am imagining walking down your street, and suddenly, there are 6 (six) squirrels with their faces pressed against the glass of your front door!! Like saying, “Can Diane come out and play?”, and me doing a double take. LOL.

  31. Fird Birfle says:

    heh heh
    “plummeting” squirrel.

  32. Fird Birfle says:

    HEY KIDS I’ve got an idea!!

    Let’s start a controversy, about irresponsible pet owners who allow their squirrels to
    get to the size of a beluga whale ……I wonder how long that controversy would run.

  33. Fird Birfle says:

    *hands Gigi a pretty little dunce cap, with rhinestones and sequins all over it*

  34. Gravity might present a problem for that fluffball. Phwap!

  35. Yay FB!

    Squirrels, whales and controversy, my favorite combo!

    Completely irresponsible! NO excuse. (Reaches into photo to take away almond.)

  36. Tiny skwerlio tongues are cute, but furry swerlio bed, even cuter!

  37. I have no idea what’s in that second pic but lor’ help us if it ever gets out of that cage.

  38. smallthunder says:

    Chipmunks, RAH!
    Chipmunks, RAH!

    [from the play, “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying”]

  39. I saw squirrel’s footprints in the snow and they were super duper cute:)

  40. So….it “falls with style”?

  41. Fat Squirrel on a Fat Tuesday – appreciated!
    All the others, too, of course…

    Grey, brown or red
    Whether lean or fat
    Flying or (ground)hog
    All squirrels rock!

  42. I want to put that fat squirrel in my mouth. I don’t know why.

  43. Yes, squirrels deserve more love. I’ll never understand the irrational hatred some people have for them (ie “tree rats”, etc). I get that they can be an annoyance for gardeners and folks with bird feeders, but the anger they provoke is so out of proportion. Squirrels help animate our neighborhood, provide a little wacky randomness.

  44. My conscience has caught up with me. A fat flying squirrel won’t plummet because of its weight, at least not directly. Glide ratio is mostly independent of weight; it’ll just glide faster for the same horizontal distance/vertical drop. It may have some issues with streamlining and wind resistance. And its human servant better watch out as that thing comes screaming down at a high momentum (velocity x mass).

    “Glide ratio usually varies little with vehicle loading however, a heavier vehicle glides faster, but maintains its glide ratio”

  45. Did h/she wait patiently while you were talking?

  46. Rachel of Cyberia says:

    Right! I judge a neighborhood based on its squirrel population. If I don’t see any of them or signs of them, the area is too new and creepy. My mother had a friend who tried to poison the ones in her yard, they ignored the poison and kept digging up her stupid potted plants.

  47. Here are some cute pictures of squirrels lickin’ sap!

  48. Ode to the rODEnt 🙂 ❤
    The English word "squirrel" is hilarious, by the way!!!!!!!

  49. “Chipmunks have the stripes pass through the eyes”

    Not if it’s an Eastern Chipmunk!

  50. The large caged squirrel is a flying squirrel, and they only get to be about a quarter pound at most. It’s probably about the size of the baby gray squirrel in the photo above. But yes, the flying squirrel is overweight.

  51. margaret says:

    bless your heart they are wonderful animals.

  52. margaret says:

    It could also have a thyroid problem making it non releasable. I have seen greys with the same condition.