People of Earth, I Am Your Master Now.

You may call me Your Overload Overlord.

Fave Frame™

Thank you Sara P. for finding us our Francoir Langur Monkey Master.



  1. My Overload Overlord, I bid Thee welcome *humble bow* 🙂

  2. (The Original) Mel says:

    *Evil Cute Overlord Laugh*

  3. That is so perfectly cute, I thought it must be CGI at first. Too cute to be real

  4. I for one welcome our new simian overlords…

  5. To honor our new Overload Overlord, I propose we change the name of the planet from Earth to Monkeytopia.

  6. Cute teeny tiny bebeh monkeh.
    Two mommies who end every sentence with a questions? In the Australian way?

  7. I lubs him.

  8. kibblenibble says:

    Soooooo teeeny and orange….. I loff heem.

  9. “look after her social needs” = SNORGLING

  10. Monkey says in her best langur-ous, Blanche DuBois voice: “I have always relied on the blankies of strangers.”

  11. Everyday, I don’t think that CO can get any cuter, but I am always proven wrong :~)

    How could any mother resist an orange baby? :~)

  12. GAH!!!!! I couldn’t be around such a delicate little thing, I would SQUEEEEEEEZE far too hard. Good thing my kitteh has some fat on her so I don’t smush her with snorglin’.

  13. She must be carried around on a blankie-covered pillow at all times. Hail to Overlord Overlord. *bows head in tribute*

  14. Yes! So cute it doesn’t even seem possible!

    C.O. editors – can we add a new definish to the Cute Overload glossary?

    Improshable – adj. When something is so cute it can’t possibly be real.

  15. A Langur my aunt fanny ! C’mon now we all know that’s a mon chee chee !
    (Looking for babysitting sign up sheet)

  16. Catsquatch says:


  17. Minkee post gives me an excuse to link to this….

  18. Guinea Peeg Lover says:


  19. I was going to comment on her TEENINESS also.

  20. Isn’t she adorable? Elke is a few years old now and I found a photo of her at age 1. She still has the sweetest face:

  21. Beautiful, 260O!

    I was just thinking, “I should volunteer to knit snuggle blankies for baby critters in zoos.”

  22. Bebeh monkey’s got his own capsule hotel room. How awesome!

  23. Oooohhhhhh! I *like* that suggestion!

  24. And don’t think I missed the “langur-ous” while being awed by the DuBois-ism of “blankie”. You are so clever Oakley. Thanks for the two-fer.

  25. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    I am your willing slave. What do you wish?

  26. ‘cept she’s a “her”

  27. I was too ded from lub to get the right pronoun!

  28. wannadance says:

    i bow, i provide, i giggle, i mother ‘her/him…
    that face, that sweeeeeet smile.

    sweetist face in a long time

  29. wannadance says:

    yes!!! that is how those little head warmer hats for newborns got started.

    and at the homeless shelter (one of them here), houses about 1000 folks a night. at the end of each freshly madeup cot is a little homemade quilt, made by church ladies. i worked there,l in the clinic, when i could walk (best job e ver). when i saw the little quilts, i had to run into the b athroom and cry. imagine dealing all day with addiction ;and not enough food and b egging and feeling dirty. and then spending the night there: shower, clean clothes, great meal, clean lovely bed with the quilts.

    so knit some blankies. knit me one too. all god’s chillen need blankies.
    reaally want to adopt that babe…all he needs is love…

  30. wannadance says:

    for the win, again!! you amaze me…

  31. your story makes me wanna cry, wanna dance!

  32. Dabbing my eyes with my own blankie…

  33. Meeeee tooooo. “Improshable!”

  34. I guess I am in the minority for once — I find this creature crossing over from cute to creepy. It’s the cuteness equivalent of the uncanny valley in animation…

  35. I guess I am in the minority for once. But I find this to cross over from cute to creepy — the cuteness equivalent of the uncanny valley in animation/robotics.

  36. smallthunder says:

    Not creepy, exactly, but …

  37. Oh exactly! I came over to the comments just to note how the caretakers used so many fancy words to basically say “Yea, we snorgle her 24/7.”

  38. the eyebrows!!

  39. The teensy wispy eyebrows!


  40. Alice Shortcake says:

    YES – OMG the eyebrows! They were the first thing I noticed.

  41. But weird, right? Uncanny is close — just…. a bit too … much.

  42. I feel that way about Pomeranian dogs. They simply look too cute to be real. I always get the impression they’re some sort of animate dolls. O_O

  43. Same here: “social needs” + “comfort” = CUDDLES!!

  44. smallthunder says:

    Ummm … yes.

    You know the expression, “So ugly, it’s beautiful” [in its own way]?

    Or when you watch a really cheesy movie, and think “It’s so bad, it’s good.”

    This is sort of like: “So cute, it’s creepy.”

  45. smallthunder says:

    Wow, I’m in the Mod Lounge again.

    And it’s Mardi Gras —

    so, what are we having?