No End in Sight for Infinite Cuteness Project!

The purr-petuity continues! Presenting, a double-dose in the Infinite Cuteness Project!

The ICP is officially Overloaded! Or is it?

Thank you Chobi, Nummy Muffin Cocoa Butter and Lillian O.

Thank you Chobi, Nummy Muffin Cocoa Butter and Lillian O.
Thank you Chobi, Nummy Muffin Cocoa Butter and Lillian O.


  1. Cheers to infinity!!

  2. Fird Birfle says:

    Happy critters are happy

    (and purty, too 🙂 )

  3. Fird Birfle says:



  4. Here we see the domino effect in action.

  5. so if we poke one, will they all fall? 😉
    it would be catastrophic

  6. What would happen? Might they become catatonic?

  7. emmberrann says:


  8. Queen of Dork says:

    Oh, I SO miss living with a cat! I think I hate computers, though. At least mine. Peeps? My computer did something really weird. It froze so I re-booted it and it suddenly had all this strange text on it. It said, “checking file system on c: The type of file system is NTFS. volume label is OS.” WHAT?? Then it did all this other strange stuff with no input by me and among the things displayed on the screen was: “orphaned file” and “” WHAT?!?

  9. if someone snuck in a dog pic, would it become the finite cat project? Just kidding!!!!!!

  10. BabyOpossum says:

    TV’s Frank FTW!

  11. disk corruption. something accidentally changed a part of the disk that the computer uses to organize your files, in a way that confused the computer, so the computer said “hold everything! i need to fix this before it gets worse”. the computer set a flag for itself so when it rebooted it knew to check to see where the disk problem was, while nothing else was going on, and fixed the part that it found wrong. but “fix” generally consists of painting over the broken part with fresh data, and that leaves some files with nowhere to live, so it moves them to a special place and tells you what they are. has something to do with Symantec, so your antivirus might be a little hosed now. generally things won’t get worse after this sort of repair. the stuff you use most will likely not be affected, and your pictures of your cat are almost certainly intact and safe.

    sorry i couldn’t write that in haiku form, or post it over on CuteHelpDeskOverload, but it’s a holiday, dontchaknow.

  12. with the addition of another cat, i believe it’s the tri-omino effect

    or a tuxedo junction

  13. cellarmouse says:

    well i never…

  14. Queen of Dork says:

    Wow! Holy crap, blair. Thanks. You are some sort of computer GENIUS! Seriously. And in haiku form I think it would go something like this:

    My computer sucks
    It’s in the winter of life
    I want a new one

  15. OMG Skippy Mom your Haiku .. It Rocks… Pardon me while I try to regain some semblance of composure after ROFLing. v 🙂

  16. Queen of Dork says:

    Wait! Where is Skippymom’s haiku? I want to read it!

  17. Mary (the first) says:

    Wait a minute. There’s a CuteHelpDeskOverload?? Where?? ;D

  18. Mary (the first) says:

    That was .. um .. disconcerting.

  19. Yes the CO help desk technicians change your desktop photo to something adorable and disable the rest of your computer. You’re then forced to sit at your desk, pretending to work but looking at the cute animal picture for the rest of the day, thereby causing the Ultimate Cute Overload.

  20. Queen of Dork says:

    And then everything crashes with adorable, smashing beauty. 🙂

  21. Um… wasn’t there a bird? Like all sleepy and condescending like? 😐

  22. I wish that had been a proper palindrome wish I. 😛

  23. *gently nudges Theo’s mouse to reveal hovertext*

  24. Thank you for the computer information, blair 😀 My computer would shut itself off and I had to turn it on. Then I had to turn it off before turning it on again because it would not go to the password part of the start-up (I took IT in college but there are some things that I would have to look up to remember how to do it.) Could dust inside the computer be the problem?

  25. Oh, I so want to snorgle both kitties 😀

  26. Sasha's Mum says:

    To infinity … and beyond!

    (and I can’t believe no one else has said that yet!)

  27. that could be many things, but one it is not is plecostomi on sale half-off

    if it happens more than once, it could be loose memory cards, or bad parts of the disk right in the middle of the windows system files. if it happens a lot, then dust could be involved if there’s a lot in the heat sink on top of the CPU or the video chips (they seem designed to collect it) and the machine is overheating despite all that fan noise. laptops can get just crammed with the stuff if they’re used on linty surfaces.

    also check to see if lemurs have moved into your power supply. them and sloths are frequent contributors to data instability

  28. It’s like a dream within a dream…

  29. The thing is the house my brother and his male friend own was built in 1963 so it could be the wiring of the house acted weird after a house across the street had its power lines removed. The house across the street is due to be torn down and rebuilt as a duplex.

  30. LOVE!