Check Out These Crazy Pants!

When asked about his fashion choice, Harry said, “I found these on Carnaby Street and just had to have them. I think I saw Bjork wearing a pair just like mine. They are very in, right now.” Winter is almost over, friends. Get yours soon before supplies melt.

Photoshoot by Emma.



  1. kibblenibble says:

    Being from California, i was not aware of this phenomenon until I was enlightened by Cute Overload. Can I say it looks a bit…painful? Or will I end up in the mod lounge? Let’s see…
    *clicks “post comment” button*

  2. Fashion often hurts.

  3. Lady Doga models her new pupsicle pants.

  4. It makes me think of the harem look–what with the bare midriff. Great shot, and the pup’s expression is priceless!

  5. I Dream of Weenie.

  6. The weird snow clump effect on pet furs fascinates me lol! Is it hard to clean off or does it just melt and that’s the end of it?

  7. Sasha's Mum says:

    Ha! Our spaniel was wearing those pants over 40 years ago. I guess everything old really is new again.

  8. Love the matchingk sweateauw!

    I am now ded from the overwhelming beauty of the pupper’s eyes and nosicle.

  9. That looks like a pic of our Rudy- we haven’t had much snow this year, but I recognize the snow bubbles. Yes, they are hard to remove, letting them melt off is very messy. It’s weird because not all types of snow causes this phenomenon-

  10. privacy snow clump!!!!

  11. It takes very soft, fresh, dry snow for these lumps to form. Some of them you can slowly break or pull off with your fingers because the snow melts when you touch it. But it’s quicker just to take the pooch to the shower and melt the chunks with water. The annoying ones are hard ice and form underneath the paw, that can happen with any kind of snow. My dog used to lay down, gnaw his paws clean, continue walking until he started limping again and then repeat the process. I was not allowed to help.

  12. Perfect, 260O, just perfect!

  13. Queen of Dork says:

    Hmmmmmmm. For some reason, that reminded me of this: (and yes, I am the biggest dork in the world. I hope this will embed) 🙂

  14. I was thinking privacy snowballs. How appropriate!

  15. “What do you mean I should have worn my snowpants? What do you call these?”

  16. Noodles is right – best to wash them off. Pulling them off is time-consuming and usually ends abruptly when goggy wants no more of it and scampers (waddles) off to hide somewhere where you definitely don’t want snow melting (like in the closet on a pile of shoes). Not that I speak from experience or anything. *ahem*

  17. This gives new meaning to the term “Snow Balls”

    Runs off giggling like a middle Schooler.

  18. Modesty marshmallows–brilliant!

  19. Mary (the first) says:

    I can see that Crazy Pants’ posts are another (like Mike’s) where it’s best to read the whole thing before scrolling down. All I saw on my screen was the bewildered face. I was truly expecting some kind of fabric pants on the doglet. Maybe a matching vest. And then LOL when I see what it really is..

  20. Silly weiner doggeh, don’t you know you aren’t supposed to wear white after Labor Day? 😉

  21. Hey! I’m freezing my balls on here!

  22. Love the hovertext.

  23. “snowballs” [snerk]

  24. Jinx and stuff.

  25. Our old longhaired doxie Cricket enjoyed snow to the point that she rolled in it like it was a sea of fluffy white dead fish. She would wander in the snow packing on the snowballs and poking her nose into drifts, refusing to come in until she finally got too cold to walk. I would then have to run out to carry her in. Mom would cuddle Cricket on her lap gently melting the snow and warming the paws by holding them in her hands. About the time the snowballs were gone and Mother was completely drenched, Cricket would be ready for another round….

    You know you are a dachshund owner when you are shovelling paths to the grass in the backyard, and making clearings for little dogs to do their business.

  26. Oh boy, Moderation Lounge! Um, cocoa with Jaegermeister, and buttered toast points, yum yum!

  27. Those dangling little hind legs are killing me!

  28. 😆 Niiice! 😆

  29. Snow fooin’!

  30. Queen of Dork says:

    I (heart) Theo! (smooooooch).

  31. “Look, I’m a poodle!”

  32. And when this all melts, I will be a puddle.

  33. Double snerk.

  34. Snoo-ee Vee-nair Doo-gan!

  35. OMG – ze weenie’s expression is *priceless* and between that photo and all of your comments, I fell of my chair laughing. And my hubbyis looking a wee bit worried… ha ha haaaaaaaa

  36. For a little dog he’s got some pretty big snowballs there. And, oh christ, i just realized, he’s a wiener dog, isn’t he?

  37. smallthunder says:

    Lurve dem doxies!

  38. privacy precipitation

  39. It’s even more fun when the paths are tall enough on each side so he can be off leash! ((can’t jump over the walls of snow)). We make a snow maze for him in the back yard..

  40. Jenn in IL says:

    Poor pup’s all, “I don’t even know how this happened.”

  41. This is the main reason my low-to-the-ground dog has a sweater with sleeves! It’s bad enough to be cold without coming in and getting snowballs washed off.

  42. bookmonstercats says:

    The UK train system was brought down a few years ago, in Winter, because we had “the wrong kind of snow”. Apparently, it was genuine, it was the sort of snow that caused the train wheels to loose traction, but you can imagine how it went down at the time.

  43. Cute!Our Georgie and Elvis(another Doxie)loved to play out in the snow.They’d both come in with snow on their noses which was hilarious.If the snow was sticky I could make snowballs and “play fetch”with George.He was too cute.Miss you buddy!