Scottish Fold Demands Pettin’

Those Scottish Folds are sooooo demanding.

[tap tap tap]

A link found and dutifully brought back to the colony by Ant.



  1. My little Mimi used to do just that, except she would POKE very hard. POKE POKE POKE.

  2. Mine headbutts me. And loudly complains. So cute!

  3. LOVE ME.
    My cat jumps onto my lap, no matter what you’re doing, curls up and purrs.

  4. Um, am I the only one who thinks this girl was doing a Sharon Stone and maybe this should be taken down??

  5. 1. yep
    2. I for one am looking at the Scottish Fold
    3. I leave that to the CO Overlords

  6. Why haf you stopped pettinks me? I do not recall telling you you could stol withthe pettinks yet!

  7. You know, I’m a heterosexual male, and to be perfectly honest, I was paying attention to the cat, as opposed to the p… the rest of the video frame.

  8. …so OK, I didn’t see anything untoward on the second watching. Except the eyelashes. 😯

  9. Heh, I liked the eyelashes 🙂

  10. Hehe – my dog does that sometimes!

  11. Wordphreak says:

    Yes. Cat is cute, but I could sure live without the crotch shot.

  12. (The Original) Mel says:

    Vee vill allow ju to pet us again. Indefinitely.

  13. (The Original) Mel says:

    I saw nothing untoward either, Teho. If you can’t see it, it isn’t there!

  14. wannadance says:

    the eyelashes and unsuccessful search for sports shorts or leggings makes me wonder. about some stuff.

    but that kitty rules. jasmine does that to me when i am on the computer, with loud meeps, ‘get off the computer and pick me up so i can bite you!!” she has her feral side m ixed up with her loving floofy side…
    i love when animals pat us…

  15. No, I’m sure you’re not, but I for one certainly don’t think it should be taken down. The girl isn’t doing anything obscene. You don’t see anything ‘obscene’ (though I don’t really like referring to any part of the body that way.) She’s just catering to a very polite kitty asking for more pettings! I’m honestly pretty impressed she has the confidence to upload the video like this, and all the more to her for that.

  16. sharon stone didn’t cross my mind, but i did wonder if this girl knew that her camera angle makes her appear to be pantsless. i thought “that’s odd,” then shrugged and watched the cat tap-tap-tap.

  17. (and I’m saying impressed because I’m sure she and I aren’t the only ladies to sit around in their underpants on the computer in servitude to their kitties :P)

  18. I’m just going to assume that she’s of age and question why she didn’t put up that scottish fold, that’s the only way I quiet my love-deprived cats.

  19. Sophie the Lab/Boxer regularly does nosepokes and expectant looks between 4:00 and 5:00 AM. At home, we call that hour Dog O’Clock. 😛


  21. D’awww. My calico will also insistently tap me, but usually only in the morning when I’m still in bed, and she knows darn well I’m awake but pretending otherwise.

  22. I’ve seen such a polite kitty. Usually they make their wishes known with scratchings and jumpings.

  23. My maine coon cat does that with tiny deliberate motions, but she chooses the early hours, while we are in bed sleeping, with a choice claw extended. Somehow, she has figured out the, er… sensitive spots to target and, unfortunately, my husband and I are both side sleepers. 😮

  24. junkshop_coyote says:

    Hey. Hey. Hey. Pet me. Hey. PET ME. HEY. I DIDN’T SAY YOU COULD STOP.

  25. Oniongrrrl says:

    I think someone’s looking for the wrong kitty…

  26. Harley's Mom says:

    Our little feral girl, Kyle, used to wake her daddy by licking his elbow which he would then put under the covers. She would move up to his shoulder and lick. He’d pull the covers up (still sound asleep). Finally, she’d jump over him to the side he was facing, extend a paw with claws fully sheathed and ever so gently pat his cheek. He always woke up with a smile. She’s been gone for a couple of years now and we both still miss her wake-ups. 🙂

  27. kibblenibble says:

    Nice to see you here tonight, Teho. :-).

  28. Most delicate of pat-pats at 0:027, followed by S. F. blissss at 0:33. Besides, there’s a privacy wristio at 0:03

  29. My Cookie does this when I am at the dinner table. She reaches alllll the way up on her tippy toes to tap me on the arm. “Hey! Can I have some? Please? Huh? Drop any yet?”

  30. Cats are notoriously hard to train. Humans on the other hand….


  31. For a second at the start i thought he was about to turn into Dramatic Cat!

  32. “am I the only one who thinks this girl was doing a Sharon Stone”

    Yes, i too fear she may ruin her career by taking on roles well outside her range.

  33. Good to know that it’s other Boxers who do that too. Shakti the Boxer waits at least until 8 am…then comes the nose pokes. Although, most times the nose pokes come exactly when I’m in a moment of brilliance 😉

  34. I don’t understand it’s all so innocent why would anyone see anything dirty in it.

  35. omg! the first pass I was only watching the kitteh and at then end I noticed her eyelashes!
    so of course I did a second pass…. um not sure what I saw! lol

  36. true…. so true…..

  37. Am impressed with the geental touchingks with no claws! What a polite kitteh!

  38. Okay, I realize I’m out of the pop culture loop, but what is a “Sharon Stone”?

    I didn’t see anything wrong with the video. Those are some eyelashes, but except for 2 1/2 seconds at the end, you can’t even see them.

  39. Get over it, Amy R. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it.

  40. “Suspicious eyes!”

    Yes, I wondered about the camera angle and position, too. But I think we’re just paranoid, thanks to some dastardly internet video experiences.

  41. I Concur 6Rabbits ! My kids are in no way this polite ! O.k. the first couple of taps yes, nice & gentle & no claws. But, If we don’t pay enough attention look out ! Then it’s tips of claws , grabbing of body parts & pulling of said parts over to make way for a full body press. I use my lap top on the couch with the ‘puter on the coffee table so most of them have just learned to sit cuddled up to my leg with their chest on my knee after shoving their face between my arm & rib cage. With a look that says: “well, get started rubbing” (read that in a valley girl voice for full impact)
    This is just for a little love & attention you should see what happens when it’s “Rub my belleh NOW” time ! Oy !

  42. Heh, I was also going to say something like, “Maybe the kitteh is suggesting his hoomin put on some pants”, but just teasingly. I assume it was a harmless, caught-in-the-moment video without anything intentional. I’m sure most of us don’t bother dressing up at home for the cat.

  43. In the film ‘Basic Instinct’ there’s a famous scene where Sharon Stone is wearing a short skirt with no underwear, and when she uncrosses and recrosses her legs you can see her genitals. It was part of the story that the character wasn’t wearing underwear, but the story is that the actress wasn’t aware the director was focusing the camera on her crotch until she saw the film.
    All I can say is that I was looking at the cat and didn’t notice the girl.

  44. So gentle and cute. And look at the eyelashes on that broad!

  45. One of my cats will grab my hand in her paws and press her chin against it. A not-so-very subtle hint! The other cat tries to get between the mouse and my hand, leading to some interesting things showing up on the screen. And, yaknowwhat? They always get the attention they want…

  46. Kitties don’t seem to care if we are in our removable fur or not – when they want the attention, it doesn’t matter what state of dress (or undress) we are in. I found the questionable camera angle a bit off-putting, too, but that kitty surely makes up for it! I miss the pettin’s my old girl used to give.**sniff**

  47. Ok, I will confess that you not alone on that matter, Alice 🙂

  48. 😆 I can imagine that kitty is saying “PET ME! PET ME!” every time his/her owner stops the petting 😆 Talk about one very badly spoiled kitty 😆 But who has not spoiled their kitty or kitties besides me 😆

  49. Awwwwe, one of my dear departed kitties would do that to me – would pat me on the face, claws in. She also would rub noses with me!

  50. Mary (the first) says:


  51. My cat Goober does this to me all the time! Especially when I get home from work and he’s glad to see me. *tap tap tap* Hi, I missed you!

  52. “Petulant human — when will you learn you are on MY petting schedule?”

  53. smallthunder says:

    Our cat, Iki, has figured out a great way to get attention (read as: GET UP NOW AND ATTEND TO MY NEEDS) when we’re still in bed in the morning — we call it the “nose bop.”

    No claws, just a kitty-paw bop on my nose.


  54. Exactly! That second pat should have been an automatic pick-up and cuddle!!!

    Kyuri just barges right in… my lap, my face, whatever

  55. AHAHA!! Obviously I’m not the only trained human in these here parts!

  56. my cat misty does the same thing when i’m on the computer.
    tap tap,touch,tap,push….

  57. Aw, Valium do that all the time when I’m painting or playing on the comp. He extend very gently his paw and pat pat me kindly…. Until he is fed up with the low quality of the petting and either jump on the keybord (I had to buy two new keyboards last year) or on the canvas.
    Cleaning acrylic paint out of a 16 pounds cat is not easy, believe me.

  58. I think the “questionable” angle was to ensure the kitty was centre stage, where s/he unquestionably belongs. I’d leave it at “unfortunate”, under the circumstances. Gorgeous kitty.

  59. Dude! ‘broad’?

  60. “Cleaning acrylic paint out of a 16 pounds cat is not easy, believe me.”

    My vote goes to ^this^ for quote o’ the day! 😀

  61. Aww Polly would do this to me. If I was at the computer working she’s do this and gently touch my face until she got pettingks and kissy faces.

  62. Why would it be taken down? Can you see anything? I can’t.

  63. sooo sooooo cute..

  64. Blue Footed Booby says:

    The people I share a house with had to politely ask me not to wander around the house pantsless.

  65. Alice Shortcake says:

    Don’t panic, she’s wearing pants!

  66. Yours too? Mine does that every day! She can be rather insistent about me getting up to feed/pet/play with her.

  67. My cat does the same thing! I always pet her when she asks! Thankfully, she’s a polite kitty who lets me sleep & only asks to be petted when I’m awake!

  68. I thought so, too. Perhaps Kitty interrupted the girl during her work day?

  69. Why doesn’t she speak to the cat? Maybe she doesn’t speak cat, but I for one, couldn’t have stopped myself from talking kitty love talk when the kitty so obviously was craving attention. And pick the cat up for heavens sake.

  70. emmberrann says:

    The late and much beloved Mr. Picky poked me in the shoulder every morning at 5 a..m. He was my feline alarm clock, and no, it didn’ t matter that it was the weekend!!

  71. Aw I love when my kitty pets me! It’s moreso like she’s trying to put her paw on my arm and it keeps sliding off so she keeps doing it, but I like to pretend she’s petting me 🙂 She hasn’t done my favorite thing in awhile though– where she “hides” around a corner (you always know she’s there), and when you walk by she jumps up, bats your leg with both paws (no claws though), and runs away. Supposedly that means “hi!”

  72. I second it!

  73. I agree!!! When my tabbeh wants pettinks, he hurls himself on my lap regardless of whether there is already dinner, or another cat in the vicinity.

  74. IloveHarryPotter says:

    lol I sleep with my cat Issey and my wake up call is 6 billion head shoves (exadderate!!!) then she tries to eat my hair 🙂

  75. What a great kitty name!

  76. “Hello? Is this thing on?”

  77. I wish my Jack would only pat or pet or even poke. But no, he PULLS my hand/arm toward him. This requires some ‘traction’–which requires CLAWS. I love him, but it gets annoying.

  78. Well she’s not a lady, otherwise she’d sit politely & put on a bra or something.

  79. Haha my Moose does the same thing when I’m eating something she wants to eat– she’ll definitely try to pull my hand towards her when there’s something tasty on the fork. And it is really annoying!!

  80. “Can I interest you in this lovely set of encyclopedias?”

  81. Goodness, mine does that, too! Between 5 and 6 AM. It’s like: “Hey mom, are you awake? Purr, purr, poke, poke. Are you awake, mom? Purr, purr, poke, poke. Are you – Oh, you ARE awake! What a great coincidence! I am awake, too! Purr, purr, purr. Mom, while you are awake and have nothing to do, can you scritch my ears? KTHXBYE 🙂

  82. My kitteh Frodo will do this to me as I walk by him (why yes, he is allowed on counters! 🙂 ), as if to say…”quit yer walkin’, get to pettin!”. His brother Gus prefers the ol’ lunge and nip…usually late at night, when I can’t fuss at him (thin walls)…the neighbors have already called the cops once this year! (it wasn’t me–honest!)

  83. Georgiabelle says:

    Seriously?? It’s ok to shame someone because she isn’t wearing something you think is appropriate?

  84. Georgiabelle says:

    That kitty is so polite! If my owner wants pettings, she makes it known really quick 😉

  85. You are a kind-hearted soul. “May ruin” indeed. 😈

  86. I think she didn’t pick up the kitty to show us that he or she would pat her again.

  87. Dude. Broad.

    2. Slang chiefly US and Canadian
    a. a girl or woman”

    Female must be sexually mature to qualify as a broad, in my mind.
    Broad is equivalent to “ladies” in my vernacular, although when addressing women directly I call them “ladies” rather than “broads”.

  88. I agree 100% with you, CatladyK 😀 I would pick up the kitty and began to talk to him/her while giving him/her lots and lots of snorgling 😀

  89. Philo does this to me in the mornings. He plops onto my chest (oof) and pokes me in the chin if I fail to pet him immediately.

  90. 😆 Yeah and you coming to the door with Gus hanging onto you while trying to explain to the police that you are ok and it was this cat 😆 Is that what happened, Ali-Baba? 😆 At least, you can say it was not on video 😆

  91. Oh, that was adorable.

  92. phred's mom says:

    …nor I. The camera angle is certainly, shall we say, unflattering, but the
    big no-no to me is those false eyelashes. Anyone remember the “Honeymooners” sketch? Now THERE’S a LOL! ( giving away my age fer shur)

  93. phred's mom says:

    yea, verily….

  94. There’s a lot worse on the internet. However, I would have to say the girl wanted some attention or she’s really clueless. Wearing no bra and having the camera pointing up your crotch sends a bad impression. And adding to the fact that she was trying to look good as well (mascara).

  95. It appeared to me that the cat had its ears turned off, so no point talking.

  96. Scottish Folds look so…concerned!

  97. Lewis n' Clark says:

    See anything else on the elebentyth watching, THeo? 🙂

  98. The kitty wasn’t the only one looking for attention…

  99. My Henry likes to stand on my bladder. You’d be surprised at how effective that tactic is! Or maybe some of you already know…

    Cute little kitty! I wish Henry were this polite.

  100. Um, I was just teasin’, I wasn’t being that serious.

  101. ‘broad’ is derogatory/offensive retro slang, and is not ‘equivalent’ to lady

  102. cuteismyporn says:

    Kitty: (tap, tap with useless paw hand) close your legs honey, the camera is on.

    Kitty: (tap, tap) hey, the camera, it is looking right up your shirt/dress.

    Kitty: (tap, tap) are you dumb? perhaps deaf? The camera can see up your shirt!!!!

  103. This is the first I ever heard that ‘broad’ was offensive…

  104. Kodalai–you need to get out more. Sniff the roses and find a vocabulary for the female sex that won’t get you a bust in the mouth. Oh, wait…..

  105. LOL!!

  106. Lol Greg!

  107. OK…..I went and got my hubby and simply said *watch this*….after it was over I asked what do you think….he said * oh I love me some kitteh*.
    I dint ask.

  108. smallthunder says:

    Hey, Iki does that, too — the hair-eating, I mean — although sometimes it’s more like . . . a head-kronche.

  109. I’m sure in other circumstances she would have picked up the cat. I think this video was entirely and only to show us her cat’s behaviour and its way of asking for attention. Cute kitty!

    My cat sits on my stomach sometimes when I wake up, but doesn’t wake me up. (o:

  110. Your parents? 😉

  111. “Are you my waitress?”

  112. Exactly what I was thinking. All the dark crotch shots made it uncomfortable to watch, especially since I couldn’t tell if she was a teenager or not. Poor taste.

  113. Yes, it’s exactly right to shame someone who doesn’t appear to be wearing panties or a bra. Grow up.

  114. Hey, I think quite a few people were a little shocked at the camera angle and her choice of clothing. No need to get all up in Amy R.’s grill. Obviously nothing can be seen in this video, but it is normal to have some concern for this young lady in the hopes of saving her from embarrassment. If I had food in my teeth I’d want someone to tell me! (I’m aware that food in my teeth and the visibility of my vadge are quite different, but you get my point).

  115. Hmmm. Tis this be a three fold Scottish Fold kitteh?

  116. I have no intention of shaming anyone for not wearing panties or a bra. Unless she’s on my furniture.

  117. ‘Broad’ definitely has a retro connotation to it that I like, but I’ve not had a poor reaction to it. It’s like ‘chicks’ – really depends on who uses it and with what intent.

    What exciting feminist discourse!

  118. I have a Scottish Fold x Ragdoll and he does this. So gentle. We call him “the cat that pats you back” (Think of it like a Dr Seuss title). He will also walk back and forth between my other half and I to dole out head butts, cheek rubs etc and if possible, will lie between us touching both. Very sweet.

  119. What a polite and respectful cat this is! Mine would have used claws and force since long!

  120. Wow. You guys either have much better eyesight or imagination than I do. I can’t see anything. Aside from the fact it is very dark and she probably thought people would watch her adorable cat, rather than try to look up her skirt, she seems to keep her arm across the front of her for this reason.

  121. This cat is adorabo. Also, I don’t see what all the fuss is about over the chick’s apparel. This blog does have a category called “Cats ‘n’ Racks”, after all.

  122. I couldn’t.

  123. OY! GET OVER THE VAJAYJAY SHOT (or lack thereof)! I’m just pissed at her for NOT PICKING UP THE BABY!!!!!!!!

  124. LOL RIGHT!?! I thought the same thing. Poor kitty just trying to help a girl out….