Wake Up and Smell the Aromatherapy

::: invisible wavy aroma lines :::

Toby is a Lakeland Terrier, and he is very nose-talgic, Gwen S.


  1. The shnoz on this guy!

  2. All the better to enjoy the nice smells with, of course.

  3. i can smell him from here!

  4. Don’t point that thing at me unless you’re willing to use it

  5. beep button for the sight impaired

  6. Allow me. Beep!

  7. A schnozzola that prodigious cannot merely be beeped; it must be booooooppppeeedd like a deep, resonating, foghorn.

  8. Fird Birfle says:


  9. It’s like a little piece of nosevember in february!

  10. That’s the super XCU Snoot Closeup bringing you those special effects. I think Google is working on a patent.

  11. That nose is not just for mere snorfing, but for SNORFING. (last word in 72 point font, and bold)

  12. Can’t be a Lakeland–wrong coloring all over the place. Or, not like any Lakeland I’ve EVER seen. Designer Lakeland? But cute as a button!!

  13. Well I’ll be darned, they do come in white coats!! You learn something new every day!

  14. i was surprised, too!

  15. He’s actually supposed to be a red, but looks more like a little blondie :)

  16. I think Toby and This Guy should have a sneeff-off :)

  17. Fird Birfle says:

    toby eez adoraaaable … (pronounced in Outrageous Frawnsche Ack-sant)

  18. (The Original) Mel says:

    May your “invisible wavy aroma lines” always smell like bacon.

  19. Yay! So nice to see a Lakeland on CO!!

  20. He looks EXACTLY like a stuffed dog I had as a child–except larger of course! It had just that kind of fur and that NOSE!!! :-)

  21. Not exactly sure what threw me into the lounge, but I haven’t been here in a while. Has someone been decorating? Looks nicer than I remember! And…whoa!…the fridge is well-stocked!

  22. what a cutie patootie!! toby, such a handsome doll :)


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